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Rob Lowe

You're Gonna Dig

My Casey Anthony Movie

5/22/2012 6:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rob Lowe is getting ready to re-try Casey Anthony ... in an upcoming movie about the infamous murder case ... and the actor tells TMZ he's VERY confident people are "gonna dig it."

Lowe was in Malibu yesterday when we asked about "Prosecuting Casey Anthony" -- a Lifetime flick in which Rob is set to play Jeff Ashton, the man who prosecuted Tot Mom for the alleged murder of her daughter Caylee Anthony.

Rob tells TMZ, "It's gonna be interesting ... I think people are gonna dig it ... great script."

Lowe says production starts Monday ... and he's hoping the project will air sometime in January .... roughly 4-and-a-half years after Caylee was murdered.


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I won't watch this film about a baby murderer who got away with it. It's glorifying an evil deed and it's these kind of films that put the ideas into peoples sick heads that not only is this okay but one can become famous over it.

I hope C.A. has to stay in hiding for the rest of her life.

887 days ago

Jay W.     

C. Anthony is without a doubt... one of the biggest pieces of SH.T to ever take a breath of air !

887 days ago


The Office Star Oscar Nunez Cast As Jose Baez In Lifetime's Casey Anthony MovieThe Office Star Oscar Nunez Cast As Jose Baez In Lifetime's Casey Anthony Movie 5 10

Posted on May 21, 2012 @ 11:30AM print it send it
Splash NewsBy Amber Goodhand - Radar News Editor

Casey Anthony's famed attorney Jose Baez will be played by actor Oscar Nunez from The Office in the Lifetime movie Prosecuting Casey Anthony, has learned.

"He did a fantastic audition that was so persuasive dramatically," the movie's writer Alison Cross said on Sunday.

PHOTOS: Casey Anthony Released From Jail

She said she was "wowed" by Oscar's "range and ability to channel Jose."

According to, actor Rob Lowe is cast to play prosecutor Jeff Ashton.

PHOTOS: Casey Anthony's Secret Wild Life

And for those who have been following Casey and the real-life drama surrounding Zanaida Gonzalez — who is suing her for defamation after Casey repeatedly claimed "Zanny the nanny" took her daughter Caylee Anthony — Casey's attorney has finally accepted subpoena on their client's behalf to have her show up at the trial in January.

As we previously reported, the civil trial is due to begin in January 2013, but Casey's legal team argued it was unsafe for the 'Tot Mom' to come out of hiding and appear in court.

PHOTOS: Celebrities Who Died In Bizarre Cir***stances

"It's interesting that they're taking this extreme position. Clearly she doesn't want to come to the courthouse, but guess what, that is an issue," Zenaida's attorney John Dill said.

"We have a right to have her there. She's making a choice of her own not to testify."

PHOTOS: Celebs Involved In Murder

But now that Casey's been served, in a sense, she will be required to appear at the Florida courthouse trial on January 2.

"Ms. Gonzalez is happy to hear that Casey Anthony finally will be held accountable just like everybody else," Dill said.

887 days ago


Lets see here - We have a 2 movies about this B**ch coming out and a book from Baez himself coming out. Personally speaking, I will not be viewing either movie nor do I intend to buy the book that Pimp Baez is putting out there. That said, you have to wonder who is getting the $$$ from all this! Also, how many more movies, books, etc. will come out in the near future? The interviews that all of them had (including the ones with George & Cindy) didn't fly. And what happened to all the money that was donated to Kaylee's fund? Its for sure, the money never went to where it should have! And Cindy & George were seen taking vacations, new car, house repairs, etc. Makes you stop and think!

887 days ago


This is 1 movie that I will not watch. I will not give my time to this baby killer or her family. Anything to do with this family is just plain wrong.

887 days ago


Well I guess I'm odd one out, love lifetime movies so probably will watch it. I've watched all the rest the Natalie Holloway movie, the Scott Peterson movie, the craigslist movie...why not this one? Might be good, shoot not like I pay to see it, going to be on my TV for free anyway, might as well check it out. Didn't watch the trial on TV so most of it is gonna be new to me.

887 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Lifetime. Enough said. You don't have to boycott it, since you know you don't watch Lifetime anyway...

887 days ago

Thomas Jefferson    

Never heard of this Casey person and I just like reading comments.

887 days ago


Yeah, I'm sure Rob will enjoy digging into Caylee's grave to dig out money. It doesn't matter if proceed's don't go to Casey Anthony...her life is protrayed in the movie, making a strong case to sue and bank off of this.

887 days ago


are they gonna show the true part where she murders her kid and dumps her body why would i watch this to make this monster rich she did it people dont watch this pig

887 days ago


dear rob: WTF? dig it? the only thing to be dug is casey's shallow grave after her body has been decomposing in the hot florida sun for months and gators and bugs have eaten away her rotted flesh out of a trash bag like she did to her 3 year old daughter. hollywood and news media makes me sick that anyone would make money off this poor child left for dead in florida by a "c" word. may she rot and suffer in hell

887 days ago


I cannot believe that Rob Lowe would stoop this low!!! Are you so f'ing greedy that you don't know this monster is the most HATED in the Country?!?! And YOU want to cash in on it?!?! An all new low for Lowe! I hope EVERYONE boycotts this film. What a slap in the face to little Kayle. Rob Lowe, you should be ashamed of yourself! And so should everyone else that is involved in this!!

887 days ago


Everyone opposed should write to Lifetime Channel. Maybe if they are overwhelmed with boycotting mail, they will rethink it?? Just a thought.............................

887 days ago


Whomever wrote this article, thank you for saying "roughly 4-and-a-half years after Caylee was murdered"...that's right, Caylee was MURDERED, she didn't accidentally drown.....

887 days ago


Not supporting anything regarding that SwampMom baby killer. Quit trying to profit from the death of an innocent baby!

887 days ago
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