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Jenna Jameson's Range Rover

Smoking Gun

In DUI Case

5/26/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jenna Jameson's Range Rover is gonna be Exhibit A if her drunk driving case goes to trial, because it's pretty clear she was out of control when she plowed into a pole Friday.

The porn star's SUV was towed after Jameson was arrested on suspicion of DUI. The front wheels are completely wrecked, the front axle is broken and the right side is smashed in.

The prosecutor's gonna have a field day telling the jury that Jenna had to be drunk because she's normally an expert maneuvering around poles.


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if anyonc knows how to plow into a pole you figure she would

879 days ago

Melissa Velasco    

This is BS she should get the same treatment as everyone else. I got my first OWI in October and I was crucified I got 2 years probation, blow twice a week ,piss once a month,(I don't mind) and pay cash. and I'm not even working. how the hell are we supposed to come up with the money?? not only that its on my record for life try getting a job with THAT on your resume????? Who the F is gonna hire you????

879 days ago

V Kint    

It used to be her rear-end that got wrecked...

879 days ago


Hate it when I'm driving down the road and poles start popping up out of the ground.

879 days ago


Wow, she must have banged that pole really hard. I wonder when the cops came and gave her a sobriety test, what she blew. Poor girl, last year with her marriage problems, now a possible drinking problem, this girl is getting it from both ends. And looking at the picture, that tire got blown big time. She should be happy that there wasn't a car going fast right behind her. Then she might have gotten rear ended. Just glad she is alright.

879 days ago


Crazy Woman...she has kids and she drive

879 days ago


She is lucky she didn't hit another car. She could be in a lot more serious trouble today if she had. Thank god no one was hurt. Hopefully she wont do it again. Next time she might not be so lucky.

879 days ago


these celebrity types with their cliche Range Rovers kill me. Voted one of the most unreliable cars made, yet they buy them because everyone else has them.

879 days ago


"The prosecutor's gonna have a field day telling the jury that Jenna had to be drunk because she's normally an expert maneuvering around poles."


879 days ago

I am Spartacus    

whoever wrote this article was probably giggling and all giddy when they wrote the last line thinking they struck comedy gold but in standard TMZ fashion it comes across as a 10 year old writing a story.

879 days ago


I wonder how many inches it took to earn that Rover?

879 days ago


Eh. Just bang it out with a hammer.

879 days ago


Your rhetoric is not compelling. I am not impressed with your use of double entendre. Hack. Though, if Harvey ever DUI/DWI's, you can just pull out all of these Jenna blurb headlines.

879 days ago

the truth    

i no what she did was wrong. but i feel sorry for porn stars . some of them are really nice girls. they wanted to get in porn so im sure they realize what happens when they dont want you anymore. usually when the porn girls that are done go down hill. more into drugs. they feel sorry for themselves . they really dont have a life after porn. they try to get back in Hollywood but no one wants them. if Hollywood does take them on all they do is treat them like whores and make jokes about them. so think twice if you want that nasty life.

879 days ago


Since when were porn stars important? Should tmz post every hooker that gets in a car crash, lol.

879 days ago
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