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Clint Eastwood's Daughter

BURNS $100k Handbag ...

For the Hell of It!

5/26/2012 2:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0526_tyler_shields_money_burnClint Eastwood's daughter must have waaaaaay too much money to blow, 'cause the reality TV star just lit a $100,000 Birkin bag on fire ... all for the sake of a photo shoot.

19-year-old Francesca Eastwood -- who stars in the E! show "Mrs. Eastwood and Company" -- and her celebrity photographer boyfriend Tyler Shields decided to drop some major cash on the Hermes hand bag ... just so they could DESTROY IT!

If you don't know, the luxury-item bags range from $9,000 to $150,000 a pop (this was the $100k version) which apparently made no dent in the duo's wallet, because they sliced it in half with a chain saw and then let it burn -- all while the camera captured the fashion murder on film.

So we gotta ask ...


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That is just upsetting. They could have donated it to a struggling nonprofit to auction. I have run a nonprofit since 96 barely making ends meet. Open a home for homeless mothers to finish school, a club type program for former gang members, & a program to help victims of DUI crashes. I lost my 25 yo son in 2004 to DUI crash. Just sad they don't have a clue how some people stuggle.

778 days ago


It`s as sick as a hate pool, with no names, no faces, nothing attached than just someone`s nick. It`s fun :-)

778 days ago


francesca...lemme think...f is for f'in...r is for ridiculous...a is for a-hole...n is for negative...c is for clueless....e is for excrement...s is for selfish...c is for childish...and a is once again for a-hole....congratulations Eastwoods! I think you just surpassed all of the other famous douche-families! Let's give them a hand...Clint = Proud Papa! <3 :)~

778 days ago


Beyond disgusting. It's conspicuous consumption like this -- $50K is a higher salary than the majority of workers in the United States make in one year -- that got people their heads chopped off with the crowds roaring in approval.

778 days ago


Can I vote "stupid" ?

778 days ago


I'm embarrassed for Clint Eastwood.

This is what we get when we stick people on idiotic reality shows & expect them to do things that will boost the ratings.

In the quest to remain 'relevant' in today's shallow society, people do sicker & sicker things for the attention the media will give them.

Until we start to focus on people who actually add something WORTHWHILE to society, we can expect to see this mad rush to the bottom of the cesspool.

About the nicest thing I can say is at least she begged for attention by destroying an inanimate object instead of leaking a porn tape or pimping her children for a few minutes of fame.

778 days ago



778 days ago


Obviously she did not inherit her dad's brains.

778 days ago


My daughter attends college full time and has a full time and a part time job, and these disgusting people blow $100k for the sake of ART??? This just makes me sick. Here's a message to them. Next time you want to blow $100k. Send me a quarter of it so my baby girl can quit one of her jobs and get some sleep.

778 days ago


If that handbag really cost $100,000 then Francesca Eastwood and Tyler Shields need to be slapped. There are people starving and living on the streets and these idiots waste $100,000? Come on.

778 days ago


Who cares its their money they can do with it as they please,its not the rich people responsibility to feed the hungry and the poor.If they want to good for them if they don't to bad.

778 days ago


Tje Eastwood reality show is nothing but crap.I really dislike the Kardashians but the Eastwood's show is worse than the K clan.I would think as well respected aas Clint Eastwood has ben all these years he would not have approved this stupid,idiotic show.They are just showing their stupidity.What weirdos they are!

778 days ago


While father is a genius who worked hard all his life the spoilt kids whore his name around for profit while doing retarded insulting things (with his money).

778 days ago


"Let them eat cake"

We all know how that ended....

778 days ago


Any idiot saying its their money should have their mouth tapped together. Theres a thing called society and compassion. We all have a common responsibility to make this world a nice place. How incredibly stupid are you not to understand its all connected. WTF? Doing things like this is like spitting in the face of people with no money.

778 days ago
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