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Lindsay Lohan

Dying to Shoot

Liz Taylor Biopic

6/1/2012 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan as Liz TaylorLindsay Lohan has gone to the dark side ... as she begins production on her new Liz Taylor film.

We got this pic of Lindsay taking a cigarette break during a pre-production photo shoot and lighting test.

Lindsay reluctantly had her hair cut and dyed to mimic Taylor.

We're told Lindsay believes the "Liz and Dick" movie will re-start her career by showcasing her talents ... ya know, besides these.


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Low hangers and a beer belly at her age. Give me a break. There are REAL actors out there. They take acting classes, work out, don't smoke. How long is parent trap going to carry this washed up hack?

842 days ago


The girl is absoulutely gorgeous, even with her issues . I think she and young Liz Taylor are the most beautiful white women to have lived.

842 days ago


Love the cancer stick in every shot.

842 days ago


Everyone of you whining hater aholes will be watching. EVERY ONE of you. Lifetime wins big.

842 days ago


"Lindsay reluctantly had her hair cut and dyed to mimic Taylor."

Are you kidding me? Lilo has had her hair dyed and re-dyed and re-dyed and re-dyed so many times, it's not even funny.

Kind of like all the parole violations . . . but that is another story.

842 days ago

mac the knife    

yikes!!!! Liz Taylor was at the height of her beauty when she met Richard Burton-- & Linds here is looking all used up & haggard at 20 something.. hell howcan she play ET???!!!

842 days ago

Red Cloud    


Red Cloud...why do you think Paris's tv show garnered such poor ratings and was canceled after just a few shows, if she has so many fans? Surely they would want to watch anything she's in, just as you proclaim Lindsay's fans will do.
4 hours ago
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Paris Hilton's fans follow her because she is good looking and rich. She has no talent. She's NOT in her element as a TV or movie Star. People like Paris because she's lucky-wealthy, and many people would love to be lucky-wealthy AND great looking. Humans do not expect or anticipate interesting acting from Paris, or Kim K because they're not known for that. Lindsay is a very different animal. Most know her screen history and were/are impressed. There's a very strong feeling of what's next? with this talenteed fkup????? How could a human sooo talented be soooo fkd up??? INTERESTING!!!! FASCINATING!!!! Do you see my point? Paris and Kim?? Wonderful celebs with looks and $$$,, and more power to them. Lindsay Lohan??? MILES above!!!!! BIG DIFFERENCE!!!


842 days ago


OMG- she actually showed up!

842 days ago


"Did you just bump me?!!!!"

842 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Anyone notice the stance in this pic?

Duck-footed. Bahaha!!

What a disgusting, slimy rodent she is.

842 days ago


Big mistake. This role would be perfect for Kim K. Think about. She has the perfect look and amazing acting skills!

842 days ago

Passion Of The Taint    

Mermaids - Strange Creature in Lab - Actual footage - MERMAID OR MERMAN? Animal Planet - NO SH#T!

842 days ago


Oh, thank heavens! I was afraid Blohan would let her mommy get ahead of her in the tmz promo race. But she was able to phone in a non-story to pull ahead again. " Reluctantly got her hair cut and dyed??" Who knew she still had hair?? Anyway, I hope that dog sh*t bun on the top of her head isn't synthetic - her chimney smoking might light her up!! I just can't tell you how I'm looking forward to the lifetime movie: i just really, really can't.

842 days ago


shes no liz taylor but at least shes a real celeb unlike half the douches we get to read about

842 days ago


I think it's so funny when d-bags like RC talk about Lilo like she ever really had a chance at greatness, or speak of her like she ever touched greatness in her "craft". She hasn't properly acted since she managed a bad fake british accent in The Parent Trap as a little kid. She was always lukewarm at BEST. There are simply way too many spectacularly gifted actresses out there right now that obscure her completely -- in talent, looks, personality and professionalism. Sorry Lilo-lovers. It's just the truth.

841 days ago
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