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'Bridesmaids' Slap Case

NAACP Demanding School

Remove Teacher

6/7/2012 5:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The NAACP is demanding the removal of a Malibu teacher who allegedly used the movie "Bridesmaids" as inspiration to repeatedly slap a black student in class ... TMZ has learned.

TMZ broke the story ... Dionne Evans (above) -- a 9th grader at Malibu High School -- filed a police report last week, claiming the teacher slapped her in the face 6 times because Dionne forgot to bring her notebook to class.

According to the police report, the teacher made Evans stand in front of the room ... then asked, "Did you see 'Bridesmaids'?" before slapping her multiple times ... a reference to a scene in the movie where one character literally tries to slap some sense into another.

Now, the President of the Santa Monica branch of the NAACP tells us, the organization is looking into the incident -- and will attend a school district meeting tonight, insisting that the teacher be placed on administrative leave while the matter is investigated.

We're told Dionne's family and their lawyer Donald Karpel met with the NAACP on Tuesday for several hours to discuss legal options.

As we reported, the L.A. County Sheriff's Department is also investigating. Still no word from the school or the teacher.


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Something has to give with pale face abusing black people.

813 days ago


WHERE ARE THE WITNESS STATEMENTS??? Oh, you mean there are none? She is exaggerating her claims of being slapped. A quick search online shows MANY people that go to school there who don't believe this particular teacher did it.

813 days ago


Copied from HuffPo story comments:


813 days ago


From another web site:
As a Malibu High School parent, I have nothing but praise for this teacher. She was, without a doubt, one of the best teachers my daughter ever had.
On the other hand, my son was a TA for a science class and Dionne was one of the students. He said that she didn't do the work and mouthed off to the teacher all the time.
So what about Dionne's mother? She didn't seem to care that her child wasn't doing the work and she certainly didn't raise her to show any respect to other people, let alone her teachers. But NOW she is interested because she might get a check from the school board? Just another example of bad parenting AND someone out to make a quick buck now that she sees the opportunity. (And her lawyer is no better.)

813 days ago


Another FYI, the students and the student body have officially take Ms. Gonzalez's side and have said this Dionne girl has blown what really happened OUT OF PROPORTION. Most of the students have called her out on it too. That will come to light soon when her lawsuit FAIIIIIIILLLLLLSSSS.

813 days ago


From the same 'other' web site (HP):
Having had this incredible teacher and known Dionne for about 5 years, I will give you a little tidbit about each of their characters. The teacher is one of the most wonderful individuals I have ever met, truly taking an interest in each one of her students lives, even the ones that don't care about their studies, simply because she wants them to have the best lives possible. Dionne on the other hand is conniving. A few years ago, I caught her stealing my wallet out of my backpack and she made up so elaborate story about finding it and returning it. I'm sorry but I don't believe the extent of this story for a second. I guarantee if anything happened at all it was a minor "air slap" in which she was never touched. Sure, that could be embarrassing but she has no grounds to completely destroy this dedicated teachers career.

813 days ago


We did so many funny pranks in high school. One time, I threw the vice-principal off the roof of the school into some bushes, badly breaking both of his ankles. Later that week he come up to me (on crutches) and shook my hand, telling me "how funny a joke that was..." Good times.

I will NEVER forget that day.

813 days ago


So how long do you think it will be until Gloria Allred swoops in on this one?

813 days ago


Two words: "Tawana Brawley" This case has about the same credibility.

813 days ago


yea, it's 2012!
if you don't think racism STILL exist, just read some of these comments.

813 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...IF this is true...that teacher needs too be charged with assault...good lord!

813 days ago


Is this 1912 or 2012? I too don't like anyone demanding anything. This will be handled properly. NAACP can pound sand.

813 days ago


The NAACP is a group of racist bigots. No one takes them seriously except the black racists. And this situation is in NO WAY about blacks or whites. Its about a student and teacher.

813 days ago


Regardless of race.. any teacher of any color who slaps any student of any color several times in front of an entire class should be IMMEDIATELY fired... period.

813 days ago


When they say: "Dionne's family and their lawyer Donald Karpel met with the NAACP on Tuesday for several hours to discuss legal options."

What that really means is "are trying to figure out how this minor incident involving their insolent, lazy, entitled daughter can be turned into a cash windfall"

They don't want 'justice' or what's right, they want a payday.

813 days ago
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