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'Bridesmaids' Slap Case

School Stands By Teacher

6/11/2012 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A Malibu teacher will NOT be placed on administrative leave after allegedly slapping a black student in class -- this according to the superintendent of the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District

The superintendent tells TMZ, the district performed a full investigation and found the teacher only "pat" Dionne Evans -- she did not repeatedly slap her, as the 9th grader told police. The superintendent didn't comment on the alleged "Bridesmaids" reference.

According to the superintendent, the teacher took some time off -- but is now back in the classroom.

The superintendent says the teacher never intended to harm Evans -- and the incident was not racially motivated.
We're told the teacher has tremendous support in the community. The L.A. County Sheriff's Department is still working on its criminal investigation.

As we reported, the Santa Monica NAACP branch is calling for the teacher to be placed on administrative leave, pending the criminal investigation.


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803 days ago


I am so sick of this crap. Why isnt the story just about a teacher doing this to a kid period. What does her being black have anything to do with it. That said some of these punk kids need to get smacked. I am sick of people always saying it is wrong if a teacher does something like this. I say bring paddling back in school. Maybe if her parents would of smacked her smart mouth a few times in her life or kids like her then teacher wouldnt have to put up with this crap. Stop defending this punks actions people. I read what other students said and she should of had the **** beat out of her. The naacp is a bunc of racist pigs who make everything about race. They and al sharpton, and jeese jackson are the reason racism continues in this country. They are terrorists in my eyes.

803 days ago

I Was About To Say    

What did the 5 fingers say to the face? :::::SLAP::::

803 days ago


some peoples kids need the s**t smacked outta them.

803 days ago


Money, money, money. Of course the family is going after money and their 15 minutes of fame. What parent would allow their daughter's picture to be on tmz.....sad and pathetic.

803 days ago


I don't think this is racially motivated. I think that the teacher should never have laid her hands on a student though. The teacher was wrong for "patting" or slapping the student either way. With that being said, this is really being taken too far. Also, I hate the NAACP. Even if I agree with their complaints I hate when they get involved. No one takes them seriously and they actually do more harm than good once they get involved. I think they only care about the money, like Gloria Allred!

803 days ago


Not sure how old you all are but when I was in elementary school in the 70's a paddle was used by the principal pretty freely, so you learned to conduct yourself in a respectful manner, heck some of the teachers used rulers or a swift back slap for any mouthy disrespectful behavior. The direct result from childrens' rights- a fat, lazy, disrespectful, entitled yet mostly unemployed generation.

803 days ago


Back in the day the teachers beat us no matter what colour we were.

803 days ago


This is a touchy situation. From all I've read, the "victim" was nothing more than a mouthy, disruptive girl with an attitude problem. She should have been sent out of the classroom for administration to deal with. NO teacher should ever put their hands on a student for any reason... I wouldn't want to send my kids to school, leaving them in the hands of others, thinking that a teacher is going to humiliate them in front of the class and "pat" them. I know that a lot of parents never hold their kids accountable for anything and it's frustrating for teachers, but if my child was acting up, I would want them sent out of the room, to the office where they'll be dealt with by administration and myself. The NAACP has no business getting involved in every incident that happens with a black person... most of the time, they only serve to make the situation worse.

803 days ago


if this was a black teacher and a white student, the teacher would've been fired. case closed.

803 days ago


Oh, please. Teenagers NEVER lie to get attention. They are saints who tell the truth at all times. *coughcough*

803 days ago


She is a teacher.. She only tried to slap some sense in the girl

803 days ago


National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

A racist organization with a racist name.

803 days ago


I'm not saying I think this was racially motivated or that the teacher shoyld be fired but for any teacher to think its okay to touch a student or "pat" them is not okay. It's over the line of what they're supposed to do and I don't think saying it was a joke is an excuse. If my child was walked to the front of the class and "patted" in the face in front of everyone I would be pissed.

803 days ago


here i come channeling my dad,,,this whole situation is indicative of what is wrong with our country. wild disrespectful children brought up in single parent households who refuse to instill a sense of RESPONSIBILITY in their thugs, instead propagate the entitlement mentality. if I had gotten spanked/paddled at school, I got it worse when I
got home. Yeah, it happened more than once,, but not many times. Bring back public FLOGGING, of the kids AND their PARENTS.

803 days ago
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