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Diddy's Stepson


His Football Scholarship

6/12/2012 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It doesn't matter that his father is ULTRA-RICH, Diddy's son Justin Combs deserves his football scholarship to UCLA and shouldn't feel bad about taking the money ... so says Justin's brother.

TMZ spoke with Quincy Jones Brown -- Diddy's informal stepson from on-again, off-again GF Kim Porter and asked about the controversy surrounding Justin. Should his family's enormous wealth disqualify Combs from scholarship contention?

Brown explained ... it's not about the money, it's about the prestige ... and Justin has EARNED the prestige of being a scholarship athlete.

"He deserves a scholarship," Quincy explained ... adding, "He is a true talented athlete."

Special celebrity appearance at the end of the clip -- check it out.

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great, so tell everyone you got a scholarship but that you turned it down because your dad is richer than god. Let someone who NEEDS the scholarship get it!!! The rich get richer.....

865 days ago


"Brown explained ... it's not about the money, it's about the prestige ... and Justin has EARNED the prestige of being a scholarship athlete. "

That is a pretty stupid comment to make. What does winning a scholarship have to do with Prestige.

I thought scholarships were for people that have a hardship with funding.

Does this kid have a hardship with funding??

865 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Anyway, in a few years, he'll have a few baby mamas and and an ex wife to support--so, it balances out.

865 days ago


Really? "Informal" stepson? stop giving these no bodys attention TMZ.
IRS needs to audit his "informal" stepdaddy.

865 days ago


lol people bitch all the time about rich peoples kids not knowing anything about work and earning stuff.this kid actually works hard and earns something then the same people dont think he deserves it because of his dads wealth.

865 days ago


who the hell was that @ the end??? Good Times mama Esther Role?

865 days ago


He worked hard for it, he should keep it. And Diddy doesn't like bad publicity. Although I'm not sure why he is getting bad publicity for this. It is pretty impressive to raise a kid in those surrounding who wants to stand on their own two feet. But so people will chill, I'm sure he will set up some sort of scholarship fund with his own resources for under privileged kids or something. Win win.

865 days ago


Pretty safe to say there won't be too many academic scholarships in this family's future.

865 days ago


Just making the team is the prestige. He doesn't need the scholarship.

865 days ago


So some other kid who actually needs the scholarship can not go to college so Diddy's son can have prestige for his already inflated ego. Great.

865 days ago


BUT why waste the money when his daddy already has a load of it. SAVE that money for some other kid who is struggling and actually needs it.
At the end of the day, what is a scholarship? Does a rich kid need one? NO.

865 days ago


He worked hard and he earned that scholarship. If any underprivileged student felt as if they needed it more than him then they should have worked harder to earn. There are no handouts of that size just because you're poor.

865 days ago

There's a problem here    

A few thoughts here ... just about everyone "deserving" of a football scholarship gets one. The football program is one of the lifebloods of the majority of universities, so don't worry about a "deserving person" missing out. The deserving person got it first, I promise you. However, I'm sure he'll be a marked man on the field by all those "deserving" folks with chips on their shoulders.

865 days ago


It was merit-based award that recognized his achievements in the classroom and on the field. The kid did have 3.75 GPA. He didn't take the scholarship away from anyone, he earned it.

865 days ago

Rude Boy    

A kid earns a scholarship and there is a "controversy" because he actually wants to USE it???

So how about the many OTHER kids of millionaire families that get scholarships to Princeton, Yale, Harvard and other schools. Should they ALSO be expected to give up that money for someone else who "needs it more"?

Those "more deserving" kids HAD their chance to earn it but Diddy's kid actually DID earn it. Maybe he wants to be his own man and doesn't WANT to be depending on his daddy's money for the rest of his life.

When rich kids live the good life, they get chastized for being spoiled. When they actually do something for themselves, they STILL get chastized. What a sad conundrum.

I'm not necessarily a fan of Diddy, but he did something right in terms of raising his child to take care of his damn self. Shake the haters off, bro....TEAM JUSTIN!

865 days ago
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