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Diddy's Stepson


His Football Scholarship

6/12/2012 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It doesn't matter that his father is ULTRA-RICH, Diddy's son Justin Combs deserves his football scholarship to UCLA and shouldn't feel bad about taking the money ... so says Justin's brother.

TMZ spoke with Quincy Jones Brown -- Diddy's informal stepson from on-again, off-again GF Kim Porter and asked about the controversy surrounding Justin. Should his family's enormous wealth disqualify Combs from scholarship contention?

Brown explained ... it's not about the money, it's about the prestige ... and Justin has EARNED the prestige of being a scholarship athlete.

"He deserves a scholarship," Quincy explained ... adding, "He is a true talented athlete."

Special celebrity appearance at the end of the clip -- check it out.

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I thought a scholarship was considered financial assistance. I'm sure there is some kid that is not getting financial aid with a higher GPA than this kid. Do you really think they should give a scholarship to someone that received a Maybach as his first car?

833 days ago

get a clue    

Wether you worked hard tog et a scholarship is irrelivent since you never should have applied fro one in the first place because scholarships are for people who cant afford the tuition otherwise and OBVIOUSLY this guys dad can afford it.

833 days ago


Justin's brother is right. Justin should be congratulated for doing something in his own right and not just sitting back and letting his Dad pay for it.

833 days ago


Maybe that is all true but it is a easy argument to bat down, The Scholarship should 'formally' be offered to the young man and he should DENY it because of his fathers wealth. The school should make it known in whatever way 'Diddy' wants it done ......that the Scholarship however earned was denied because he is in a very generous way, also this way the school can offer the honor to someone less fortunate but with the same or about the same skills. I am sure a plaque could be put up... whatever. To me this is a good time to be humble, yet the school will make sure the good deed does not go unnoticed, if that is what will work. To be honest, I thought if your family earned a certain amount of money you were not allowed in some programs, that they are indeed for those who have struggled monetarily.

833 days ago


This kid talks like a moron. I guess you can take the kid out of the Ghetto, but you can't take the Ghetto out of the kid..."know what I'm say'in?".

833 days ago


Millionaire kids do not deserve it in this age of a $1 trillion student loan crisis paired with too many poor students being forced to take loans that are almost impossible to pay off and will have them indebted for half their lives or more while little moocher millionaires get free college. It's crap.

833 days ago


If Diddy's kid deserves the scholarship then he should take it, but since he's super wealthy... I think a scholarship to another well deserving student should be offered by Diddy's family. Everyone wins!!!

833 days ago


I understand these scholarships are given for ability and not if you can pay or not. But if Diddy and his sun didn't want to look like world class a-holes they could make a donation to the school in the amount of the scholarship, which would help a student with real financial needs attend the school.

833 days ago


Rich kids should not get paid scholarships. If he is a talented football player and has made the team, fine, recruit him and offer him a chance to go to school at your college, but if you are rich and can afford the tuition, you should pay, as there are too many people who don't have the money to pay for college, and so many kids who could use a paid scholarship from that very college. Shame on all involved in this matter. Enough with the greed!!! This is a personal insult to all struggling Americans, and to all people struggling throughout the entire world.

833 days ago


This entire disgusting matter opens-up a whole can of worms. If Diddy's son got this paid scholarship, then there must be a whole host of other rich kids getting paid scholarships for sports and other offered curriculum--all the time, and not just at this college, but at many other colleges throughout America. This should be illegal. I am suspecting that there must be a rash of this happening, something that has been going on for many, many, decades. Legislation should be passed to stop it, at State and Federal levels. The only thing good about all of this, is that this situation has helped to expose this crooked practice...of the rich helping the rich. Welfare for the rich, this is the stuff that causes revolutions in countries.

833 days ago


Rich people, please pay more taxes. But don't f@#king think you cant use any tax funded programs that should discriminate based on income. That included privately funded programs like Athletic scholarships. So F@#k off!!
Oh wait, please donate money to our athletic foundation.

833 days ago


athletic scholarships are limited in each sport. To earn one is special. And there are differences that you would have to check with as to how scholarship players and non scholarship players are treated.

could be very significant.

833 days ago


Denzel Washington son got a football scholarship and he wanted to decline it because someone else could use it and the school would not let them do it because his son earned it..Probably the same with this boy.
They could take the scholarship and give out ten more themselves to children in need..

833 days ago


Awww get off your rich a$$ high horse You people think you are OWED everything.

"He deserves a scholarship," Quincy explained ... adding, "He is a true talented athlete."

He MAY deserve it. But as Rich has his Dad is, he should pay for the college and allow them to offer the scholarship to someone who needs it and CAN'T pay for it.

Stupid kid

833 days ago


If the kid can play he deserves the scholarship. He sure wont be the only person to get a scholarship even though the parents are rich. People need to let it go and stop the hating

833 days ago
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