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'Basketball Wives' Shaunie O'Neal

I Didn't Fire Anyone!

6/18/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Basketball Wives" star Shaunie O'Neal says it's not her fault three cast members were axed ... telling people she learned the news when everyone else did ... sources close to Shaunie tell TMZ 

As TMZ previously reported, three major "BB Wives" were canned recently -- Jennifer Williams, Royce Reed and Kesha Nichols

But Shaunie is telling friends, despite the accusations, the cuts were NOT made by her. Sources close to Shaunie (who, in addition to being on the show, serves as one of the executive producers) tell TMZ she was blindsided by the news.

We're told Shaunie says the show leaves her in the dark about everything after she butted heads with them over the violent direction the show was headed (i.e on-air brawls and cat-fights).

According to our sources, Shaunie is upset over the current situation and is willing to walk away from the series if it becomes something she no longer believes in.


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Shaunie , have them rename the show accordingly:

Basketball Bullies; and uneducated women who spread their legs for $bling$

K, Thx

859 days ago


What a fine bunch of fugly's! Jeeze-louise, there is not one among them that does not look like some skank trying hard to score before last call in a dive bar. Makeup courtesy of Sharpie markers and Rubbermaid spatulas. And the clothes...what, did they mug random polish bridesmaids in New Jersey? Seriously, they look like out-takes from "Pretty Woman" ...some ghetto wh00res, a rich dude slapped an outfit on for a pretend date amongst his rich buddy's. Did they all walk into the same hair salon and say "make me look totally ridiculous...but shiek for TV!" If I had one of those double-baggers to look forward coming home to, I'd have PETA all over my a$$ for banging a sheep in the garage, rather than touch one of these refugees from Daktari.

859 days ago


They need to get rid of Suzie!!! She starts the drama... pretending to be everyone's friend, then telling everyone everything that was said... guess thats why she's still on the show...

859 days ago


What question did they axe them?

859 days ago

mike hunt    

The title of the show is wrong. It should be called Basketball X Wives and X Girlfriends. Pathetic

859 days ago


This show is awful, I say X them all - who can watch it? horrid women. And I have never seen a basketball player but that could be because I could never watch more than 5 minutes of this drivel.

859 days ago


I'm embarrassed for these women. They are so stupid. Hard to believe there are people like them in the world, and stupid enough to put themselves out there making asses of themselves on TV. Good grief. Who watches this nonsense?

859 days ago


Shaunie was so angry at Jen for utillizing her constitutional right to sue her violator (Nia). I am not surprised that these three ladies got the axe. I will
not watch bbw ever again nor support anything that Mz. Nostrils is involved with!!!!!!!!

859 days ago


I think you need to WALK THE WALK you all are trash, i would think that the black, inteligent women in the country would be livid over this representation.i'm sure the audience you have are the HO'S WHO THINK THE DRAKES AND CHRIS BROWNS OF THE WORLD ARE GOD,pure and simple you gangster females are bullies and need to be off t.v for good.shame on you,makes me wonder about your parents..and LORD HAVE MERCY on your children..

859 days ago

Barton Fink    

Shaunie was one of the biggest problems, making it clear to Tami and Ev that she supported them completely and that if they wanted to be violent she would be right there with them. And then taking it to Jesus at the end? Invoking the divine blessing of the Son of God onto her and her ratchetness crew? Oh my heck, Jesus must be spinning in his grave about now. Shaunie should have left the show so that a woman worth watching could take her place. Losing Royce and Kesha and Jennifer is too much. The show won't have any human characters any more.

859 days ago


As long as people watch this mess. It will never stop.

859 days ago


Maybe rename it drunk broads!If these ladies are represent NBA wives and girlfriends.I feel sad for the players.A bunch of nubian fluzzies!

859 days ago


Why the heck is Susie still on the show? WHHHHHY? If it wasn't for her loose lip junkn' mouth--Tammie would of never went after Keshia like that. It's high time Suzie gets what she deserves. Off the show. She's just ridiculous.

859 days ago


All these skanks showed their real colors when they sat there like scared brown nosers (no pun) and listened to that punk Tammy bully them all during their "vacation" . Tammy you should be very ashamed of yourself. It was almost as bad as watching a physical beatting and you all sat there worried about what punk Tammy would say and do like little puppys. Not a single one of you stood up to that abusive thug. And Tammy work on yourdelf Girl and hard. You are pathic and I'd take you out in a second. Shame on you girls for watching that beating.

859 days ago


Shaunie...too scared to fire the abuser Tammy? She needs to be locked up and canned.

859 days ago
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