Tom Cruise Victim of the 'Rock of Ages' CURSE?

7/1/2012 6:00 AM PDT

Tom Cruise -- Victim of the 'Rock of Ages' CURSE?

Divorces, violence, and even a racial controversy -- it seems the "Rock of Ages" cast has been smothered in bad fortune from the moment the project began. It's almost like ... THEY'RE CURSED!

Think about it ...

Tom Cruise -- "Blindsided" with divorce papers from Katie Holmes ... who filed in New York instead of California because she's gunning for sole legal custody of their daughter.

Russell Brand -- Marriage to Katy Perry goes belly up after production begins on "Rock" ... later investigated by police in New Orleans for smashing an iPhone belonging to a paparazzo.

Mary J. Blige -- Engulfed in racial controversy back in April ... after she was featured singing about fried chicken in a Burger King commercial. Mary's charity's went broke and was sued after failing to pay back a $250k loan.

Alec Baldwin -- Kicked off a flight in Dec. after screaming at a flight attendant who asked him to stop playing "Words with Friends." Later went to cops to report an alleged stalker. Investigated by the NYPD after allegedly attacking a photog.

Julianne Hough -- We can't think of anything ... yet ... but don't say we didn't warn you.