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Kate Major

Does a Bikini Bump

... with a Belly Full of Lohan

7/19/2012 9:30 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0719_kate_major_pregnant_photo_launchLooking like Tara Reid, Michael Lohan's baby momma-to-be Kate Major showed off her growing pierced baby bump by rockin' a maternity bikini at the beach in L.A. on Wednesday.

Lindsay's future sibling's mama is in the first trimester of her pregnancy.

It seems Dina won't be the only mutha in the Lohan fam for long.


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This woman is a disgusting drunk and pathetic for staying in a relationship she's always in the news over. Loser individuals bringing MORE children into the world they won't be able to successfully care for.

736 days ago



The ever competitive competent single mom has spoken “I Want Another Kid” and she has some very specific ideas about the what, who and why, eh? In a lengthy interview with In The Mix, she laid out her plans, hopes and dreams for her perfect baby. Shocking excerpts from that interview are sure to spark controversy “I want a baby who can act like Halle Berry, be political like the President, cross cultural lines, and dance like a Rockette!”

“With that putz Michael back in the baby business, it is the right thing to do! My nest is empty and I need a breadwinner for when I get old!” “With Michael Jackson gone, I am thinking Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton have the right DNA.” She added.

“Everyone knows a Michael baby will be lame a$$ed at best, I will bring some balance back into the world!” “Jesse, Al TW@T ME, OK!”

Meanwhile, her oldest child Lindsay is under investigation in the death of Art/Drug dealer S. J. Simmons and was the last person known to see him alive.

An off the record detective said “She has denied everything… which for a Lohan is as good as a confession of guilt.”

736 days ago


This is not good news. They're bringing an innocent child into an abusive & unstable environment. This baby will not have a good start in life.

Whether this pregnancy was accidental or intentional....Kate probably wants to pop out a kid sometime in her life since she's not getting any younger regardless of her life cir***stances.

736 days ago


That's disgusting. Imagine how Lindsay feels :(

736 days ago


That is so ****ing nasty, another child with the worst genetic make up possible.

736 days ago


yeah, having a baby, just the thing to do with your abusive, egotistical boyfriend. too bad people with such poor judgement can breed

736 days ago

Terminal Tower    

6 months. Someone should send TMZ one of those baby-gestational-size calendars.

736 days ago


I understand and agree with most of the negative comments about Kate and Michael Lohan,,,,,but I have to admit, she is looking PRETTY HOTT for a pregnant gal. If a single man says otherwise it would be my assumption that he is lying.

736 days ago


Im sorry but this broad is BEYOND insane. What she sees in him is beyond me. Someone needs to be in trouble for breaking the restraining order. She let him beat the hell out of her time and again and now this. OH PLEASE they deserve each other.

736 days ago


If she has a restraining order against him and she ALLOWS him to come near her, she is in violation of the restraining order. Why has she not be arrested?

736 days ago


I'm still wrapping my brain around the fact that she was stupid enough to have sex with Michael Lohan, let alone make a baby with him. Poor child--two losers for parents and he/she's not even born yet.

736 days ago


This chick is the most pathetic fame whore I've ever seen... she is known *** dumpster for Z-Listers. Remember when she used to bang Jon Gosselin? I guess she thought getting sperminated by MiLo would be her golden ticket, but doesnt she know DiLo has been chasing him down for 10+ years trying to get child support for her own f*cked up kids. Btw, I'm sure having a baby will certainly solve their volatile relationship. Good call on that, Kate.

736 days ago



736 days ago


someone should tell the drunk bitch that alcohol causes birth defeats.

736 days ago


Noooo! Lindsay, Miley, Angelina, and now Kate. The same boring snapshots of short-shorts, skinny thighs, pregnant bellies, tattoos, blah, blah, blah. zzzzzzz. Bring on the Michael Lohan falling out of a tree. Now THAT was entertainment!

736 days ago
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