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Chad Johnson


'I Love Evelyn to Death'

8/14/2012 2:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Chad Johnson has broken his silence ... and has issued an apology "To everyone for the recent events that have occurred" involving his wife Evelyn Lozada.

Moments after Evelyn filed for divorce, Johnson released a statement on his website regarding his recent domestic violence arrest ... saying, "I would like to wish Evelyn well and will never say anything bad about her because I truly love her to death."

He adds, "To all the fans and supporters I have disappointed, you have my sincerest apologies.  I will stay positive and get through this tough period in my life."

Even though Johnson was dropped from the Miami Dolphins, the 34-year-old wide receiver doesn't believe his football career is over ... saying, "I will continue to be positive and train hard for another opportunity in the NFL."

And now this ... Chad just changed his Twitter picture to a sign that reads "Rock ... Hard place" with arrows pointing in opposite directions. Wonder what he's trying to say ...


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ll lush    

for better or worse, right....or not?

738 days ago


Lol who else think this dude will end up like Terrell Owens.??

738 days ago


If Michael Vick was able to get another job, Chad should have no trouble.

738 days ago


Chad will be alright. All he needs to do is go to therapy and get his head on straight and come back stronger and mentally stable. Take some time off but not too long.

738 days ago

tired of celeb gold diggers    

Well Chad just like what everyone is saying...... You married trouble. Everyone makes mistakes. Just hope you learn from it. Miami Dolphins was too quick to judge.. When you reach a deal with another team, just play above normal when you play against Miami. It is messed up when your job get into your personal affairs... But you did sign a moral clause contract.. For your lawyer,,he need to use for evidence the BBW show all seasons EV was part of. It seems like SHE is the one that need help because every damn episode she either is fighting, jumping tables, threatening, or cussing someone out on that show. Pure evidence to show there is a 80% chance she started the whole arguement and threw the first hit.
It also show she have a LOT of anger issues which can also cause the DV incident recently. No need to protect her, because she is not trying to protect you. We know you love her, but right now she is trying to bury you. You have only ONE issue in your past from a girlfriend who cheated on you. Ok...a show of hands who did not get physical during a heated arguement??? You don't have a pattern of DV. Ev on the other hand...she have NATIONAL recorded do***entation of repeated.. I repeat, repeated abuse to others. Her shows is her own dagger to the heart type of death.
PS. If she get on a news media and state all she was doing is acting on BBW and its all fake (and it is suppose to be a reality show), then she just killed the show and set herself up for a major lawsuit from the cast and from the producers for slander. Plus they will kick her off the show. So your lawyers have enough fuel to burn for months on this one.
If she is smart, she would go away quietly.

738 days ago


WOW, Good for him someone wrote. What is so good for him. He was abusive to his wife, and he apologized. She's a horrible person, but domestic abuse is very very wrong. If crimal piece of garbage Mike Vick can get a job, I think he can.

738 days ago


From what I have observed of Ms. Lozado, she is more likely to be the perpetrator, not the victim. The first one who cries wolf is in my opinion not always in the right.

738 days ago


When will these women learn? This man has four children by 3 different women. How do you think his children feel? Low support and living in the hood? The total disrespect does not start with the fists! And how he treats his first woman is how he will treat the rest. Ladies please start to look into who these men really are.

738 days ago


Shut up!!! Don't you have any dignity? It's over and done with and this broad will get what she originally set out to do you that would have take a couple of years to do. You know nothing about the law and the media. As Chris Brown says when the cops pull you over and you have a passenger in the the car, shut the F-up!!!!

738 days ago


I think that they both need help. I do not condone a man hiting a women, but ialso don't think that it is fare
for a women to push a man until he loose control. There is a part that they both played in the heat of the battle and they need to admit it. If i was the owner of the team, firing him is not a good idea because you did not help him. I would have made him get some counseling plus make him speak again'st men abusing women and make him spend some time with kids that has seen they parents being abused or kids that are abusive to women. You can't fix something by running away from fit, you have to go straight to the problem and see how you can fix it and turn it into a positive. This has went way to fare without someone trying to fix it rather then puting gas on a fire...

738 days ago

Dolly Parton    


737 days ago


forget vh1 the popular series "who the f##k did I marry" outta pick up this hot mess of a marriag

737 days ago


This was all a huge mistake in the first place. I'm not condoning what Chad did, but he knew this chick was a loose cannon from the jump. Look at last season on BBW. She was practically giving him permission to cheat as long as he wrapped it up. I really really think she's the one who really started this whole thing and even might have head butted him.

737 days ago


If anyone watched the Basketball Wifes show, there was a part where Evelyn was talking to Chad about cheating and she basically said that she knew he was gonna do it but she wanted him to be safe about it.

737 days ago


What happened was wrong, BUT Ev knew the deal (as far as him sleeping with other women and her saying she wants to know about them and to wear condoms) before she married him.

736 days ago
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