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Chad Johnson


Evelyn Files for Divorce

8/14/2012 12:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chad Johnson
's wife of 6 weeks has filed for divorce ... TMZ has learned.

Evelyn Lozada filed legal docs moments ago in Florida, claiming her marriage is "irretrievably broken." 

The trigger for the divorce was the domestic violence incident over the weekend, in which Chad Johnson was arrested after allegedly head-butting her during an argument.

Evelyn claimed she found a receipt for a box of condoms in his car.

According to the divorce docs, the couple had a prenup -- but that won't be a big deal since the marriage was shorter than Kim Kardashian's.

FYI -- Evelyn and Chad JUST got married on July 4th in St. Maarten ... and the whole ceremony was recorded for a VH1 reality show (VH1 has since pulled the plug on that ... for obvious reasons).

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He should have head butted that bitch. She knew exactly what she was getting into when she first met Chad!! So as SHE said on the show, you are NOW a NON-MFing Factor

745 days ago


FYI Evelyn,
I borrowed Chad's car a few weeks ago and it was me that left a receipt for a box of condoms in the car... Sorry Chad but you're off broke without Evelyn than you'd be rich with her.

745 days ago


People are supposed to feel sympathy for Evelyn when she threw a wine bottle a one cast-mate and literally jumped on a table to attack another one? And that was all in one season of BBW! Chad hitting her is definitely not ok, but it was only a matter of time until this bully rolled up on the wrong person. EVERYBODY has said it! And Jen was wrong for getting the law involved when Nia slapped her unprovoked but it's cool if Evelyn calls the cops after getting in Chad's face about a condom receipt? GTFOH! This dude TOLD her what he was about from the get and she co-signed anyway because she wanted "that life." Please, this woman is not the poster child for domestic abuse. She sold her p****y for some Louboutins and a Maserati and wasn't prepared for the as.z-whooping that came with it. And why be upset about the condoms? Aren't you the btch who told Tammi Roman that she was a non mother-effin factor after she slept with her husband while they were married? Isn't this the same btch who had non mother-effin factor T-shirts made bragging about sleeping with somebody else's husband. And NOW she's going to get salty because somebody slept with her husband????? Evelyn needs to grab a bag of ice and have a seat!

745 days ago


Chad, get yourself an big ugly woman who just interesting in eating. She ain't going to care where you cause she will be cooking up a storm and eating and having her big friendgirls come by and hang out. Get yourself a big heffa!!

745 days ago


Well d@mn, I agree that this marriage has turned out to be ONE HOT LOW-LIFE MESS bcuz even KimK was married longer than dis B!@tch 41days vs like what 71days???(*shrugs*rollseyes& SMDH)!! Who's gonna wanna to marry her now with this failed marriage/failed relationship having type of reputation she's mastered now??!!

744 days ago

lisa mccarthy    

that what your dam ass get your friends tried to tell your ass you get what you god child please

744 days ago

lisa mccarthy    

that what your dam ass get your friends tried to tell your ass you get what you god child please

744 days ago


A male hoe marries a female hoe. In six weeks divorce fills the air. Super egos simply cancelled each other out. Now the woman is scorned and is seeking revenge. This woman filed for divorce for the purpose of ruining Chad Johnson's career. She said he needs to seek counseling. What NFL team will want Chad after this statement plus Chad has history of being divisive in locker room.

742 days ago


Evelyn has and will always will be Ghetto.

Look up the word Ghetto in the dictionary and her picture is there.


And she uses that mouth to kiss with...:(

You can take the Bear out of the woods but not the woods out of the Bear...

741 days ago


Lasted longer than I expected. She's TOO MUCH!

740 days ago


I knew that it would not last!!! When Chad admitted to cheating during the engagement Evelyn should have walked away. He told her that he was going to "continue" to see other women in so many words and now 6 weeks later its over!!!

739 days ago


P.S. I guess Jennifer was right!!!!

739 days ago

felissa marshall    

for starters Eve was wrong for what she said on the air when basketball wives was on but she is one confuse child she dont know what she want from Chad. My thing is if u found a piece of paper with a number on it dont assume it belong to Chad ask him if it is his first. Its ashame that she had to go this far to contiune to make an ass out of herself remember u got a daughter girl so grow up Eve

738 days ago

evelyn taina oliveira    

quero saber como eu Faso para contar junto com a Beyoncé ?????

726 days ago

Amber gantt    

I really don't believe that Chad hit on purpose but when you are mad you will say anything.She is the one with the violence all the time

712 days ago
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