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Lindsay Lohan

$3,000 Shopping Spree


8/15/2012 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0814_lindsay_lohan_shopping_article_AKMLindsay Lohan's back to her old ways -- at least in the reckless spending department ... because TMZ has learned, she recently dropped nearly $3,000 on a surf-themed shopping spree in O.C.

Lindsay and her bro Cody hit up the famous Jack's surf shop in Huntington Beach Friday -- and according to the receipt, the actress spent a total of $2,723 on surfer swag for her brother ... and that was WITH a 30% famous-person discount.

0814_lindsay_lohan_shopping_receipt_AKMWe're told Cody's an aspiring surfer -- and Lindsay wants to encourage him as much as possible by kitting him out.

But the $2,700 bill is just a drop in the bucket for Lindsay -- TMZ broke the story ... she's rolling in dough this year, raking in more than $2 MILLION.


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Hope they insisted on cash.... And frisked her on the way out! Poor Cody.

796 days ago


she looks like his walmart mom...RW tribute

796 days ago


She is a shopper/hoarder! She has a big shopping/hoarder problem...she did a TV special about it and her apartment was packed with all clothes!

796 days ago


needs to buy hobie Foster care...
Magda lohan is not a good rolemodel...or any model

796 days ago


Don't make excuses.... Hobies's hand is injured from fingering DUIna under the table day and night.

796 days ago


so Dina sent him to Cali with No Clothes? HMMM

796 days ago


C'mon how posed is this photo. Speed dials this to tmz but not when she made a complete fool of herself at Eastwoods birthday party or looking like a fool in clown makeup at record party.

Maybe this is her backward version of spinning away from that.

This exeggarated money is 1 hit wonders. The bulk from playboy.

Playboy won't ask her back, Lifetime won't work with her again, Glee won't ask her back, scale for the stright to dvd Canyons, 200k for her Scary movie 5 she has yet to sign. Her paychecks keep getting smaller.

Should she claim bankrupsy that doesn't cover her upcomming lawsuits.

796 days ago


First off, I told you she'd start pissing away money she has. She can't handle money in a responsible way. Second, this Cody becoming a pro surfer is laughable and will only get funnier. Finally, RED CLOUD, Deen requested he use of two bags: One over her head, and a second bag over his head in case her bag falls off. This fluff piece is to try to get attention away from today's Deen headline of her helping him "climax". Lets all not forget people she's willing to do porn at the drop of a hat.. These lowlife Lohans are a piece of work I tell ya. A grand on surfer crap for Cody, who's next to be involved in seedy headlines.

796 days ago


I see the ol trusty water bottle trick is still fully in effect... it's easy to spend $2,000 when you won't remember doing it the next day. Finally, a cure for buyer's remorse: alcoholism!

796 days ago


who ever said Cali AND HAWAII ARE THE only places that pro surfers come from..look up Frida Zamba....flagler bch florida one in Hawaii 7 times nationals

796 days ago


Linds crashed some random B-list soiree last night and they put the cones out to keep her away. It didn't work. She peed on the cones and ran them over, quacking violently. Undaunted, they tried garlic, but that only repelled that supposedly out-of-the-country gray-faced stick-ghoul AA Aliana. Linds got in and proceeded to guzzle all the champagne, filch a few unattended fur coats and pass out under the refreshment tables. Next time, the hosts plan on plastering their parties with signs that read "Closed bar". I’ll bet that works.

796 days ago


i don't know how reckless spending $3k is if you've been reporting she's making $2 mil this year... it works out to 0.15% of her annual income. to put that into perspective, it's like buying a $150 pair of shoes if you're pulling in $100k...

796 days ago


She's in fantasy land if she thinks her $2 million dollar year is going to be a regular thing. The Liz and Dick thing was a fiasco that is going to convince producers that she's still a big risk. Half of her money came from Playboy and that is a one off thing. She'll be lucky to clear $500k next year and it will only go down further after that. That would still be a nice chunk of change if she didn't spend like she does.

796 days ago


I wouldn't put it past Lindsay to shoplift a surfboard.

796 days ago


And TMZ just happened be in the shop to get this exclusive picture and the receipt on what she brought and how much she spent. Shes so pathetic you are poor Lindsay obviously shes rich to normal people but compared to how much these young actresses and others are making a year she is poor. That 2m will be gone in a month she spends like crazy and owes a lot of people money. She has been able to still live a luxury lifestyle by handouts from people and whoring herself out to men. Her net worth was about 30m before and she spent all of that money on drugs, partying, rehab stints, court and god knows what else. I have no respect for someone who has that kind of money and blows it all you could be set for life with that kind of money. Stupid girl.

796 days ago
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