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Kim Kardashian

The Divorce is NOT

So I Can Marry Kanye

8/16/2012 6:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
is telling close friends she is not pushing for a divorce so she can marry Kanye West -- she's saying Kris Humphries has simply become "a cancer" she wants out of her life forever.

Sources connected with Kim tell TMZ ... after Wednesday's court hearing, Kim said, "Kris is the first person I ever had to break-up with and that f**ked with my emotions." She added, when their marriage started to fall apart "He told our producers he would destroy my career and me if the show wasn't edited right."

Kim, who is telling friends she is "emotionally exhausted" from dealing with Kris, says if he really thinks he can convince a judge she defrauded him, wait 'til he sees the outtakes of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" -- which show Kris as a "manipulative, vindictive, petty, fame-hungry jerk."

 Kim is telling friends, "It's all on camera and it's going to backfire in his face."

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767 days ago


It is so interesting how onesided TMZ is. They show a very demure picture in kim and a very fierce picture of Kris which was one obviously taken as he was doing his job, playing basketball. Why not show equal pictures of both? oops forgot this is tmz

767 days ago


Is that Lionel Richie-looking dude in the pic Kanye?

767 days ago


This girl is thrash, and a no talent witch. Her only talent is screwing any man who comes along. HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

767 days ago

Poor Leno    

Kim Kardashian has to be the most stupid person on the face of earth, i mean if you told her she get money for having sex with a dirty homeless guy she would just ask how much she would be getting and get down to business. Kris Humphries i have no beef with him he seems like a nice guy that fell for a hoe in disguise, and now this slut Kim K try to make him the bad guy. If Kanye West wants whats good for him he should pack up his penis and run while he still can, or else he have to wakeup seeing Kim K for the rest of his life and seeing her without the 2 cm of makeup she have on her face that must be like watching a scary movie. Btw i would really love that TMZ show us how butt ugly Kim K is without makeup, man that would be a fun thing to see.

767 days ago


I think pot and kettle met, married, and have made each other miserable.

767 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

She's a *** bucket. She's no better than a porch monkey but she's got a nicer porch to park her obese odorous ass on.

767 days ago

moe l.    

This lard-ass has had far more than her 15 minutes. She was in a home-made porn video - that's it. She has ZERO talent and a deformed butt. Without make-up she's pretty darned scary. Why anyone in their right mind would want to wake up in the morning and see THAT next to you is beyond me.

767 days ago


They can badmouth Humphries all they want and still try and spin their BS on him. Not working.

Humphries is not the bumpkin idiot they expected to just go away after kimmy and Kardashians were done with him. Sham wedding E! paid for so over hyped, Kim Kardashians wedding/marriage was hyped as the US version of the Royal
wedding, fairytail wedding, 400 guests (E! employees) all Hollywood to attend, the big Hollywood star was George Lopez (no offence to George) the sham marriage, she files for divorce shortly after aired and the ratings were in. What a surprise.

Humphries is no superstar, never was never wanted to be. What he has been and still is, a talented professional basketball player with a solid career.

Kimmy on the other hand...When the plastic surgery she claims she never had starts to melt, botox not working, butt and everything else phony about her starts saggiing, new plastic surgery to try and fix the old plastic surgery not working, the fake eyelashes and so on...Kanye West will dump her and move on to a new bitch.

767 days ago


Ahhhh, as usual TMZ starts their day with their daily hand job from Kris Kardashian's prostitution ring.

767 days ago


Hey! Sarah, Malika, BBnotBB, all KK indentured servants, please see how lame and desperate you are making Kim appear. The constant excuses, blaming others, maligning of naysayers is becoming as dreary as you Kim.
If you stopped all this we would be so grateful. Feel it? That is Kris Humphries kicking you in your shallow narcissistic lying cheating porn bum. You don't have enough money or pull to turn this tide.

767 days ago


How come the next story down shows Kim tweeting pictures of herself from Hawaii yesterday?????? Thought she was in court and she is "emotionally exhausted" - what a frickin joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

767 days ago


I really feel like punching this stupid whore I am sick of seeing and hearing about this dumbass. He has become "a cancer"? You have become a cancer to all of us. You are infamous for a sex-tape, being a whore who sleeps around with any black guy from Hollywood with a big dick and has money and a career, and stripping of for playboy and other cheap magazines you have no reason to be in the spotlight. Also you he was trying to destroy your "career" and what is that I would love to know? Your not a actress, singer, dancer, or producer and your not a business woman too as you love to say you are. All you and you parasite family do is put your trashy names on cheap products, look pretty and pose for cameras not a real career anyone can do that. Karma is coming for you bitch and you and your family are going to hit real hard. You messed with the wrong person and thought you would use him for publicity, get rid of him when he had ran out of use to make more money, and get a quicky divorce and it will be all over but now he's fighting back an you cant take it. Its about time she went away how her and her family have been able to make so much money and be in the spotlight so long is actually shocking to me.

767 days ago

all about the money    

LOL Out takes that show Kris in a bad light? Like we all don't know that reality TV can be edited to any storyline/view point you want. And boo hoo for Kim trying to make herself look like the victim here "Kris being the first person she had to break up with" HA. Problem with being a reality star (and the term star being loosely used here) is that often they can't tell reality from scripting anymore. They live in their own little world revolving around themselves rewrite after rewrite of real life till they get something to boost their ratings. Never found Kim to be as big of a "star" or sex symbol as she tries to portray. Always seem more like a snobby B!tch to me with a big fat @ss. I understand some people go for that...after all you need someplace to rest your beer I suppose.

767 days ago


I'm no fan of the Kardashians but no one deserves to be married to this guy.

767 days ago
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