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Marshawn Lynch's Attorney

Race May Have Been

Factor in DUI Arrest

8/21/2012 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Things are getting racial in the Marshawn Lynch DUI case -- the NFL star's lawyer tells TMZ he believes the two white cops who arrested Lynch may have had it out for the running back because of the color of his skin.

Lynch was pulled over by the California Highway Patrol in Oakland back in July and was arrested for drunk driving after officers say his blood alcohol level was above the legal limit.  In the police report, cops said they had noticed the Seattle Seahawks running back had been swerving all over the road.

But Lynch's attorney, Ivan Golde, tells us "There may be an issue of police misconduct/racism based on the fact that you have two white cops [and] an African American defendant by himself."

Golde believes the proof may rest in the fact that the incident was NOT captured on the CHP dash cam. Golde claims cops told him the recording device was "not functioning properly" during the arrest.

"There’s an inference, a possibility ... it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to say that the police maybe turned it off," Golde says. 

TMZ spoke with a rep for the CHP who tells us, "Although the lawyer for Mr. Lynch alleges there is possible police misconduct and racism because both of the officers who arrested him were of Caucasian ancestry and their patrol vehicle's mobile video/audio recording system was inoperative, this allegation is false and without merit."

The rep continues, "False allegations such as this undermine the mission and morale of all public safety personnel who faithfully work and serve within our communities."

Read the entire CHP statement after the jump.


Regarding the matter of Marshawn LYNCH, Mr. LYNCH was arrested by California Highway Patrol (CHP) personnel for Driving Under Influence of Alcohol or Drugs, sections 23152(a) and 23152(b) of the California Vehicle Code.  The arrest occurred Saturday, July 14th, 2012, within the city of Emeryville.  

Two CHP were on patrol and traveling upon Interstate 880 (I-880) North within the city of Oakland.  They saw a white 2012 Ford van also traveling upon I-880 North. 

The driver of the van could not keep the van safely within its traffic lane, id est, the van was weaving from lane-to-lane.  As the van weaved from lane-to-lane, it had near collisions with other vehicles traveling within adjacent traffic lanes.  The officers initiated an enforcement stop to determine the condition of its driver (id est, drowsy driver, impaired driver, medical incident).  The enforcement stop location was within the city of Emeryville. 

The officers contacted the driver of the Ford van and identified him via his California driver's license as Marshawn Terrell LYNCH.  Mr. LYNCH displayed objective signs of intoxication.  Due to Mr. LYNCH'S poor driving, his display of objective signs of intoxication and performance during multiple field sobriety tests, the officers concluded Mr. LYNCH was an impaired driver and unable to safely operate a motor vehicle. 

This conclusion was also based upon the officers' experience and training.  They arrested Mr. LYNCH for Driving Under Influence of Alcohol or Drugs, and transported him to and booked him into the Alameda County Sheriff's Department North County Jail without incident. 

The officers completed an arrest report and it been submitted to the Alameda County District Attorney's Office for review and criminal prosecution.

CHP personnel, both sworn and non-sworn, are required to embrace and adhere to the CHP's organizational values.  These values include respect for others, fairness, ethical practices and equitable treatment for all. 

The officers who arrested Mr. LYNCH displayed these organizational values throughout their contact with him.  Although the lawyer for Mr. LYNCH alleges there is possible police misconduct and racism because both of the officers who arrested him were of Caucasian ancestry and their patrol vehicle's mobile video/audio recording system (MVARS) was inoperative, this allegation is false and without merit.  False allegations such as this undermine the mission and morale of all public safety personnel who faithfully work and serve within our communities.

Officer Sam Morgan
Public Information Officer (PIO)
California Highway Patrol For more sports stories, check out tmzsports.com!

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I'm getting really tired of all of these black celebrities claiming that every time they get in trouble with the law, it's somehow always a white cop's fault. At some point, can't they just accept the consequences of their actions? The more often the race card is played when it isn't warranted, the more it hurts those with legitimate complaints.

790 days ago


Wow. Always having to play the race card gets ignorant and stupid all the time. Strange how when a whitey is charged, hit, killed, etc, none of them ever play the race card. Time to play catch up. What's fair is fair. I know a kid that was punished in school for throwing a spit ball because he was white. When the black kid did it, nothing happened. Hmmmm. Always blaming the whitey. That is just not right and shouldn't be happening.

790 days ago


"Racism" is he serious!!! Don't mean to burst his bubble but its not "racism" when you get drunk and drive and get caught. That would happen to anyone no matter what your race it. Take responsiblity for your own actions and move on. You got drunk and was caught end of story.

790 days ago


was wondering how long it would take for the race card, their excuse for everything. HEY BLACKS...ASSUME SOME RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS INSTEAD OF BLAMING WHITEY ALL THE TIME

790 days ago


Nice Thug Shot Boy!!!!!

790 days ago


Dude, you were above the legal limit, police officers did their job, quit trying to make it a race issue. The issue is your driving under the influence, not race. Idiot!

790 days ago


Are kidding me? Black people use the race card more than they use their food stamp card. Stop using it and actually take responsibility for your actions...and TMZ stop adding fuel by posting this crap...if anything this country is racist against whites. Why don't you write your "black"president maybe he can help a brotha out, you know what I mean.

790 days ago


Man up you lying Black ***** ---- What a joke!!!!!!!

790 days ago


Why don't all the white people that get DUI's that are arrested by black cops? This is utterly ridiculous. I'm so over black people acting like this.

790 days ago

Who Knew    

Time to pass the race card to the next brotha who get them self in trouble. Good grief, you where driving drunk, deal with it.

790 days ago

Who Knew    

I drive a black card and got rear ended by a white car, must be racism.

790 days ago


Since when can ANYONE tell what race a driver is when they are in another vehicle and behind the vehicle Marshawn was driving? Since when is it ok for anyone to drink and drive just because you are not white? If you get caught driving under the influence, then you deserve the punishment...NO MATTER WHAT RACE, GENDER, SEX ORIENTATION, CITIZEN OR NON-CITIZEN

790 days ago


Oh My God. You broke the G.D. law: Go to jail, go directly to jail, do not pass GO, do not collect $200.

I guess blaming white people is one way to go, but accepting responsiblity for your own actions is the mature way to go.

790 days ago


Race has nothing to do with the charges but everything to do with the crime.

790 days ago


this guys lawyer is a dumb ass. ITS OAKLAND, theres not rascism in Oakland!!! Are you kidding me....thats like saying SF hates gays...hahaha ummm no its like the gay capitol. Please Mr.lawyer just be honest with yourself, the reason your client was arrested is because he was drunk and plays for the SEAHAWKS, no raider or niner fan like a seahawk.. Get over yourself. You were drunk, you drove, pay the price as do normal people.

790 days ago
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