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Jessica Simpson

My Boobs Are TOO BIG to Go Running

9/5/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Jessica Simpson has two huge obstacles to overcome on her quest for her old bod ... her giant boobs ... 'cause Jessica says they've gotten so big, she can't go running.

Simpson is finally discussing her tremendous weight gain to, claiming she packed on the pounds during her pregnancy because "It was the first time I was ever pregnant, and I wanted to enjoy it."

Jess says she loaded up on mac and cheese and other crap that's delicious but terrible for you ... because "I didn't realize [the weight] didn't all come off with the baby."

Of course she didn't.

Now, Simpson is working out with a fancy Hollywood trainer ... but refuses to go running because she doesn't want to end up with two self-induced black eyes ...saying, "My boobs are way too big to run at this point."

Despite all the fatness, Simpson is committed to revealing her new, skinnier, Weight-Watchers assisted body on September 10 ... on Katie Couric's new show. Can't wait.



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I'd have to agree with her that now isn't the best time to run. As long as she's got a good trainer, she can start with other types of cardio at first and then go running after she's dropped some pounds. Swimming, biking, rowing, elliptical, etc. I agree she's an idiot about post pregnancy obesity, but it's also a good idea not to run yet.

744 days ago

lord flashheart    

If you can't run start cycling.
With cycling ( at least 20 miles every day ) you lose weight faster than with running/jogging.

744 days ago


Who cares if its your first time getting pregnant! Its not an excuse to eat everything your heart desires. You still need to eat healthy and the right portions or you end up fat and having a terrible time losing the weight. If she actually got off the couch and exercised while she was pregnant and didn't go out to eat every night she wouldn't look like a beached whale...Now all you girls know not to eat like this fat slob or it will most likely never come off...Plus the older you get the harder it is. I really dont feel bad cause with ll her money i would have a cook,trainer, and nutritionist.

744 days ago


She may have thought that because of all of the stories of other celebs losing all of their baby weight within a month of giving birth.

744 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Nick is indeed a fortunate man. I think Joe would be glad to hold "those suckers" while she runs.

744 days ago


Nick Lachey....winning!!!

744 days ago


Excuses, excuses. Get on an elliptical instead you liar Fatty McFat. I called it months ago, she will NEVER lose the weight. Her husband really knows how to pick em.

744 days ago


she has always had a weight problem so pregnancy was going to add to that. Americans as a whole are getting bigger and bigger, so don't go pointing the finger ladies!

744 days ago


its true though, and no sports bra helps (not even the ridiculously expensive $150 kind)... so you know what i did jess? i walked, not ran.... walked everywhere, pushing the stroller, walking the dogs on the beach, whatever... listen to your music and get a good power walk for about an hour every evening (try to walk uphill for 20 mins of that), come home sweating and in no time the weight will shed.... :)

744 days ago


Jessica Simpson the new Kirsty Alley

744 days ago


Everyone on here is bashing this dumb, self-centered bimbo - and rightly so but who is buying her cheap & ugly shoes and clothes. I would never buy anything with this idiot's name on it but the American population has no taste or standards. What is wrong with you people and why would you support her and her crazy family.

744 days ago


Well she can get her duff into a pool and run. It's a harder workout, and those things will help keep her head above water lol

744 days ago


She was even bigger than she appeared in these pics. You could tell she had something underneath her shirt like a belly band or Spanx.

744 days ago

paul a.    

A dumb blond with big boobs.....who'da thunk it?

744 days ago


Maybe combing her hair might make her look a little better. I would never let my children go out looking like that. She always looks SOOOO sloppy! I get it .I had 2-101/2 lb babies and 1-9lb 4oz baby. I always lost all my weight after delivery but you have to work at it. It looks like she ate and ate and ate.

744 days ago
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