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Chad Johnson

Files Divorce Docs ...

Admits Marriage Is Dead

9/13/2012 11:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chad Johnson has finally accepted the fact that his marriage to Evelyn Lozada is over ... and has filed divorce docs in which he admits the union is "irretrievably broken" ... TMZ has learned.

Johnson filed the papers yesterday in a Florida court ... in response to the docs Evelyn filed back on August 14. In his papers, Chad admits the two have a prenup that he believes should be enforced -- especially the part about who pays for the lawyers.

According to the docs, Johnson wants a judge to BLOCK Evelyn's request that Chad foot the bill for her legal fees ... citing a provision in the prenup in which the two sides agreed to pay their own way if they were to split up.

The divorce has not been finalized yet ... but at this point, it's only a matter of time ... and sources close to Evelyn tell us she's "ecstatic" and ready to move on.

Evelyn and Chad were married back in July ... but the honeymoon ended a month later, when Chad allegedly headbutted Evelyn during a heated argument over a condom receipt she found in his car.

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Good. Now we won't have to read about him anymore, I hope.

769 days ago


What a duffas. Well... since the media antics didn't work in pressuring the court or Evelyn to drop the charges he has to face the music that he's going to have to pony up that prenup money---and that's the ONLY thing he was concerned about. That fool believes that he can schmooze anybody.
NEWS ALERT: You can't.

769 days ago


I'm certainly not condoning Chad's behavior, but I have to ask-- what is up with Evelyn???? There's an article in this week's People mag about this mess and she married him after only 4 months of dating. And, she knew he cheats and apparently was ok with it. However, to her credit she thought that he would "put some effort into the marriage." LOL-- what an idiot!

769 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

I'm assuming these two Bozos' are doing all this while having two camera teams running around, following their every move, every utterance, every bowel movement.
FORGET IT KIDS! You fuqued up and it's over. TIme to hit the mall and find a 9 to 5.

769 days ago

Don't Slap A Ho    

WOW! It only took him one stupid tat of his ugly ass heffa to realize that it was over. I tell you these people just don't get it. You don't hear this from white athletes. Not to sound racist but only black athletes get into stupid messes like this.

769 days ago


What a bi-polar ****.

769 days ago

Pudding Tang    

He's more likely to catch an STD through a condom than to catch a football in a game this POS.

769 days ago

Pudding Tang    

So now you have to dish out some money for a tattoo removal, Osadcinco? ... . BRILLIANT!

769 days ago


First TMZ story:
"Officer who responded says in the report he observed a 3" laceration on her forehead"
Three inch laceration.
Video of Evelyn after the alleged incident:
Google search......."Evelyn Lozada 'Afraid,' Says Chad Johnson 'Needs To Get Help': 'Nightline' Exclusive"....
Observe the huge wound on her forehead from a "3 inch laceration" :D
Good move, dump this broad and move on brothah ;)

769 days ago


Cover up the Tat ASAP!

769 days ago


As an addendum: Having given this a couple minutes thought I figured out what Evelyn's [and her attorney] strategy was. I have no idea who this chick is, other than the fact that nobody thinks highly of her. But she lost points with me in trying to force him to pay her attorney fees.
THE STRATEGY: If they could coerce the court to force him to pay the monetary [Oxyian reference] then she would contest the prenup and wear him out with the mounting court challenges [her attorney salivating] and Chad would eventually acquiesce out of fear of how much it's costing him on both ends. As it stands, she'll have to play by the rules---because there's no way in hell she's wants to dip into her stash knowing that in all likelihood she's going to lose.

769 days ago


Chad should have figured that out before he got that hideous tattoo of soon to be ex wife Evelyn's face on his body. Humm...I do wonder what was the straw that broke the camels back! Could it have been her unresponsiveness to his pathetic pleas, her television interviews, her playing victim for Iyana or her nonstop damage control to reboot her reality T.V career?

769 days ago


OK so now it is OFFICIAL. They will be divorced. Thank-God up above. How long did we have to hear about these 2 morons anyhow? One is a cheater, and the other one acts like a dude. Talk about a messed up relationship!!!!! LOL

769 days ago

Kimberley B. Buteau    

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769 days ago


Now admit your NFL career is dead also loser

769 days ago
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