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Dina Lohan

I Was NOT Drunk

During 'Dr. Phil' Interview

9/14/2012 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan tells TMZ ... she had NOT BEEN DRINKING before her interview with Dr. Phil ... and blames the editing for making her appear intoxicated.

The interview -- set to air on Monday -- was taped several months ago ... and a new promo for the episode features a seemingly confused Dina acting bizarre .. and many people suspect she was blitzed.

In fact, the promo features a clip in which Dina's ex-hubby Michael Lohan asks Phil if Dina had been drinking before the interview.

But Dina is adamant she was sober ... telling TMZ, "I don’t care what it looks like. I’m fine and I don’t care what anyone says."

She continues, "All people saw was two minutes edited of an hour long interview. Of course they cut it to make it interesting. That’s their job . I don’t blame them for doing that. Some of the comments were taken out of context but I’m fine. I’m fine.”

Dina tells us the public shouldn't judge her until they see the full interview -- insisting she's a "good mom" who's always been there for her 4 kids, including her oldest daughter Lindsay Lohan.

"I think the interview will be good. I know what I said and the facts are what the facts are. The proof is in the facts. The truth will set you free”


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C. Fox    

I'm fairly certain The Lohans have their own scale for drunk. A human ten is like a Lohan four.

736 days ago

Bitch please    

You have to be drunk or on drugs to be on that stupid show.

736 days ago


Sure, Dina...cause Lohan's are known for their honesty...

736 days ago


Dina won't even admit how much trouble Lindsay is in so she sure won't admit that she has a drinking problem anytime soon. Or that she is a bad mother, bad editing? These shows need to stop feeding these famewhores. While they can make money of Lindsay and her cracked out lifestyle they will. And when something really bad happens to Lindsay or she hurts someone else they will be the first in line to give interviews and make cash out of it. Pathetic I have seen animals show more care for their young.

736 days ago


We wonder why Lindsey has drinking and drug problem!

736 days ago


Definition of oxymoron= Dina Lohan=good mum.

736 days ago

just because    

Dina Lohan Smoking

736 days ago


Dina having drug or alcohol abuse problems ... might begin to explain why she has not taken a tougher stand against what Lindsay has done and why she always keep making excuses for her.

How can Dina criticize her daughter for behavior she is guilty of. Lindsay, Dina and Michael are just examples of how messed up human beings can become.

736 days ago

just because    

yet she said she doesn't smoke either but so does ali lohan

736 days ago


I doubt Dina Lohan had been drinking but she certainly seemed very upset and confused. I'm told Dr Phil was very harsh on her about her parenting skills. Why don't people wait until they see the complete interview.

The producers always show the most damaging clip of the interview to get you to watch the show and from what I've seen to the reaction to this clip, its job done.

I hope Dr Phil gave Michael Lohan the same treatment. Will he ask him about his drug use? his alcoholism? beating his ex wife? beating his ex girlfriends? mistreating his children? why his children want nothing to do with him? the number of RO's against him? the 5 outstanding arrest warrants against him in NY? just a few things Michael Lohan is guilty of and so many more we will see in the future.

Why is the woman the only one always at fault? There are two parents here.

736 days ago


I am pissed that she used the word truth in the same sentence as Lohan. It is obvious where her kids learned to lie! She is a horrible, horrible mother.

736 days ago


You were drunk and totally out of control... No wonder your daughter lies all the time and gets into so many jams.... Go to rehab....

736 days ago


The Lying Lohan logo..."I didn't do it, it wasn't me"!

736 days ago


Dina Lohan may not have been drunk, but certainly high. Possibly a mental condition that renders her unfocused and infantile. Her body language is so unusual, like she wants to crumple in to herself. Something is way off with her. It was hard to watch.

736 days ago


Wow. Lindsay never had a chance.

736 days ago
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