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Country Star Jason Aldean

Hot and Heavy w/ 'A.I.' Chick

... Who's NOT His Wife

9/30/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jason Aldean and Brittany KerrCountry music superstar Jason Aldean got up close and personal with a former "A.I" contestant ... right in the open at a very public bar on the Sunset Strip. There's just one problem ... he's married to another woman. 

TMZ obtained photos of Jason and Season 11 "A.I" contender Brittany Kerr taken on the crowded bar patio area at The Den on Wednesday night -- frequented by locals and tourists always on the hunt for celebrities.

In the photos Aldean and Kerr get very flirty ... hugging, touching each other and at one point it appears Aldean goes in for a kiss.

Aldean --- who performed this weekend in So Cal -- eventually left the bar in a cab without Brittany.

Here's the rub, Aldean is married to his high school sweetheart, Jessica Ussery, who he tied the knot with back in 2001 and they have 2 kids together. 

We reached out to Aldean for comment several times but have not heard back. No comment from Kerr either.


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Either he really really wants to get a divorce or he's just an idiot or both. He isn't even trying to hide it...they are all over each other in front of tons of people. Doesn't make much sense.

If you look at the pics above they aren't all blurry and fuzzy like the one shown in the article. It's clearly Aldean

670 days ago


One problem with being a celebrity, it's difficult to cheat on your spouse. You are recognizable & someone is always taking your picture & it will end up on TMZ

670 days ago

Keyser Söze    

Those photos are K-Stew-level bad - the guy is all over that chick.

Let's see if his wife's going to 'stand by her man' when he's obviously disrespecting her or have the guts to kick him to the curve, especially since I seriously doubt this is the first time he pulled something like that - the dude looks waaaaaay too comfortable on this pics with another woman in his arms.

But let's give Aldean at least one thing: the man may be a two-timing dirtbag, but he's a dirtbag with taste- that Kerr girl is smoking hot.

Not at all hot enough to be worth losing half your money and pay alimonies for years to come to get with, but still...

670 days ago


bravo to who ever took those pictures
there is no excuse in my book for cheating

670 days ago


why would you put pic's like that where his wife can see. what satisfaction does that bring, other than money of course.

670 days ago


Who is this??

670 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

You done did it know!
Phishie from Philly

670 days ago


Gross! She's a classic looking skank and he's the fat county "star" that can't think past his little penis. What a shame. I hope his wife leaves his gross self.

670 days ago


It doesn't matter whether they kissed or not. They were clearly hanging on each other inappropriately in most of the 20+ pictures. Arms around the waist, hugging, hands on hips, side of breast, around the neck, lower back etc. They definitely weren't the touches of people who are just friends. If I was either of their spouses I'd be pissed!

670 days ago


So disappointed in Mr. Aldean. He went to heck morally when he added rap to his songs.

670 days ago


It looked innocent enough until the end of the photos. The hand positions of Jason would hurt me as his wife.

670 days ago


He just lost him a fan. Another pig cheating on his wife.

670 days ago


Spammers are back.
But no flag buttons
How to we get rid of this rubbish?

670 days ago


I never heard of him either but apparently he has 2 daughters with his wife. It's really stupid of him to be hanging all over some other woman when he's married and has kids. It's even more stupid to do it so openly that he's photographed and seen when he has children.

670 days ago


Country star.
The sane audience that gets all puffed up and superior yelling about "family values."
But, like some fundamental preachers. they are hypocrites.

670 days ago
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