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Brittany Kerr

Shuts Down Twitter Page

'Whore, Skank, Tramp'

10/1/2012 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0928_jason_aldean_kissing_launchFormer "American Idol" contestant Brittany Kerr has shut down her Twitter page ... after a gang of angry Jason Aldean fans BLASTED the singer online -- calling her everything from a "skank" to a "homewrecking whore."

The cyber-hate came flooding in after TMZ posted the pics of Aldean -- a huge country singer who happens to be MARRIED -- putting the moves on Kerr at a crowded bar on the Sunset Strip.

Sources connected to Kerr tell us ... she had NO IDEA Aldean was married ... and if she would have known, she would have shut the whole thing down from the start.

Even though Kerr didn't go home with Aldean, people attacked her online ... writing terrible things on her Facebook page including:

"Disgusting homewrecking tramp!"

"what is wrong with you taking advantage of a married man while he was drinking."

"everyone thinks ur a slut!"

For the record, people have ripped Aldean on his Facebook page too. He has since apologized, chalking the whole thing up to a bad drunken decision.

We reached out to Kerr -- so far, no comment.


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How did this little floozy NOT know he was married?! Read his damn biography! Not to mention he was on CMT cribs with his 2 daughters & HIS WIFE!

749 days ago


for her, in this case, bad publicity is better than no's given her alot of press. until today i didn't know her....nit so much for him though.

749 days ago


This is ALL on the married person. She obviously did not know he was married. People should leave her alone. She is single. He is the married one cheating on his wife. Being drunk is NO excuse. You are a DOG. If you cannot handle being faithful when you drink, the DON"T DRINK YOU IDIOT. I hope your wife puts a leash on you from now on and demands NO DRINKING.

749 days ago


Most-likely it was a bunch of TheMudZone interns spamming her twitter feed. Talk about whores.

749 days ago


it takes two to party and she is a slut, skank and whore.

749 days ago


I call BS on her so called story. I have seen Jason in concert a few times and many pictures of him. One thing that is always present is his wedding ring. Furthermore, if you look at the video TMZ posted of Aldean drunk guess is there. Any single woman knows to look at the ring finger. So she knew and did not care. She is just trying to save face. Although this is the case, it does take to to tango and being drunk is not an excuse for his behavior either.

749 days ago


I call BS on her excuse. She got busted and is just trying to save her ass. Everytime I have ever seen Jason in concert or in pictures he is wearing his wedding ring. Did she miss that little fact? Always always check for a ring. He is not blameless either by any means but she knew and she knows she did.

749 days ago


There are THREE parties at fault here; Aldean for being a dumbass, the girl for being a dumbass, and TMZ for being the biggest dumbass of them all by acting as if this is a noteworthy story. Make me the fourth, standby dumbass for even commenting.

749 days ago


In the video TMZ just posted, Aldean clearly has a wedding ring on. That usually is a sign someone is married. Shame on both of them.

749 days ago

Grant MacDonald    

Jason Aldean should have gone to RAM RANCH ... the nude dude ranch with over 90 naked young cowboys … where the saying is: “Ya Sure Are Hung!” What happens at Ram Ranch – actually stays at Ram Ranch!

749 days ago


Well, she is named after a breed of dog.

749 days ago


This girl is trying SO HARD TO BE FAMOUS. I promise you her management is drooling and loving this right now. They can't wait to put a spin on this and get sympathy for this whore and make her into the victim. She's a bartender and been all on the dirty dot com. She is white trash and deserves to be ridiculed and torn apart. She knows what she is doing and it's sickening. Brittany Kerr you are a pathetic whore-someone who has known you for YEARS.

749 days ago


Shouldn't people be mad at the cheater? If she's not in a relationship and she didn't know he was married or in a healthy marriage (for all we know legal separation could've been possible) then why is she being targeted? I never understood that, why hate the other person, they didn't cheat. What are men? Mindless beings with no self-control? I'm sorry but he's the one who messed up.

749 days ago


Why is she a skank and a homewrecking whore when he's the dirtbag who screwed around on his wife? He's the one with vows, not her.

749 days ago


Hell, I'm just jealous it wasn't me!! All these people getting upset, really?!?! It's none of our business!! Let Jason deal with his family, and let Brittany deal with what happened. I bet ya'll have a hell of a lot of skeletons in your closet!!! Love you Jason!!!!

749 days ago
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