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Brittany Kerr

Shuts Down Twitter Page

'Whore, Skank, Tramp'

10/1/2012 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0928_jason_aldean_kissing_launchFormer "American Idol" contestant Brittany Kerr has shut down her Twitter page ... after a gang of angry Jason Aldean fans BLASTED the singer online -- calling her everything from a "skank" to a "homewrecking whore."

The cyber-hate came flooding in after TMZ posted the pics of Aldean -- a huge country singer who happens to be MARRIED -- putting the moves on Kerr at a crowded bar on the Sunset Strip.

Sources connected to Kerr tell us ... she had NO IDEA Aldean was married ... and if she would have known, she would have shut the whole thing down from the start.

Even though Kerr didn't go home with Aldean, people attacked her online ... writing terrible things on her Facebook page including:

"Disgusting homewrecking tramp!"

"what is wrong with you taking advantage of a married man while he was drinking."

"everyone thinks ur a slut!"

For the record, people have ripped Aldean on his Facebook page too. He has since apologized, chalking the whole thing up to a bad drunken decision.

We reached out to Kerr -- so far, no comment.


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So the women that say hes wearing his wedding ring, You don't think he could of just slipped it back on when he left the club? Jesus H grow the **** up. He is a total moron and about as classless as can be. If hes so in love with his wife then he wouldn't have even talked to another girl period. Its time for people to take responsible for their actions as bad as they may be.

720 days ago


It's hard to know who started the whole thing, but women are supposed to stick together and support each other.
Maybe the wedding ring on his finger could have clued her in that he was taken? She shouldn't have made any moves on him, and she shouldn't have responded if he was trying to pick her up.
That doesn't mean the dude has no responsibility. Guys have to check the woman's ring finger before they do anything, too.

720 days ago


IF she's a whore, then HE's A WHORE TOO!

720 days ago


Are you kidding me? She's claiming she didn't know he was married? That right there is a lie. I think they're both at fault.. but don't try and be innocent like you didn't know.. you're in the biz.. you knew.. you were taking advantage of a situation and got caught... almost with your pants down.

720 days ago


I'm calling BS on the "she didn't know he was married". She's a Liar. She knows exactly who he! I guess she didn't see the wedding band either. She's just as guilty as he his. I don't think this is their first time together either.

720 days ago

Lisa G    

She's not married. He is, so it's his fault.

720 days ago


"what is wrong with you taking advantage of a married man while he was drinking."
Are you kidding me? Someone really said that? Like HE WAS innocent.

720 days ago

small asian penis    

After my 18th beer, I still know I'm married, there is no confusion.

720 days ago


She looks like someone who is being mauled by a drunk. None of the photos of her look like she is having a good time with a celebrity??? Just saying...

720 days ago


If this guy showed up at my front door, I would not know who he was. So, you cant say she knew anything about him. In the photos, she does not look like a gal who is excited about the prospect of hooking up with a celebrity. .

720 days ago


Sorry, as a woman, in a bar, with some dude all over me...first I'm checking for a ring. Then I'm looking for a tan line on the ring finger. Then I'm asking if they are married/with someone/etc. And even THEN I'm not going to make out with them when I first, second, or third time meet them. And I don't believe for one second she didn't know he was married. Although the onus is on him because he is married, he made the vows, blah blah blah; she is NOT without fault for her role. I'm more alarmed at the fact she made out with some drunk guy she barely knew at a bar. Gross, who knows what diseases he has?!? Can't play around in this day and age! STDs will kill ya!

Keep it classy ladies, keep it classy.

720 days ago

Soapy Johnson    

Both Jason Aldean and Brittany Kerr are idiots for doing this in public. That said, she's hot and here's a good sample of that --

720 days ago


He is the one who took vows and being drunk is not an excuse so why blast her! That is sexist. It takes two to tango. If it wasn't her it would have been another woman. Don't get drunk or go to a bar without your wife if you know you do stupid things when drunk. The guy is a sleazeball. She did not take advantage of him and that is ridiculous to say!

720 days ago


She didn't know he was married? Yeah, the wedding ring should have been a hint and a half for your stupid ass, pumpkin. And not that she is the only one to blame, as it does take two to tango, but seriously? Wedding ring=married. Idiot.

720 days ago


Wow anger is pointed in wrong direction hick fans!

720 days ago
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