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I'm Moving To A New House

... For Reals This Time

10/2/2012 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1001_octomom_moving_garbage_launchAfter several failed attempts to put a roof over her head -- Octomom is FINALLY moving her brood into a new house ... and TMZ has the pics to prove it.

TMZ obtained photos of Octo taken Sunday -- packing up all her crap and hauling her 14 kids to a new 5,000-square-foot crib in Palmdale, CA ... since the one she's living in was foreclosed on.

From the pics it's clear Octo hasn't cleaned house for awhile ... you can see a giant dumpster full of old toys, chairs, mattresses and random stuff she no longer wants.

TMZ broke the story ... Octo was supposed to move into a DIFFERENT house in Palmdale, and pulled out at the last minute, because she thought the owner was shady. Prior to that, she had been REJECTED by a slew of landlords.

But millionth time's a charm and sources tell us ... Octo made a sweet deal with this owner -- snagging the property for a cool $2500 / month and her first payment isn't due 'til April.

Happy Easter.


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the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

She was lying her face off again on Dr. Phil, last week. Nobody was talking about it, nobody cares....tick tock, 15 minutes are up.

719 days ago


she needs to move to Arizona where a house like that will rent for much lower, why California? is too expensive for her....

719 days ago


"...snagging the property for a cool $2500 / month..."

Where does this useless burden to society get her money?

719 days ago


To all those using this comments place for advertising--GO AWAY WE DON'T CARE!

719 days ago


Pardon my yelling, but other than TMZ,


719 days ago


I am not going to say that she does not have fault in this, but the doctor that did this was wanting fame and recognition for being the first doctor to pull this crap off. I am sure he pumped her up to think that this was the best decision she would ever make in her life and she too would gain fame and fortune from it. She was an idiot! She is a mom and that is not always the easiest of jobs. When my son was born, my daughter was 11 months old.. that was hard enough for me being a single mother of twp babies (dad left).. I couldn't imagine having all these babies with the world, your family and friends turning their backs on you and you having to raise a village alone. I do have sympathy for her because it just didn't turn out the way the good doc told her it would. She has done some DAMN degrading sh*t to earn money to pay for all those kids. Yes, I know it's her fault for agreeing to this.. I am happy as hell that doctor got his license yanked.. But she is the one who was abandoned and left to fend for herself. UGH! This is hard as hell for me to explain because in so many ways I have NO sympathy for her. But she is trying.. Really trying here and she keeps getting knocked down for it. Maybe if more people believed in her, she might be able to lift herself up out of this hole and make something of herself legitimately. She is not on government assistance.. She is paying her own way. I do pray that she is able to keep it this way. I do pray that she gets some good friends and caring people in her life to cut her some slack. I pray that she gets her sh*t together and does not make anymore of these dumba$$ mistakes again. I do have faith that she can do it. She has a hard a$$ long a$$ road ahead of her.

719 days ago


what a waste

719 days ago


Ya hafta know this isn't going to end well... LOL

719 days ago


Did I miss the party in her old neighborhood? Or will it last all month? There is a sucker born every minute and apparently they own owns in Palmdale. You can't say you weren't warned.

719 days ago


She must have had to prepay her rent until April 2013 to get in. Hope the landlord banked that money because he probably won't get any more. You notice she's again throwing out all the old because she begged for new and probably got it. Don 't worry, she may pay until maybe July 2013 and then it will be poooor Nasty..eviction again...those sucker landlords will have so much damage it will be like a demo crew went in...same thing happened to the past two houses...sorry...Nasty don't change!! She locks those kids outside during the day and inside one room at nite...that is her "babysitters". In the meantime, she drugs and drinks unless she is out doing her thing !! Won't be long she will be giving out the address for her beg a thon!!

719 days ago


Come April When OctoSlut blows through all her money she will try and prostitute herself to the landlord to pay rent,

719 days ago


Sooo... she finally paid someone her 6 months rent up front, first and last security, and has her first payment due in April. All I have to say to the landlord is, "Good Luck with that one"! Octo, don't think that just because you moved out of OC CPS's reach that you'll be free and clear to do what you want. Los Angeles CPS is even harder.

719 days ago


First of all, WHERE is she going to get $2500 a month and secondly, WHY doesn't she have to pay until April? Must be nice!!

719 days ago

Joan K    

I wonder what the neighbors feel about this woamn moving in with her misbehaved kids, I bet there are some very unhappy people out there.

719 days ago

Holdon McGroin    

Bed #9 in this "house".

719 days ago
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