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I'm Moving To A New House

... For Reals This Time

10/2/2012 12:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1001_octomom_moving_garbage_launchAfter several failed attempts to put a roof over her head -- Octomom is FINALLY moving her brood into a new house ... and TMZ has the pics to prove it.

TMZ obtained photos of Octo taken Sunday -- packing up all her crap and hauling her 14 kids to a new 5,000-square-foot crib in Palmdale, CA ... since the one she's living in was foreclosed on.

From the pics it's clear Octo hasn't cleaned house for awhile ... you can see a giant dumpster full of old toys, chairs, mattresses and random stuff she no longer wants.

TMZ broke the story ... Octo was supposed to move into a DIFFERENT house in Palmdale, and pulled out at the last minute, because she thought the owner was shady. Prior to that, she had been REJECTED by a slew of landlords.

But millionth time's a charm and sources tell us ... Octo made a sweet deal with this owner -- snagging the property for a cool $2500 / month and her first payment isn't due 'til April.

Happy Easter.


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Where does the 2500 rent come from, Mr. and Mrs. taxpayer?

750 days ago


What else can be said about Octomon, except that she is the ultimate pathetic human being. God help us if her gene pool continues.

750 days ago


Why is she throwing what appears to be usable items into a dumpster? Why not donate to Goodwill or the Salvation Army? Why not have a garage sale and get some extra cash for the items? Why not sell them on Craig's List? This lady has ZERO life skills...and I mean less than ZERO people!

Oh...riight...when you don't work for a living you simpy cannot place a value on money or material objects. She does not have what most of us have, and that is a "I have to work x-amount of hours to pay for that bed or that Fisher Price kids playset so I will respect it, value it and take care of it".

Or "I have to work and expend x-amount of hours of my life energy working a a job that I may or may not like to afford that, so maybe I will take care of it and appreciate it since I put my life's sweat into earning the money to buy it". If she had to go out and work a crappy job where she made $10.00 and hour and that playset cost $50.00 she might think twice about trashing it when she had to spend 5 hours PLUS at work to earn it.
Welfare and entitlement programs have the opposite effect on people in that these people turn around and bite the hand that feeds them. She acts like a spoiled teenager whose parents will replace anything that she destroys or ruins.

This lady is a prime example that entitlement programs NEVER work! People must earn their own way in life!

750 days ago
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