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Chris Brown

I Love Rihanna

(and Karrueche)

10/5/2012 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

100512_chris_brownChris Brown just released a hyper-produced propaganda break-up video ... in which he drunkenly says he loves BOTH Rihanna and his ex-GF Karrueche Tran ... and says, "I'm not trying to be a player ... I just care too much sometimes."

It seems to be an artsy-fartsy way to explain his decision to kick Karrueche to the curb after being seen with Rihanna this week.

In the footage, Brown tries to hammer home the point that he's wasted -- intercutting footage of himself poppin' champagne, partying in a nightclub and looking slouched over while smoking. At one point he says, "I'm a little drunk, so I'mma be honest ..."

 It's unclear when the footage was shot ... but two hours before Brown posted the video, Rihanna tweeted, "Ain't nobody bidness..... But mine and my baby!"

He never mentions either woman by name in the video, but there are shots of both RiRi and Karrueche spliced into the 1:27 clip.

At one point he asks, "Is there such thing as loving two people? I don't know if that's possible but for me I just feel like that."

So, is this Chris being honest ... or is he trying to BS his way out of looking like a jerk who was stringing Karrueche on while banging Rihanna behind her back?


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I really wish this guy would go away. People need to stop buying his music and the industry needs to stop giving him awards. He's an *******. He deserves to have the crap beat out of him like he did to Rihanna. It would be one thing if he showed remorse, but he never did.

645 days ago


He's being sincere, finally.

645 days ago


chris brown is not capable of loving anyone, and neither of these girls is smart enough to realize that they are being played by a psycho. you would think a girl would figure that out after taking a near-death beating from the guy. he has a mental health disorder...straight up narcissism.
Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder[1] in which the individual is described as being excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity. This condition affects one percent of the population.[2][3] First formulated in 1968, it was historically called megalomania, and it is closely linked to egocentrism.
Translation....he is not capable of loving anyone, because he is not capable of seeing beyond his own narcissism.

645 days ago

Former Criminal Prosecutor    

For a detailed analysis as to Why Rihanna & Chris Wont Stop Unitl She is Dead

645 days ago

Former Criminal Prosecutor    

For a detailed analysis as to Why Rihanna & Chris Wont Stop Unitl She is Dead
as always ; M

645 days ago


he should be locked up....

645 days ago

Shady's slave    

I so hope Ri doesn't take Brown back. It would be a terrible example. She mayhave a bright future but he will just drag her down into chaos, trauma and drama. Her career is going along nicely. I hope she doesn't ruin it with him.

645 days ago


I find this story so interesting. Judging by all the comments, thankfully I'm not alone.

645 days ago


Wow. I don't think anyone is giving him a chance. Think about what you would do in a situation like this. But then you also need to factor in that they are artists, and they are VERY passionate people. He's not narcissistic, it's simply his job to make everyone think he is. That's his money, and it looks like that's going pretty well for him. All I'm saying is that I think that anyone can find themselves in this predicament and well, we are all human, aren't we?

645 days ago


Its their love to figure out..end of story. Why be judgmental when it changes nothing.

645 days ago


He is part of the illuminati, what do you expect? A good decent man? no, if you listen to all her songs...she likes the beatings. She admits it. And he talks about doing other women because he likes it and how he keeps her entwined. So, yes this is a demonic force of love and nothing in the world will ever change it. They have everything we don't.

645 days ago


Half the hating ass females. on here have taken there men back. for the same thing or a lot worse stop hating because it makes you feel good.

644 days ago


half the hoes hating took there men back for a lot worse.

644 days ago

BIG D    

very good fake vid

644 days ago


im not excusing what he did 3yrs ago, im just the kid was 19yrs old. he made a mistake and is trying to change. hell she forgave him so what is everyone so mad about like he whooped there ass. trust me if he hit me he would've been in the hospital on life support. but im also about forgiveness. only one man can judge us and he hovers above us (hey that rhymes Lol) im just saying just because he made this mistake doesnt mean he goes around beating women all day every day. we all made mistakes when we were young(maybe not as big as he did) and we learned from those mistakes. people in glass houses shouldnt throw stones...that is all.

644 days ago
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