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Linda Hogan

I Never ABUSED Hulk

10/9/2012 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Linda Hogan is firing back at the Hulkster ... claiming her ex-husband was lying through his over-bleached mustache when he accused her of abusing him during their marriage.

Linda is pissed over the statements Hulk made to Howard Stern this morning ... when he claimed he was the victim of verbal and mental abuse by his former spouse ... and that's why he decided to bang Bubba the Love Sponge's estranged wife.

Now, Linda is calling BS ... telling TMZ, "Unbelievable -- I never abused Hulk Hogan."

Linda also unleashed her lawyer, Raymond Rafool, who adds, "Hulk Hogan’s the-devil-made-me-do -it (or in his case my ex-wife Linda-made-me-do-it) is just a pitiful excuse for a grown man to avoid taking responsibility for his own mishaps and actions."

Rafool adds, "It is a shame that Hulk Hogan tries to deflect his immorality with false allegations that Linda verbally and emotionally abused him.  Linda Hogan never abused Hulk Hogan – verbally, mentally or otherwise."


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Celebrities Suck    

ultimate warrior mentions how hulk offered Linda to him. Sounds like hulk was a big time swinger with his friends...

great video I found on youtube
warrior posted this a few months ago.

745 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

creepy part of it all was when hulk started to date his daughters friend that looked just like his daughter

745 days ago


They say a woman who tries to defend herself has a Rafool for a lawyer.

I crack me up... :)

745 days ago


There are 3 sides to every story. His, Hers, and the truth.

745 days ago


Duh the guy named Bubba film hogan.obviously cuz it was bubbas wife hogan was filmed with. whys the wife blamed? it wasnt her being filmed why they were married.

745 days ago


Looking at her ugly face while having sex with her was abusive. And trying to find the wet spot through all her fat is more abuse than any man should go through. Poor Hulk. He should be on disability for all the nagging she did to him too. She's a pig!!!!!

745 days ago

John T.    

She is sure proud of her implants. Lady you look fat and 60 yrs old. Phoney over the hill joke.Think all that bleach went to her brain.Trailer trash.

745 days ago


He should really stop commenting. A sex tape staring Hulk Hogan is hilarious enough without adding that this huge, ridiculous looking man was bullied by his then wife an practically forced to cheat on her with his best friend's wife. Don't any of these so called stars have pr people?

745 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

i'm not buying it, she's as big a bitch as they come.

literally and figuratively...

745 days ago


seeing her naked and without make-up IS abuse.....

745 days ago


If you actually listened to the show, he said "Before the divorce, I didn't know what verbal and mental abuse was." He also stated that he was at his lowest point and emotionally numb and that is why he did what he did. He did take responsibility.

745 days ago

Jessie from Ohio    

I watched their reality show, and she was never a loving wife to him, she was a constant nag, putting him down and any ideas he had. I never saw any love in their relationship that didn't originate from him.

745 days ago


Linda was never abusive to hulk she was only supportive of him and his career it is a slap in the face
for all she did for him. he is a s*** bag !
Rember the jail house tapes where he said only people with no education would join the service.
and the serivce was for losers!
Hulk Hogan is a old steriod abuseing freak!
Of course hi poerformanc e wasnt good in the bedroom his balls are shurnk up like rasins.

745 days ago


I wasnt a big fan of their show but the few time i watched it she was a ****ing witch. no scratch that she was a ****ing ******....she told hulk if he was no longer making the millions she would leave him.....thats beyond a gold digger....I would have kicked her sleezy gold digging ass out of the house.....typical of the cali women.... shes pathetic and why he only did it once is beyond me.....hey linda you old hag the only good that came from you was what dripped down your leg when your daughter was born as for the rest of her thats all hulkster baby........

745 days ago


The entire family is trash

745 days ago
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