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Kanye West to Paparazzo

Sorry I Flipped Out on You

10/31/2012 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West is turning over a new leaf ... 'cause he totally just made nice with the female paparazzo he EXPLODED on in Miami this month ... and the huggy moment was all caught on tape.

As we previously reported, Kanye smacked the female pap's camera in front of a Miami restaurant a couple of weeks ago, when the snapper asked Kim a bunch of questions about Reggie Bush.

But it seems it's all water under the bridge to Kanye ... 'cause when the two crossed paths today in a Miami airport, Kanye flashed a smile ... and gave the photog a great, big bear hug.

It's a Halloween miracle.



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Poopey Poopstein    

She should have maced or tasered Koon West!

724 days ago

jenny ruby    

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......Few housing solutions offered in presidential race
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not sure if this means there is a different home or if it means were buying the one that was for rent.
have no idea.
whichever it is just make sure its childproofedlike i mentioned earlier.
the children are my number one concern right now
chase would be just devastated if that sweet little boy wasnt in our family. Must adopt him.
chase and this child deserve a well stable enviroment.

724 days ago


OH please.. kick him in the what.. she probably was all over herself she got a hug from a blk man.. she dont seem to be pulling away at all..huh.. gimme a break.. she enjoyed it and Kanye should be smacking the H out of that fake diaper booty injected KIm k and her skanky family.. no support from me to Lamar or Kanye .. both weak weasels to get involved with that fake lying long can you lie about a injected booty.. i dont blame kris hump for putting the truth out their about her butt.. and these delussional people still calling her "curvy" PULEASE!!

724 days ago


Hmmmm, isn't that Kim in the car? He has been ordered to "make nice." Drink the K koolaide or else?
Wonder what they will do to top KOURTNEY's raunchy butt shot?Why do I get the feeling that they all are laughing at the public? All the way to the bank.

724 days ago


someone please lock this guy up in a mental institution. get him off the streets!

724 days ago


724 days ago


another ****ing ******! ENOUGH SAID. IM SORRY WE WON THE WAR. we should all beat a ****** at least once a day.

724 days ago


The truth is,these people are enjoying life enormously,due to their extreme wealth.They could care less about what the public thinks of their aberrrant
behaviors.As long as the big money keeps rolling in
They feel smug and entitled.So really,what's the use?
Some segment of the population is making them rich,
whether they deserve it or not.

724 days ago


A tiger never loses it's stripes unless it's hunting for a meal. He wants something! Beware!

It's a halloween joke and the creep has come out!

724 days ago


Huh? He was giving her the evil eye, shaking his finger at her and giving her a hard time. She's the only one who said anything nice.
This guy's got one hot temper. yikes

724 days ago

joe gillis    

sources close to kanye report he has been offered a major role in the next episode of planet of the apes

724 days ago


At some bizarre level, they do seem to be happy together,at this point. A mutually beneficial merger,
should we say?Too bad she is a married woman.That must put a damper on things.

724 days ago

Celeb Gossip Maven    

Strange that TMZ is being really quiet about the Kardashians today...I wonder if it has anything to do with that second Kim Kardashian sex tape being shopped around?
I have seen it on like 3 or 4 other sites...and yet nothing comes up here. Hmmm...

724 days ago

furious cupcakes    

This paparazzi chic is such a loser. Get a real job, and some dignity. Following people around harassing them trying to get a reaction, then follows them again and kisses their a$$ ..." we're tight" "we're tight". ?! Tool...

724 days ago

arale norimaki    

Kim Kardashian and gay fish absolutely no redeeming social value.

724 days ago
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