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Terry Bradshaw

I'm NOT a Racist ...

But JJ Does LOVE Chicken

11/5/2012 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1105-terry-bradshaw-jimmy-johnson-chickenTerry Bradshaw is "really upset" he's being accused of racism after comparing a Reggie Bush TD run to someone chasing a "bucket of chicken" ... but tells TMZ there's a simple explanation -- Jimmy Johnson is a freak for chicken!

We just spoke to FOX NFL analysts Johnson and Bradshaw ... who said he was unaware there was any controversy until friends started calling him this morning.

Bradshaw explained it's a Sunday tradition for JJ to order a bucket of KFC after they wrap the pregame show -- and yesterday was no exception. Bradshaw says Johnson "won't share it with anybody" ... and everyone on set rips him for it.

Johnson backed up the bucket tale ... telling us, "Every Sunday I get 4 pieces of fried chicken, dark meat, and I eat it right there on the set."

Bradshaw tells us yesterday's chicken comment was an innocent shot at one of his co-stars ... something he commonly does during highlights.

TB says, "I'm having a hard time with this ... because that's not me. I never put those two things together because I don't think like that."

But Bradshaw adds, "I understand why people are upset because they don't know the inside story."

For his part, Johnson is sure there was no racist intent -- and tells us, "I love fried chicken. A lot of people love fried chicken, so what's the big deal?"

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No Avatar

Blackjack iii    

How is this racist or stereotyping? Ive yet to see a black person chasing a bucket of chicken down the street...or a white....or anyone for that matter. Stupid.

717 days ago

some guy    

I believe him. I don't think Terry would be stupid enough to crack a racist joke on national TV. Although it's close.

717 days ago

Kitty Angel    

Get over it people!! This world has gotten way to "PC"!!

717 days ago


I love fried chicken. I crave it. I'm not black. Fried chicken is universal. It sees no color. Much like love.

717 days ago


He didn't mean it that way. If you've ever listened to him before, you know he doesn't think that way at all. People are just trying to start up sh!t & when it got back to him, he responded with sincere surprise.

717 days ago


Oh, yeah, and I love watermelon. It's probably my most favorite fruit.

717 days ago


People need to lighten up. Chicken??? Really????

717 days ago


Years ago, the great sports announcer Howard Cossell was banished from announcing football because during a telecast he called a football player a "slippery little monkey" because of the way he caused missed tackles. Afterwards, he said he didn't samean it as a racist remark because he calls his nieces and grandkids little monkeys. Although he knew he made a mistake in wording the phrase, he understood that he said something wrong and took it like a champ and left football forever. I hope Terry Bradshaw doesn't get the same treatment, seeing as the statement was basically meant for Jimmy Johnson.

717 days ago


Oh I don't know. Every time I drive through the hood it smells like fried chicken and weed.

717 days ago


I'm Mexican American....I love all different type of food. My favorite is Chinese food.

717 days ago


Gimme some o' that KFC or Popeye's. Extra crispy. I'd do the chicken dance for some fried chicken myself. And some watermelon. And I love collard greens, with bacon. Am I black? Noooo. Oh, by the way, love ya Terry!!!

717 days ago

Hot Chocolate    

Terry Bradshaw ain't no racist- How come people are so hyper sensitive about things that amount to nothin'?

717 days ago


Oh wait... Jimmy gets "Dark Meat".. maybe he's a racist....

99% of today's society are some seriously delusional idiots; always reaching for something.

717 days ago


ALWAYS ALWAYS...IT IS RACIST... I wish people would get a life. This man is FAR from racist.

717 days ago

Antonio Grimes    

Everybody that knows Football and also knows Terry Bradshaw knows he's not racist and that JJ does loves fried chicken. Terry Bradshaw said that Reggie Bush was running for the endzone like Jerry running after a bucket of chicken blowing in the wind. None of this was racist nor stereotypical. What I found was funny was the blowing in the wind comment. The guy that tried to make this racist was Warren Sapp! The same guy that called Jeremy Shockey a snitch!

717 days ago
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