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Mitt Romney's

2nd Amendment Workout

The Right to Bear Arms

11/20/2012 10:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1120_mitt_romney_ann_gym_launch_v2Nothing says "MANLY MAN" like a gym session ... and really hairy arms ... and Mitt Romney is definitely a manly man.

The 65-year-old former Presidential candidate -- along with his wife Ann -- hit a up weight room near San Diego yesterday ... possibly to work off some of that pizza from their "Twilight" date night over the weekend.

Despite losing the election, it looks like having had Paul Ryan as a running mate can still do some good ... for Mitt's abs.


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Taking the loser WALK of SHAME ! I guess their HORSES or Cadillac's weren't readily available.

680 days ago


I see the class envy crowd still hangs out here. What's the matter? You mad because he has more than you? Poor little things.

680 days ago


You know, honestly, I felt bad for Mitt. He worked all those years to become president and it didn't happen. Then that little message he gave to supporters came out and all my sympathy for him flew out the window.

680 days ago


And his wife is following two paces behind him because....

680 days ago


Who gives a sh#$ he lost can we stop following the loser around?

680 days ago


I see the class envy crowd still hangs out here. What's the matter? You mad because he has more than you? Poor little things.

Class!! but i do have a problem when clowns come out boasting what they have while kicking the less fortunate.

They are many politicians who are filthy rich but you never hear them go around bashing people the way Mitt did, it was beyond strange; even President Bush never went there.

680 days ago

She's baaaack    

I have a real concern for his wife. MS is nothing to mess around with and he'd parade her around and have her pander whenever and wherever he decided it would be. She looked like hell right before the election, like she was having trouble walking, and on election night she was completely disheveled. MS is a monster. Maybe there is a grain of truth about his attitude with women because he's running that poor woman into the ground.

680 days ago


I still think these political "stories" are tests of viewer interest, or some other TMZ scheme (note that Harvey wants to expand into DC). And notice that this "story" is a lot less snippy than usual, and it gets far, far, far fewer comments than these political ones tend to get. Like it's maybe the fifth of the usual comments when it's not real snippy.

680 days ago


I hope all who voted for Obama get what they want and get what they deserve .Sleep Tight!

680 days ago


Why is his wife walking two paces behind him? Kinda speaks volumes, doesn't it?

680 days ago

She's baaaack    

And then I looked again and I said OMG MITT'S A BEAR!!!!! He's a freaking BEAR!!!

680 days ago


Would not even let his wife lick my sweaty ball sack. She is one ugly swamp donkey.

680 days ago


Harvey tell everyone who's October Surprise was the big Game Changer in the Election Gloria Alred or Donald Trump. Or which set of Barack Obamas or Paul Ryan.

680 days ago


He really does have some hairy wolfman arms

680 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Firstly, I'm not a supporter of "Mitt Romney" the politician, not ANY individual who particpates in
the thoroughly-corrupt, highly-ineffective, -and most of all- terminal political system.

Yet, Mr. Romney is the son of two devoted missionaries, while The Pharaoh of The "United"
States is the son of a Muslim. Now, the question begs: Which would be more honest and competent in the handling of the current situation in Gaza? One hint: NOT the one whose "administration" -once again- SUPPRESSED my Craigslist, NYC, Rant & Rave section posting "Israel and Other Truth", yesterday.

"Men will ultimately governed by Tyrants or by GOD" Benjamin Franklin
The House of David 20Twelve Victory, is HERE:

680 days ago
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