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Kelsey Grammer

My Show Got Axed

I Can't Afford All These Homes

11/27/2012 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Now we know why Kelsey Grammer wants to move out of the Bev Hills (adjacent) home he just bought and move into the one he bought with Camille Grammer -- he's short on cash.

TMZ broke the story ... Camille is fighting mad that Kelsey wants to move into their 10,000 square foot mansion that they've been trying in vain to sell.

In court docs, obtained by TMZ, Kelsey says his show, "Boss," got cancelled so he doesn't want to carry 2 homes in the same area, both of which have big mortgages.  Kelsey says he can rent out his recently-purchased home for $30k a month, so he wants to do that and move into the 10,000 square foot estate he bought with Camille.

Camille is pissed because she's paying half the mortgage and other expenses -- and thinks it will be harder to sell if Kelsey, Kayte and their kid move in.  BTW, the total carrying cost for the estate is $48,130 a month.

Kelsey counters in his declaration .... Camille lives in their Malibu home and he bears half the costs (total $15,000 a month), so it's only fair that he can move into their Bev Hills home.

The judge rejected Camille's request to bar Kelsey from the home but set a hearing for next month.

By the way, in the docs, Camille reveals that she gets $41,000 a month in spousal and child support.



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695 days ago


Are we suppose to feel sorry for him?? This man should be loaded, he was on Cheers for years, then he had his own show for years. And even though his last two shows didn't make it. These actors still make a fortune. Oh and let's not forget all those marriages and kids that cost a lot of money!

695 days ago


His new wife has no morals. She's just as culpable in the affair as he was. Fkg ugly ms piggy. I hope Camille wins!

695 days ago


Would it not be more fair for them both to stay in the homes that they are in, rent out the expensive house on the market and both split the profit until they find a seller? Or they both keep the homes they want to live in and whoever have the most valuable house pays the other one the diffrence and both home be owned by either of them free and clear?

695 days ago


Tell him he can move in IF he pays ALL THE BILLS OF HAT HOME. She shouldn't have to pay half so he can sit back with his new family, and make oney off his other house, meanwhile Camille pays for half of their home and gets no use of it. Somehow I doubt this story is true, and can't imagine this wasn't brought up and ironed out with their attorneys during the divorce, since they are both paying half until it sells.

695 days ago


Terrible situation not being able to afford two multi-million dollar mansions at the same time. This shouldn't be happening in Obama's amerika. Kelsey needs to hit up Charlie Sheen for some money.

695 days ago


I wish I had such problems. I have a hard time being sympathetic toward people who have such enormous wealth. I guess my answer would be: "Downsize and be grateful for what you have".

695 days ago


Good lord, what did he do with all that Cheers and Frasier money? One cancellation shouldn't be enough to ruin him financially.

695 days ago


I'd so stuff my junk into her mouth.

695 days ago


Kelsey is responsible for creating this big mess in his life. He didn't have the decency to divorce his wife first and take care of the lose strings like joint property before moving on with the new wife. I'm glad that his new show was cancelled and maybe it will shock him into coming down from his high horse. His new wife was a fool to get entangled in this triangle with the old wife. She probably had dollor signs in her eyes when they met and jumped at the chance to have the affair. Kelsey deserves all the misery he gets.

695 days ago


I don't recall Camille being on a hit TV show, and she herself admitted in an interview that she wasn't earning a cent toward family expenses, cleaning her house or cooking a meal. And she deserves his money? Divorce laws are unfair. She can't get a job and live a moderate lifestyle?

695 days ago

Daphne Picklecock    

to lose the popular vote against a blatant golddigger like Camille takes some doing. But Kelsey has somehow managed to make himself the baddy by being a bigger douche than she is. Then again, men like him are STUPID enough to fall for these women and marry them in the first place. Utterly dumb to buy the cow when u can get the milk for free!

695 days ago


He is such a piece of ****! What a s***bag and I hope the judge sees through this act of his and tells him to get a life!

695 days ago


Wouldn't be easier to say you pay for the house you live in with your own money. If she's paying half for one house he wants to live and he's paying half for one she lives in seems like it would balance it out. But who am I to say just an average Jane.

695 days ago


"$41,000 a month in spousal and child support." Now you know why Camille doesnt wanna get remarried, all that BS that she isnt "ready" its to get spousal and child support for as long as possible, which she wont get if she remarry her new husband - Busted ;)

695 days ago
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