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'Celeb Rehab' Star

Cheating Drug Tests

with Bogus Urine

12/4/2012 12:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


"Celebrity Rehab" star Kari Ann Peniche is once again in danger of losing custody of her child ... after new evidence surfaced which shows she's ordering urine off the Internet and injecting it into her own genitalia in order to pass drug tests.

TMZ has learned ... Peniche's friend filed a declaration in which he claims he accompanied the former Miss United States Teen winner to a drug-testing facility in July and witnessed her injecting the urine into her genital area ... so she would "secrete the purchased urine" in the event a staffer at the facility followed her into the bathroom.

In August, Lee claims Peniche also confessed to paying off facility staffers in exchange for clean urine samples.

Lee says he witnessed Peniche using meth as recently as September -- despite having 50% custody of her 1-year-old son.

In light of the new evidence, the judge in the custody case found that Peniche poses a danger to the child ... and ruled that she cannot visit her son without a monitor until she takes two clean tests.

So far, the judge has yet to rule on the baby daddy's bid for sole custody.

6:28 AM PT -- Peniche's rep tells us ... "Kari Ann adamantly denies any and all negative allegations that have been made against her in her case. There has not been any evidence to establish that Kari Ann has, at any time, placed her son in harm’s way."

The rep adds, "Kari Ann has been a competent, caring and loving mother and will continue to do all that she lawfully can do to protect the health, safety and welfare of her son."


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Can you BE any dumber than this chick?
METH is nothing but GARBAGE and it completely DISTORTS/DISFIGURES Your face.

686 days ago


Thats ****ing nasty. Who the **** orders p*ss off the internet. Wait. WHO SELLS THEYRE URINE!!

686 days ago


This chick is hot. Shes gonna be pissed when her face is full of pock marks and scabs from her meth use. What a moron.

686 days ago

Physical Graffiti    

What a dumb ass! You can buy clean comes with a heating tuck it in your bra or pocket and you're set.

686 days ago


We always refer to men as "pathological" but this woman is clearly pathological and we could probably lump Lohan in this category too. Occasionally, and not with 100% certainty of corse, some people are just not going to change. When one lacks any moral compass, even to stealing, cheating etc, the best outcome is jail or death. Watcinig her on C. Rehab she is classic of this generation wherein it's ALL about her, HER problems are worse than anyone elses, SHE's been mistreated, SHE's the one who's parents didn't love her enough and so on with the poor me always the victim game. But then she was good looking and women ignore the fact that some man somewhere will pay $ to keep her around, someone wil always have sex with her, and she equates this with her self-worth. It'll end bad as she doesn't get it. No clue.

686 days ago


Who knew there was such a thing! OMG!!! A person can order pee pee from the internet? Holy cow!!!!!

686 days ago

Mentok the Mind-Taker    

Is the "che" in her name pronounced like an "S"? Anyway, isn't that Paula Abdul's alter ego anyway? Or her long-lost twin sister who she hopes will remain lost for many more years to come?

686 days ago


Peniche's rep tells us ... "Kari Ann adamantly denies any and all negative allegations that have been made against her in her case. There has not been any evidence to establish that Kari Ann has, at any time, placed her son in harm’s way."

Lawyers. Any wonder they have a bad reputation? (Sorry Harvey) "We can't or won't deny she's committing a felony by cheating on drug tests, so we'll just answer a question no one f'n asked instead."

686 days ago


Karinann is still doing drugs ??? Omg, what in the hell is wrong with this stupid woman ? And she's a mother? SHAME ON HER

686 days ago


She's still alive? I assumed she OD years ago....Go away Kari Ann and quit having babies!

686 days ago


That's gotta be the most disgusting thing I've ever heard, barf!

686 days ago


This skank had a drug-fueled 3-way with child-killer Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane. Then, capitalizing on that infamy, she did her stints on Dr. Drew's Celeb Rehab and was a mega-bitch to everyone--including hitting staff and camera guys. Didn't further your "career," sweetie (Remember her demanding staff bring her juice to her in bed before she arose each day?). This meth head is going to age 30 years, lose her teeth, and have a pitted, scarred face soon enough. Sterilize her and sentence her with a common-people jail term.

686 days ago


That poor poor baby being burdened with this piece of drug trash as a mommy. Can't stand this chick. She always looks like she never cleans herself just puts on another layer of spray tan and cheap makeup. It's probably a good thing the lab techs only had to deal with purchased urine - can you imagine the bacteria and diseases in the real stuff from this "classy" lady

686 days ago


Doesn't make sense... Even IF she did manage to pass a urinary catheter through her urethra up into her bladder (not an easy task) and inject "urine" into her bladder, HER urine would still be in there. The best she could hope for is to dilute the levels of whatever drug they're looking for, but they'd still find them.

686 days ago


Rehab STAR..... really a great thing to be the star of....... low....

686 days ago
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