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MLB Superstar & Wife

Trash the Wedding Dress

12/4/2012 11:25 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Two days after tying the knot, Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard and his Eagles cheerleader bride Krystle Campbell took a break from enjoying their honeymoon to take part in the bizarre ritual of
trashing their wedding dress for a photo shoot in Maui on Monday.

For those who don't know, it's become somewhat of a trend for a newlywed couple to destroy the bride's expensive wedding gown -- often at a beach or lake -- and capture it on film.

At least she can say she wore it more than once.

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Good luck to the new couple. It's a shame that they have to live in a world full of hateful, racist idiots (judging from some of these comments) but then again, the Howard's are rich enough that they likely won't be forced to associate with low-class hicks who are too stupid to comprehend what an attractive cheerleader would see in a well-liked, respectable athlete who is known in his community for being an all-around good guy. I am glad that Ryan and Krystle make each other happy. Yeah, they are in Maui destroying wedding dresses but hey- I'd rather see people doing that than wasting their time online writing ignorant and mean-spirited comments about a couple that they have never met.

656 days ago


Lol at all you racist ******* that hide behind your avatar with no face. You people would never have the balls to say this stuff in public so you take it here because your life sucks and will never be happy. White and black people racist on here... You're all pathetic... Way to worry about someone else's plate and not your own. None of you have accountability and blame others for your ****ty lives.

656 days ago

Jonos Steadman    

A trashed dress for a trashy race mixing whore.

656 days ago


Miscegenation simply is not sensible. It really works out for the best,if people stay with their own race.
You know that is the truth. Not racism-just good old fashion common sense.

656 days ago


Racism alive and well in America. And to think, this is the 21 century

656 days ago


Recent shameful video of Kendra Wilkens on TMZ. Hank B. seems like a decent guy.She really has made a fool of him. That's what happens when you only marry t&a. Sad for him & his child.

656 days ago


What a dumb idea.

Disposable dress disposable marriage???

656 days ago


it is a sad case, she is pretty and blind, i hope she gets the right medical treatment for her blindness...

656 days ago


Stupid trend. Why not pass along the dress to a bride who might not otherwise be able to afford one?

656 days ago

Serious Jelly    

RACE as we know it is a myth a social construct OR social construction. There is no such thing as the WHITE RACE... there's only ONE RACE of people THE HUMAN RACE there are no sub species. To be WHITE is not a RACE... it is a social club... a club of privilege. So-called WHITE people do not SHARE a common genetic heritage instead they come from different lineages that first pass from AFRICA through ASIA. Watch video : The Human Family Tree - Google : Newsweek The Search For Adam and Eve.

656 days ago


Another beautiful white lady with a n*gger. Gross.

656 days ago


This is what happens when we pay people too much money for nothing. We will pay a dumb athlete millions yet pay a teacher peanuts...smdh It would have been nice if they would have given the dress to a victim of hurricane sandy who's wedding plans may have been ruined. At the very least, auction it off and donate the proceeds to a couple of charities. This just shows me that she is a golddigger and he is the typical dumb jock who knows nothing about managing money. He will be broke in 5 years and she will be begging him for child support while their home is being auctioned off.

656 days ago


Got him a white girl SHOCKER!

656 days ago


GOD made each race a MATCHING pair, it's not racist to think that interracial marriage is a SIN, it's not tolerated in some countries.

656 days ago


people of all races are mixing and matching. get over it. all you racists go out in the middle of the street and shoot yourselves in the head. the world is all mixing and there is nothing to be done about it. get over it.

656 days ago
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