Little Girl to Charlie Sheen I Don't Watch Your Show ... But Thanks for Fighting My Cancer!!!

12/14/2012 4:40 AM PST

The little girl with cancer who received a $75,000 donation check from Charlie Sheen tells TMZ ... she's never seen a single episode of "Anger Management" ... but she's still the actor's biggest fan.

As we reported, Charlie and his stunt double Eddie Braun donated a combined $100,000 to 10-year-old Jasmine Faulk -- the daughter of a Hermosa Beach police officer -- after they caught wind of the girl's dire situation from another cop. Charlie donated $75,000 and Eddie donated $25,000.

Now, Jasmine wants to publicly thank Charlie and Eddie for their overwhelming generosity, telling TMZ, "I think they have a great heart ... They don't even know me."

As for "Anger Management" and "Two and a Half Men," Jasmine says, "I don't really watch those shows. I watch kids shows."

... Probably better that way.