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SJP's Makeup Artist

I Didn't Steal Anything ...


12/15/2012 1:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1215_sjp_makeup_artistSarah Jessica Parker's makeup artist -- who was busted in Norway for allegedly stealing sunglasses -- is telling friends she didn't steal JACK ... and the whole incident was set up so airport authorities could shake her down for a bribe.

Leslie Lopez is telling friends she was shocked when authorities randomly questioned her at the Oslo Airport gate on Wednesday. We're told they asked permission to search her bag (which she allowed) and that's when they told her they found a pair stolen sunglasses and accused her of shoplifting.

We're told authorities accused then demanded she cough up a $1400 fine or else. Our sources say Lopez only had $700 in cash and offered that in an attempt to put the situation to rest. After some teeth pulling, we're told they agreed.

We're told Lopez believes the fact that her "fine" was negotiable proves it was a set up.

Lopez is also telling friends she had spent TONS of money on expensive goods from other airport stores before the "sunglasses incident" and claims to have the receipts (including one for lipstick she allegedly also stole) ... so why would she need to steal sunglasses?

Sounds like a good question for Winona.


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SJP is Cool...

674 days ago


Maybe she can tell her story on "Locked Up Abroad". She can tell everyone of how she suffered under the cruel treatment of Norway's airports and how they extort money from shoplifters.

674 days ago


Who freakin cares.

674 days ago


A horse is a horse of course of course!

674 days ago


Last time I checked Norway is the second richest country in the world and those workers working in the petroleum industry make more than average US CEOs....So her story is total BULL****

674 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

Not me.............I didn't do was somebody else.

674 days ago

That Pop Life..yeah..    

A theif and a freaking liar,and SJP is'nt any better...

674 days ago


Maybe she's a kleptomanic and doesn't realize she stole them. It could happen!

674 days ago


More like a payoff now knowing they have no defense over taking the money bribe she's deflecting. SJP you're better than to be associated w anyone who salts your good name right or wrong, esp bringing further attention to it. It was an airport she stole from right? Look up the transactions for the timeframe and/or I'm sure we'll be seeing some tapes soon.

674 days ago


Should give her the benefit of a doubt. There are so many corrupt officials in this world but I don't think people realize this until they fall victim to corruption themselves.

674 days ago

Rhoda Penmark    

But let's ask the really important question here: Is it conceivable that SJP actually PAYS someone to make her face look like it does??

674 days ago

Ben Choad    

If she was innocent and it was a set up, why would everyone in SJP's entourage initially deny that Leslie was hired by SJP or that she knew her.
One would think that if she was truly innocent, everyone in the SJP party would have stuck up for her immediately instead of claiming Leslie was an employee assigned by the Nobel Institute.
This is all hogwash in an attempt to reclaim her name as she has been shown to be a thief to the world

674 days ago


Chile cheese, my nose is growing by the minute from this lie you telling, you thief, just own it and get some help and get ya life plzzzzz.

674 days ago


Of course she stole those sunglasses! Just like those REALLY WERE Lindsay Lohan's pants. Oh, celebs....

674 days ago


So it just jumped into your hand on your way out the door right???

674 days ago
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