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One-Armed MMA Fighter

Why Can't I Fight in UFC?

I'm Stumped!

12/28/2012 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1228_Nick-Newell-articleMMA fighter Nick Newell might only have one arm ... but he's definitely got plenty of balls ... telling TMZ he's more than capable of fighting in the Octagon -- even if UFC prez Dana White isn't convinced he can pull it off.

Nick's already the undefeated belt holder in the Xtreme Fighting Championship, but tells us he'd kill to cross over to UFC -- however, White's expressed reservations because, as he puts it ... "It's hard to fight with two arms, you know what I mean?"

Nick's response to Dana is honestly, brutal -- "I've won by arm bar, rear naked choke, guillotine, heel hook, TKO and knockout. In 9 pro fights I have never been out struck."

He adds, "If you have followed this sport, or know anything about it, you would be able to see that I'm amongst its elite. Just because I'm not in the UFC doesn't mean I wouldn't beat most of the guys in there."

Your move Dana.

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No Avatar


this guy will fight anybody with one arm tied behind his back.

632 days ago


As a big follower of MMA, Nick would not do well in the UFC. XFC is a low level promotion. I have seen him fight, he is not up to the talent in the UFC.

632 days ago


I've seen him fight on AXs TV (used to be HDNet) and I think he's an incredible athlete. Dana White is a dick who said that women would never fight in the UFC and now they are. He'll change his mind, I bet. If he doesn't he'll look like the a$$hole that he is.

632 days ago

Mary P    

He's good, not great. XFC is a double A ball club compared to the MLB UFC. First, UFC is still working out the fights to absorb WEC and Strikeforce. There are fighters with 20-30 fights and either none, or 1-2 losses. Second - 9 fights is NOT A LOT when compared to those fighting in the UFC. We already did a fight card for promos - one was the boxer and the other was Lesnar. Third - in submissions he has an advantage in missing his arm. His hold makes a perfect circle and there's nothing to grab to defend. He backs up a lot to stay out of the punch zone of his attacks and moves in - another problem since not only did White and Zuffa have to start dealing with fighters running like pansies but they actually deduct points for it now. Lastly, he might get there someday, but right now - he is NOT up to UFC fighting. His competition is pretty ragged as it is. Yes, they could all do "better" than me - I'm not paid to fight so that argument is dumb. I do PAY to watch fights and I want to watch the top caliber. A lot of WEC guys have already been dropped because of the fold into UFC and they were WAY better than the couple of fights I've seen of this guy.

I hope he does get in someday, but right now, he isn't ready. And if you rush to get in and get rocked right off the bat, you may never get in again.

632 days ago


That was great. Let him fight in the UFC. He can obviously hold his own.

632 days ago

jeremy fisher    

this guy has an advantage in mma. with no forearm, the fighters have nothing to grip onto to get out of chokes and holds. it would be unfair to other ufc fighters for him to be able to fight.

632 days ago


"I'm stumped"!? Real nice TMZ, real fuggin nice. u guys are real classy.

632 days ago


Well he can wrestle what's wrong with that

632 days ago


Gawd sometimes I hate TMZ soooo much. So just because some nobody beats someone in an MMA fight in some leage I never heard of and he happens to have part of his arm missing he deserves a free ride in to the UFC?
And are we supposed to assume that since Dana White hasn't signed him he must be some sort of biggot???
F U TMZ! Many people are working their a55e5 off to get a UFC contract and none of them care about your BS liberal agenda. In fact if anything you've just hurt this guys career because you made him your cause and overshadowed his actual skill which may or may not get him into the UFC some day!

632 days ago

Metta Worldhate    

Ladies and gentlemen, give him a hand.

632 days ago


That headline needs to go...

632 days ago


How low can TMZ go ?

632 days ago


no way
hes definitely not elite and ufc doesnt want the bad publicity of someone who is differently able get smashed to pieces on national tv

632 days ago


I seen his last he does have an unfair advantage in certain moves etc the choke

632 days ago


Dana White = Douchebag coward

632 days ago
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