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One-Armed MMA Fighter

Why Can't I Fight in UFC?

I'm Stumped!

12/28/2012 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1228_Nick-Newell-articleMMA fighter Nick Newell might only have one arm ... but he's definitely got plenty of balls ... telling TMZ he's more than capable of fighting in the Octagon -- even if UFC prez Dana White isn't convinced he can pull it off.

Nick's already the undefeated belt holder in the Xtreme Fighting Championship, but tells us he'd kill to cross over to UFC -- however, White's expressed reservations because, as he puts it ... "It's hard to fight with two arms, you know what I mean?"

Nick's response to Dana is honestly, brutal -- "I've won by arm bar, rear naked choke, guillotine, heel hook, TKO and knockout. In 9 pro fights I have never been out struck."

He adds, "If you have followed this sport, or know anything about it, you would be able to see that I'm amongst its elite. Just because I'm not in the UFC doesn't mean I wouldn't beat most of the guys in there."

Your move Dana.

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"I'm stumped" ....really Tmz? Way to keep it classy.

662 days ago


I love UFC but they need to give him a chance. One fight see how he does. Then decide. They may be surprised on what he can do

661 days ago


I've seen several of Nick Newell's fights. The kid is very talented. Is he ready for the better competition he'd face in the UFC? Probably not, at this point in his career. If he keeps improving and working his way up to better promotions, maybe some day he will be invited to compete in the UFC.

661 days ago


Im sure he'll kick some butt, but its like letting girls play football. its all fun until she gets knocked the EF out. 'WHY DID YOU HIT HER SO HARD?" Its football, thats what they do. So she gets an unfair advantage, you cant hit a girl like a guy in football

661 days ago

PJ in Texas    

Dana White is an egotistical a**hole. Let the kid fight ... all you care about is your money anyway and I'm sure he will bring a big PPV crowd. At 50 bucks per fight I will never pay again.

661 days ago


Feed him to Anderson Silver......

661 days ago


First off when Dana was asked about this he was under the assumption the kid had no arm, meaning cut off at the shoulder. he kind of changed up when he was told the arm extended past his elbow.

He also said he wasnt sure how the commission would be with it, just because you fight in Florida doesnt mean Vegas would give him a license.

Also anyone who follows mma knows LW is probably the deepest div in the UFC, Bendo, Gil, Maynard, Cowboy, Pettis, Varner, Melvin, Miller, Diaz etc.

He should get a shot but I dont think he would ever beat the top LW in the sport. Plus Dana is not the one scouting talent, thats Joe Silva and Sean Shelby.

My guess is Bellator signs him, they are desperate for attention now that they are moving to Spike, they signed Rad after the ESPN piece came out about his father so this would be something they would look to capitalize on.

Plus the talent in Bellator isnt on the level of the UFC outside of Chandler, Hawn and Alvarez if he stays with Bellator. The rest of the div, Pitbull, Tirloni, Cupcake, Held, Jansen he could probably hang with some of those guys.

661 days ago

Dino the Dinosaur    

I am a UFC fan! Never seen this guy before, but can tell you that he has more courage and fight than any of those other fighters. Dana, don't be an idiot, fight this man and then make him a ref!

661 days ago

I am Spartacus    

being the champion of some D-league doesn't mean you should be fast tracked to the UFC.

661 days ago


I've seen this man fight. My son is the little one-armed boy who gets to help XFC Pres. John Prisco put Nick's belt on him. This man can fight. I am SO TIRED of people talking about his arm. Let's forget about his arm and talk about his talent. If he continues to win, let the man have a chance. If he fails, as his critics say he will, fine BUT it's not fair to count him out this early in his career. In spite of a physical limitation, he's taken this sport by storm and shown everyone that disablitities can make you stronger, not weaker. And, in addition to his amazing fighting skills, he's one of the nicest people I've ever known. Dana White needs to get a clue!!!

661 days ago


For a site that is critical of any celebrity who says something offensive, unless your title was a quote from him, saying he is stumped is mocking. Does it offend me? Absolutely not, but it shows the height of hypocrisy from your company.

660 days ago


I love the UFC, but I wouldn't blame Dana White if he didn't buy into it, he does a lot of great things for the sport he just put the 1st women fight in UFC as the headliner of the fight card, he's done loads for exposing hispanic fighters and entering a market most find not worth the effort, and he helped include the smaller built fighters by introducing the fly, bantam and feather weight classes. Believe you me Dana is a business man, and would jump on the chance to milk this story for all its worth but I think he might be turned off with what the UFC's talent pool can do to this kid, because as president it's blood on his hands.

657 days ago
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