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Kim Kardashian

Goes Bump in the Night

1/7/2013 7:30 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

0107_kim_kardashian_PCNShowing the first itty bitty signs of a baby bump, newly pregnant media sensation Kim Kardashian rocked a sexy strapless form-fitting blue dress to dinner in Miami this weekend.

While this may be her first baby, Kim has never been shy about showing off her beautiful girls.


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Kim is going way overboard with the mama' sexy glam! She will soon be a mother & should focus on that rather than the attention of the cameras. Soon she will have to answer questions from her own child as to why she does what she does on the daily. Still happy for both the parents. Both need to settle down & this baby just might be perfect reason.

633 days ago


what a naswty fat A$$ tramp. I've never understood the attraction. She's not "hot" just a lard butt.

633 days ago


Yikes! NOT sexy or beautfiul. How much does the K-Klan pay you to constantly compliment her?

633 days ago


Kim has been trying to erase her sex tape from the public's mind, and even flipped out on her reality show when part of her breast was exposed on a photo shoot, and started crying over it. Kim should take on a real acting career so that the public won't be so disapproving of her. Otherwise she will continue to be disrespected by her audience. The overwhelming backlash of everyone posting comments here and other sites, and by critics, proves that being just a reality star is not substantial enough.... if at all.

633 days ago


That's just gas ...

633 days ago


Looks like it's time for her to start wearing maternity clothes cause she's busting out of that dress. So so plump that you can tell she's pregnant, and for this to be her 1st child, it looks to me that she's about 5 months pregnant.

633 days ago


8 more months of this skank? When is she going to divorce the other guy? Let's see, she's still married, but pregnant by another guy? Real classy. I bet she'll still be married to Chris when she gives birth. Yep, real classy move there Kim. Wait until you see all the weight you put on. lol You think your ass is big now? lol

633 days ago


I didn't know who Kanye was until I saw him on t.v. Yelling into a microphone, "George Bush hates black people!"' When Bush was president. When I saw him interrupt Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the Grammys too, he was on my sh#t list. Kim is mad at the public about her backlash after wearing fur, and the allegations of her sweat shops, with her outright refusal to take responsibility by publicly apologizing, she is trivializing those actions in doing so. They are both so gross.

633 days ago


If you ever want to offend Kim just call her a reality star, that seems to get under her skin to be faced with that fact. She wishes she was legitimized otherwise, she even tried to get a star on. The Hollywood Walk of Fame.

633 days ago


With her money she should be able to dress better and wear clothes that flatter her. She looks awful in that outfit!

633 days ago

nylimo 732 570 6773

633 days ago


Shocker, another dumb story about a selfish, worthless b*tch. Sigh* She is so white and big, that she looks like a cow now. She stuffs herself in too tight of clothes and then she has the nerve to wear sexy outfits, that show her body and tits off, acting like she is not even pregnant. B*tch it doesn't matter who you are, you have a fetus growing in you, specially that morons, and it is not attractive no matter what and if someone thinks it is, you have problems. Damn, cover yourself up and at least have some damn dignity for once in your life. If not for yourself, at least for your child, you nasty wh0re. Damn, bad enough, it'll learn one day what she did for fame and how much everyone hates her and don't even get me started on that p.o.s . for a dad. Uhg.

633 days ago


And you wonder how people can call her tacky...

633 days ago


****en fat ass....... She makes me sick... She makes pregnancy look like shiiiit..

633 days ago


Do you really think she would be getting away with all her shena****ns, if she weren't strikingly pretty? Photographers dream.Skin tone,contrasting with black hair/(albeit 75% fake hair.) Yes, a huge portion of the public disapproves of her depraved life style-again,she only gets a way with it,BECAUSE of her good looks & she's not that fat either.Just being honest.

633 days ago
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