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Kim Kardashian

I Don't Want Kris Humphries

Around When I Give Birth

1/9/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
does not plan to tie the knot with Kanye West -- at least not yet -- but she is angry and frustrated that Kris Humphries is putting her in a position where she may have a baby with one man while still married to another.

Sources connected to Kim tell TMZ ... she does not feel the need to marry Kanye, even though she's having his baby. But she does not want to be legally married to Kris Humphries when she gives birth. 

Our sources say ... Kim feels Kris is being "spiteful and vindictive" in dragging out the divorce -- which has dragged on for nearly a year-and-a-half -- for no reason. We're told with all the depositions and paperwork, there's been no evidence presented by either side suggesting Kim defrauded Kris when she agreed to marry him.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... people in Kris' life are now urging him to just settle and walk away. But here's the problem ... Both sides have now incurred big attorney's fees, and we're told Kim believes so strongly Kris' legal challenge is so bogus that she wants him to foot her lawyer's bills.

If they can't settle, the judge will set a trial date next month.  Kim's lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser, estimates a trial would take a grand total of 1 day. Kris' lawyer thinks it's more like 5 days, because he wants to put reality TV on trial.

Stay tuned.


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Kris is a female get over yourself, sign the divorce papers, you didn't even know Kim. Kris she was hiding secrets from you by not telling you about her first marriage and you still decided to ask for her hand in marriage. Kris you are a weak man and wedding gifts please you are a scorn man. PLEASE GROW SOME BALLS MOVE ON!

459 days ago


Kim Karswhorshian, her family and KMZ are a bunch of mother c#nts. Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong, KMZ. News reporting should be fair and balance. Then again most time what you report is a bunch of sh*t.
I can vividly remember when u guys brought out that snooky looking girl and reported that how K H was boning her. You said that Kim wanted her to testified in court to prove that K H was boning her while she and he were still married. And now that wh*re has done worst and u are sugar coating it.....calling the fetus "super famous fetus". Get out of her with that crap. KMZ, you guys are making people dislike that who*e and her family more and more. You are doing a GREAT job.

459 days ago

Mia Isabelle    

Looking at Kris Humphries is a way good looking man! The only reason why kim can't control him is bec. he's a real man! That knows what's right or wrong! And when kim found out that he's smart! She blows him off by divorcing him! Now, on Kanye's part, he's like a puppy dog that follows kim's huge ass! And yes, kim's needs to be punished! All her fans, that unlike her, needs to be vindicated that she had committed a scam on their wedding!! And yes, she's a hoe! she belongs in porno movies!! period

459 days ago



459 days ago


Kim has only herself to blaim for the situation that she is in and I don't think Kim realizes that she shouldn't have spent her money so carelessly. If this annulment goes through then the $11 million dollar mansion, the nearly 1$ million car she stupidly bought for Kanye's B-Day, and anything else ridiculously expensive things she bought could go to Kris cause he will get half of her money plus anything she bought while still being married to him. And he probably knows this and that's why he keeps pushing for the annulment. He's looking at the big picture. Atleast that's how it works where I'm from. I'm not sure about California laws.

458 days ago


Hey Harvey...can't Kris Humphries sue her for adultery? She is just a slut......if that were just some neighbor girl down the street with her history of marriage, now pregnant from one guy and still married........what kind of comments would people make?? Kris should sue her or at least drag the divorce out as long as possible!

457 days ago


Chris wasn't black enough for the ho,so he had to go! Shes an attention whore who'll farm the kid out to nannies anyway. Proof positive that money doesn't make you happy. I'm thinking that with her HUGE ass the baby will balance her out for a while.

457 days ago


Poor kimmie. She needs to remember the golden rule: never marry anyone smarter than you. Don't ya just admire KH!

457 days ago


I'm surprised at the backlash, of supposed people with phds and others dissing on Kim like they know her. I know this is TMZ but honestly, are you guys ****ing kidding me, like you aren't fat assed whores too. Or boring ass christian people who are all high and mighty yet no one gives a **** about your ass. I mean the Kardashians are famous for no reason, but the mad hate they get tends to make me think people are jealous, if you hate them, why take the time out of you life to comment on it lol.

456 days ago


I don't understand how she can get a divorce at all while she is pregnant. most states won't allow a pregnant woman to get a divorce, because that baby is considered a child of the marriage unless a dna test after birth, and more court hearings name another man as the father. this is done to protect the baby and make sure that someone takes responsibility for the child. in some states there may be a slight religious component too as those states wont let a pregnant woman get a divorce or an anullment because they won't make a child illegitimate.

455 days ago


thats one person who dose not deserve to have a kid. she is a money hunger f*cking hoe.

455 days ago

pathfinders light    

I hope Kris takes her for all she made on her fake wedding. If anyone deserves that money, it sure as hell is not her and her pimp...I mean mother

441 days ago



There are some things you do the right way because now its about the life you are carrying and not just your own.

441 days ago

Alice Van Etten    

Is Kris Humphries still financially responsible for Kim Kardasian-Humphries baby because they are still legally married?

439 days ago


Let Kris Humphries drag it out and then when Kim has the baby KH will LEGALLY be the father and then hit him up for MEGA CHILD SUPPORT.

437 days ago
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