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Lindsay Lohan

Fires Attorney Shawn Holley

1/14/2013 3:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
has made one of the worst decisions of her life ... firing Shawn Holley -- the lawyer who has kept her out of jail multiple times -- and hired a New York lawyer, who was suspended from practicing law for 5 years back in 1994 ... sources tell TMZ.

Lohan is facing criminal prosecution in both California and New York.  Attorney Mark Heller is repping Lindsay in the NYC assault case. Shawn Holley was repping LiLo in L.A. in her multiple criminal cases -- most recently the car crash where she allegedly lied to cops. 

It's a stunning development -- given that Holley has taken heat for being too effective, keeping Lindsay out of the pokey in the jewelry heist case as well as several probation violation cases. And she's almost magically made some criminal investigations disappear.

Sources connected with the L.A. prosecution of Lindsay tell TMZ ... Heller -- who according to the New York Times has been called a "menace to the public" by some lawyers -- sent a letter to Holley saying he was now repping her on all criminal matters.

Bad timing on Lindsay's part, because sources tell us ... Holley was literally on her way to the courthouse when Heller sent his letter -- she was trying to negotiate yet another sweet settlement for Lindsay in the lying-to-cops case.

Calls to Holley were not returned.


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Its Nikki Bitches    

I got $100.00 riding on, Shawn kept walking into court and filed the papers to sue Lindsay Lohan for $300,000.

Any takers??

611 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Drinks and shots for everyone, Im buying !!!!!

611 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Just got here,havent read any comments. Does anyone know if Nicoe has slit her wrist??

611 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

Why? Look here.

611 days ago


I had a feeling for a while that Holley was going to get fired by Lindsay for no reason. I'm done with her, Shawn was the best thing for her!

611 days ago


what a dumbarse

611 days ago


please stop giving her press... I didnt read the article i dont care.. just tired of seeing her name

611 days ago


lindsey is doing her bob cause she thinks it will send her parents attention so they can pay her back or make rent this month

611 days ago


Lindsay Lohan had no intention of showing up for court in California tomorrow.

Lohan needs a new excuse for a no show. Lohan fires Shawn Holley her attorney. Ok. Heller sends a letter to Holley. That will stall. Nothing goes away. Not in California and not in NY and not the IRS.

Shawn Holley was fired by her client Lindsay Lohan. Mark Heller is now representing Lohan on all criminal matters.

Shawn Holley is fired and done as Lohans attorney. The judge is going to ok Shawn Holley no longer attorney of record. Lohan is now Mark Hellers client now.

611 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Monday, January 14th 2013
Lindsay Lohan Can't Read

A human tornado of pure happiness was seen doing cartwheels while shouting "I'M FINALLY FREE!" down the streets of Los Angeles this afternoon and now we know it was Lindsay Lohan's former attorney celebrating the sweet taste of freedom. Lindsay Lohan continued her impressive streak of making bad decisions by firing the person who kept her out of the clink time and time again. TMZ says that LiLo hired NYC-based lawyer Mark Heller, who's represented the Son of Sam and Jon Gosselin, and broke up with Shawn Holley. Finally, one of LiLo's stupid decisions worked in Shawn's favorite. Bitch is FREEEEEEE! Or is she?

LiLo is in trouble in L.A. for lying to the cops about not driving the Porsche that crashed into a semi on PCH, and she's also in trouble in NYC for punching that psychic in a club. This morning, Shawn Holley was on her way to court to get negotiate a plea bargain in LiLo's L.A. case when she got a letter from Mark Heller saying that her services were no longer needed. Mark Heller told Shawn Holley that not only is he handling LiLo's criminal case in NYC, but he's handling all of her criminal cases now. LiLo signed the letter. Shawn Holley wanted to feel sad about getting dumped, but she was too busy orgasming with joy on the inside.

But wait....

TMZ is now saying that LiLo is just a dumbass, because she signed Mark's letter without knowing that it was Shawn's termination letter. This is why you should never sign an important do***ent just minutes after you vagchugged a whole bottle of Svedka. LiLo told Mark, whose license was suspended for 5 years in the 90s, to send a letter asking Shawn to ignore the first one.

Who knows if Shawn will take her back, because Radar says that LiLo owes her over $300,000 in legal fees and hasn't made a payment in over 6 months. Shawn seems weirdly devoted to LiLo, so I'm sure she'll take that mess back, but she shouldn't. Shawn should change her name, change her face and move so that LiLo can't show up at her door and cry in front of it for 90 minutes straight. Run while you still can, Shawn!

And you know what else LiLo signs on for without reading? Movies. Case in point: the newest preview for The Canyons.

That falling water bottle was giving the most in that scene.

Celeb!tchy, for Video

611 days ago


This is such a Lohan move.

611 days ago


Jon Gosselin's former attorney INTRODUCED TO HIM BY MICHAEL LOHAN.

I 100% believe Liho goes running to daddy with her criminal problems and he wants the formerly suspended Mark Heller on the case for some reason.

611 days ago


At this point I think we would be more surprised if she did something right for a show up in court...or do well in a movie...or not blame other people for her missteps...or be a decent human being.

611 days ago


Shawn probably wanted some of the $100,000 "foreign date" money to be applied to the outstanding bill and LiHo fired her.

Hope she goes to jail...

611 days ago


Run for your life Shawn. You are finally out of this nightmare. You are too good for this and have proven your skills and abilities over and over again for someone who is obviously ungrateful, to say the very least.

611 days ago
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