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Kim K. to Kris Humphries



1/25/2013 8:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian has drawn a hard line in the sand ... not only is she refusing to pay Kris Humphries a dime ... she's demanding he cover ALL of her attorney's fees ... sources connected to the case tell TMZ.

TMZ first reported ... Kris demanded $7 MILLION to walk away from their marriage ... but Kim told him to pound sand. Contrary to recent reports, Kim has never offered Kris a penny to settle the divorce case.

We know ... Kim's position has always been that Kris actually MADE money by marrying her and therefore she doesn't owe him anything.

But now, our sources say, Kim feels Kris has needlessly dragged this on for so long and it cost her so much $$$ in legal fees and other expenses ... she wants the NBA star to cover those costs.

Sources tell us ... Kim's fees have ballooned to around $250,000 ... and Kris has spent somewhere in the same neighborhood. 

And our sources say ... Kim is more than happy to try the case before a judge, because she's convinced she'll win the divorce and he'll walk away owing her.


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So does anyone at the TMZ desk want to tell me why the comment I posted at 9:08 this morning has vanished? It recieved multiple thumbs up and responses and now poof all gone. Could it possibly be that I pointed out how Kim lied to Kris about getting off birth control when they were married and how that contradicts her current fertility issue story.

Well for those of you who missed it . .

STFU Kim you F'in WHORE! You made millions off your marriage. You were in it for ratings and money. The entire thing was a sham. You spent an entire episode talking about havign a baby and getting off brith control and then you decide not to get off birth control becuase you dont want to get pregnant right away but you dont tell Kris. How dishonest. Now you say you had fertility issues and never expected to get pregnant by Kanye. You are a lying cheating WHORE and Kris should take you to the bank! And for the love of God please do not pose naked with your big fat A** and pregnant belly on the cover of some magazine. No one wants to see that Kim NO ONE!!!!!

636 days ago


Kim is only willing to fight for the sake of her prenup. If the marriage gets annulled, the prenup is void. If the prenup is voided, so is the confidentiality agreement in it which will give Kris H the right to put Kim and her whole clan out on front street...even profit from it (i.e., a "tell all" book). Kris H is a lot smarter than people give him credit for.

636 days ago

moe l.    

Too bad Humphries can't sell the "before" pics of her rear. Because after those hips spread another 16" from birthing the alien, she's gonna be wearing the "Caution Wide Load" sign the rest of her life.

636 days ago



636 days ago


Who the hell is Kim Kardashian kidding. She filed for divorce after 73 days. Kim and Kardashians made alot of money off of that scam.

Kim Kardashian(s) will still continue to blame Kris Humphries for what she wont admit to. Fraud.

636 days ago


But i thought they were in love...they looked so happy together for that 70 days. How could this be? They were the ideal couple. Ha Ha...in case youre too stupid to realize, i was being sarcastic.

636 days ago


all she has to do is admit what we all know, that she married him only because of the show and ratings, and give the man the annulment. He doesn't want this fake marriage to be on record. She could care less, she just wants what she wants and to he!! with everyone else

636 days ago


Fat ugly whore

636 days ago


Kim K is a hoe, famous for a sex tape and glued to the gold digging business. I'm ashamed to be part of her generation. Stupid skank.

636 days ago

Slim Whitman    

Proving again that ..... Marriage is the ONLY war where you SLEEP with the ENEMY! Another WAR going on and the BIG winners are the LAWYERS!

636 days ago


I don't agree with Kris dragging it out. I don't know if he just wants to be an annoying thorn in her a** that you can't get rid of, out of spite, or is he trying trying to make a statement? I don't get it! He needs to move on with his life

636 days ago


Kim and Kardashians are still the ones pulling the divorce stall. They can blame him trash is family all they want. It's a Kardishian stall and making money off of this as well.

636 days ago


They should pay me for subjecting me to their endless stupidity.

636 days ago


I hope he does whatever it takes to get the money from her, she's so lame and all she thinks of is money.. To be honest I don't think she wants to be pregnant

636 days ago


I actually like to comment on the Kardashians , if the photos are recent and the stories are current.TMZ
never has the new stuff,like Dailymail.com.(recent photos in Paris,for example.) TMZ doesn't seem to be in the loop,or are they just covering for the K.s??

636 days ago
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