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Lindsay Lohan

I Won't Be In Court ...

I'm Sick

1/29/2013 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0129_lindsay_lohan_soho_shopping_launchLindsay Lohan is gonna be in a heap of trouble tomorrow ... we've learned she will NOT be in an L.A. court Wednesday as required, because she claims she's sick ... but pictures prove otherwise.

We've learned Lindsay's new lawyer, Mark Heller, submitted documents notifying the judge she's too ill to fly.  Heller submitted a note from a Park Avenue doctor who says Lindsay has an upper respiratory infection and can't fly for her own safety as well as the safety of the public.

Heller also submitted an article from the New York Post from January 11, reporting that a flu epidemic has hit the Big Apple.

But take a look at the pictures showing Lindsay on an all-day shopping spree in SoHo Saturday -- the same day the doctor allegedly examined her. She's even smoking ... which doesn't seem like great idea for someone with a respiratory infection.


Interesting ... the judge hasn't even approved Heller -- a New York lawyer -- to appear in a California court on Lindsay's behalf and already there are shenanigans.

As for Lindsay ... she's in trouble.  The judge could issue a warrant for her arrest if the excuse proves bogus.


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kanye east    

Jesus! There are PAGES of news posts about polygraph-killer Linds lying about being "too sick" for a private luxury stretch-jet ride to Los Angeles. PAGES. Post after post after post after post..... NO ONE believes her. HA!

600 days ago


I wonder if she will show up with letters f u on each of her nails this time? lol Gawd she is dumb.

600 days ago

Hot Farts    

I checked with a civil clerk (not criminal) in Santa Monica Courthouse that is a friend. I asked her if there is any way you can no-show in a case EVER and she says that basically, the answer in NO. You will be in default automatically if you NO show. She said the only excuse is if you are hospitalized.

600 days ago


The state of New York will not honor a bench warrant from California for a misdemeanor offense.

What should happen tomorrow but will not:

Shawn should be excused from representation.
The New York lawyer should not be permitted to represent Lindsay.
The lawyers who sponsored him should be refereed to the ethics committee.
Her request to be excused for health reasons should be denied.
A bench warrant should be issued and the judge should demand that she be brought to court upon arrest for a bail hearing.
Bail should be set high and cash only.

If this did happen then the public could enjoy watching just how many delaying tactics the prosecutor and judge can come up with while she sits in jail waiting.

What would be the prefect ending to all this:

The judge imposes the longest possible jail sentence for each offense, makes them consecutive, and denies early release for overcrowding.

600 days ago

nick van capelleveen    

this dumb bitch is never going to learn. i hope se ets some jailtime.

600 days ago

kanye east    

If a warrant is issued, that would be a outstanding time to send her a formal invitation to the Academy Awards as a special guest next month.

600 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

getting funnier by the story.

600 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

I'm getting mixed messages I to believe that if she stays in NY, Calif won't go after her, and she is free?....someone help me out here, please.

600 days ago

kanye east    

"NICOLE!!! Leave that child alone and put her diaper back on!!! You make me ill!!!"

"I just want to feel something"!"

600 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

I just talked to my daughter and that doctor who is famous for giving out adderal and benzos is onPark Ave. I said Madison earlier, I was wrong. The a shrink. Psychologist? Psychiatrist? Don't know. I wonder if that's who wrote the note?

600 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    


600 days ago

Dr Samuel Weiscrak    

Pffft!!! How amusing! Y'all think the judge will actually read your letters and listen to your voice mails, even follow your links to TMZ and read gossip stories about her. LMAO, she most certainly will not. Judges do not read letters or such in ongoing criminal cases, not even from the defendant, let alone from mentally challenged haters like you! :)

The only exception is at sentencing, when she will consider such input from people who are truly relevant and have some real standing in the case, such as from the defendant, those who personally know them, any victims statements and such. That does not include haters like YOU! /snicker

And don't get me started about y'all getting your hopes up for a bench warrant. Even if one was issued NOTHING will come of it until Lindsay sets foot in CA. She will NOT be extradited from NY for a misdemeanor bench warrant. NOT GONNA HAPPEN! :) :) :)

600 days ago

Hot Farts    

There is no one in LA that has not been touched in some way by this flu. In fact there is a liklihood that there are Judges and clerks that have contracted it...If Lohan can sick out of court without consequence then all defendants in her courtoom with a doctor note faxed in should be allowed to do the same. I must say that I have never heard of filing a sick note with the clerk...LMAO

600 days ago

Kris Jenner and Kim K = money hungry plastic sellouts.    

oh look, shes with her sugar daddy lol.

600 days ago


Herpes Whorehan allegedly loves: flying carpets, stealing, meth teeth, her Dad, Cocaine, Surfing, Passport Theft, $10,000 insurance claims, freckles that act as track covers, Beyty Ford, perp walks, Heath Ledger, being a hooker, Ronald Mcdonald lipstick, getting hammered anally for cash etc. please fill in more of the sluts alleged activities

600 days ago
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