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Whitney Houston's Brother

I Got Whitney

Hooked On Crack

1/29/2013 6:17 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Whitney Houston's brother says HE'S to blame for introducing the singer to drugs like crack cocaine back in the '80s ... not Bobby Brown ... and last night he came clean to Oprah.

Michael Houston sat down with his mother Cissy and spilled his guts to Her Royal O-ness on "Oprah's Next Chapter" ... admitting he was the first person who did drugs with Whitney. 

Michael says he feels extremely guilty for Whitney's death -- but says he didn't realize how deadly drugs could be when he first brought them to Whitney's doorstep ... explaining, "You gotta understand at the time ... the '80s ... it was acceptable."

Houston adds, "It's painful ... I feel responsible for what I let go so far."

Whitney died in Beverly Hills last February after a drug binge that included cocaine, Xanax and marijuana.012913_houston_own


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So why go on TV? if you need to apologize, then go directly. (And privately) to the family. Just trying to make money off this tragic story. Sick.

569 days ago


She made her own.choice to continue to do the drugs and not get help she knew what she was doing she had a daughter who adored her and her daughter alone should of been enough reason to get help all that money she had she could of been able to.afford a great rehab place she chose to do what she did nobody else what a waste of talent

569 days ago


Funny hw everyone says don't do drugs its wrong and go to walmart and put their prescription in for some form of drug we all have a problem with drugs it's bad when u can get it from the local hustler but cool when u get it from the FDA and I don't agree with doing drugs all I'm saying is we all are hippocrates we are so quick to point the finger blame the next but don't analyze the big picture oh and poor Bobby

569 days ago


"You gotta understand at the time ... the '80s ... it was acceptable."

No it wasn't! It was popular, but it was never acceptable... not among decent people anyway.

569 days ago


We didnt know it was bad lol... So you didnt know doing drugs were bad...

569 days ago

Swords Woman    

Um, no....Whitney got Whitney addicted to crack. Her brother never held a gun to her head & told her to smoke it or else, BOOM!

569 days ago


This comment is for Amy, I know what goes on in my house so does every mother just some of us aren't in denial and we tackle our problems head on instead of pretending things will get better on their own.

569 days ago

Violent Pope    

It was the 80's yo. Keep it real big Bro.

569 days ago


Blame everyone else does... Whitney put the coke up her nose!

569 days ago

Glory Bee    

Whitney's singing was loud. She could sing loud, long, and high. This is mechanical singing. Sure, those elements are valuable to a singer, but that was about all she had. When it came to REAL singing, well, she stank. She butchered Dolly's song, which is a tender heart wretching song. Whitney merely belted it reeeeally loud and hard. Not a drop of tenderness nor emotion. and btw, I was an 80's partier. Everybody knew exactly the dangers. And yeah, some big shots tried to do the "this is so extreme it's good". Mountains of coke and all. Nah, we all knew we were dealing with death. It was all around us.

569 days ago

get real    

It was The 80s! It was acceptable!!!!! Her Death from OD! Thats about the same Acceptable Brother.

569 days ago


This guy is full of **** dont blame the 80 if you are smart person you wouldnt have done this ****. Be real

569 days ago


I hate people when they blame someone alse for their stupid **** owne it

569 days ago


Oh please... f*ck me! Bobby is still an addict. Peeps forget how many times he was arrested and just recently for 2 DUI's over the past year. The f*cktard is still an addict. He's an enabler, moocher, leecher, and abuser. Alcohol was always his addiction plus the drugs. I hear the ass is taping his reality show in atlanta right now. Hahhahahahaa, watch... more trainwreck behavior and whitney is dead - cant blame her anymore. #TRUTH!!

569 days ago


wow. what a loser.

569 days ago
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