Whitney Houston Biopic Role Should Go to THIS Actress ... So Says Sister-in-Law


A new Whitney Houston biopic is in the early stages from famed record producer Clive Davis, but people already want to know who will play the singer ... and her sister-in-law just dropped a big hint.

Pat Houston was at LAX Friday and talked about Clive's project, revealing she's actually working with the legendary music industry exec on it.


She says Davis is a wonderful person -- he's also credited with bringing Houston to prominence -- so Pat's doing anything she can to help him. Whether she meant to or not, she's already doing a good job ... by recruiting Taraji P. Henson.

It's pretty funny ... Pat says she can't reveal who's on the wish list to play Whitney because it's a secret, but can't help but blurt out how much she loves Henson and wants her for the role.

Sounds like Taraji should call her agent.

Bobbi Kristina Funeral Ends With Send-Off From Whitney Houston

The funeral for Bobbi Kristina has come to an end and Whitney Houston was the one to give her daughter a final goodbye.

During the ceremony, members of both the Brown and Houston families spoke as well as Tyler Perry. The final song played was "Jesus Loves Me" by Whitney.

Although he was not listed as a speaker, Bobby Brown wrote a special message in the funeral's program which read, "I also will always love you."

Whitney Houston Family Nick's Not Welcome Here ... For ONE FULL YEAR


Whitney Houston's sister-in-law just got a year's worth of peace of mind ... a judge has just ordered Whitney's son-in-law Nick Gordon to stay clear of her for the next year.

We broke the story ... Pat Houston got a restraining order against Nick last month ... claiming he made threatening comments against her and posted ominous photos of guns on Twitter.

Now a judge has extended the order for 12 months, so Nick can't contact Pat or anyone in her immediate family ... he comes within 200 yards -- he goes to jail.

The bad blood is long-standing. Family members tell us Nick resents Pat because she controls the purse strings of Whitney's estate ... and he thinks his wife Bobbi Kristina got screwed on her inheritance.

We reached out for comment ... so far, no response.

Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

Lots of stars -- living and dead -- with lots of issues -- from cops allegedly ogling Whitney Houston's body, to the publicity machine trying to spin Zac Efron's coke addition as a booze problem. So we gotta ask ...

Whitney -- cops talked corpse trash?

Zac Efron -- Surprised?

Disney kids -- Prone to drug abuse?

I want my kid to be a Disney star

Ray J Charged Cops After Whitney Death Jokes


Ray J went ballistic on cops after they allegedly made jokes about Whitney Houston's dead body ... TMZ has learned.

Ray J -- who was romantically linked to Whitney in the months preceding her death -- was outside the suite where she died as cops and paramedics did their thing inside. Sources familiar with the situation tell us ... Ray J heard a "disrespectful comment" about Whitney followed by loud laughter, and it angered him so he tried to crash the room but he was restrained.

Our sources say Ray J went nuts a second time after hearing more laughter, and after another failed attempt to gain entry he was removed from the floor.

TMZ broke the story ... the night Whitney died ... someone connected to Whitney complained bitterly to family and others that an emergency responder was "talking trash" about Whitney's body and that the responder had done something with a sheet.

Our information seems to give credence to a Beverly Hills cop who filed a complaint with the CA Labor Dept., claiming his sergeant pulled the sheet covering WH's body below her pubic area and said, "Damn, she's still looking good, huh?"

Law enforcement sources tell us the allegation is bogus and the cop never uttered a word about this to his superiors.

As for Ray J ... we tried contacting him but were unsuccessful.

Whitney Houston Corroboration Over Pervy Comment About Whitney's Dead Body


There's a new twist in the story that a Beverly Hills cop allegedly made disgusting comments about Whitney Houston's body the night she died -- because TMZ has learned someone in the room complained bitterly after it happened.

The situation came to light when a Beverly Hills cop filed a complaint with the CA Labor Dept. claiming his sergeant pulled the sheet covering WH's body below her pubic area and said, "Damn, she's still looking good, huh?"

Law enforcement sources tell us the allegation is bogus and that the cop did not complain.

But now we've learned from sources familiar with the situation ... someone connected to Houston complained bitterly to family and others the night she died that a responder was "talking trash" about Whitney's body and that the responder had done something with a sheet.

Our information is no more specific ... but it tracks with what the disgruntled cop is now saying.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the Beverly Hills PD never received a complaint from the cop who went to the Labor Dept. ... and only learned about the allegation this week.

Whitney Houston Cop Claims Sgt. Ogled Her Naked Dead Body

Exclusive Details

A Beverly Hills cop allegedly sneaked a peek at Whitney Houston's dead body and then ogled out loud ... but law enforcement sources tell us the allegation is bogus.

The incident allegedly occurred in the Beverly Hilton Hotel suite where Houston was found dead in a bathroom back in February, 2012.

Officer Brian Weir claims the Sergeant removed the sheet covering the body below her genitals and blurted out, "Damn, she's still looking good, huh?" For bad measure the cop allegedly added she "looked attractive for a woman of her age and current state."

Now here's what's suspicious ... Officer Weir filed a complaint with the California Department of Labor, claiming the Beverly Hills Police Dept. retaliated against him for lodging a complaint against the Sgt. and says he was removed from his position with the SWAT and K-9 Units.

Weir says he complained to his supervisor shortly after Houston died. But law enforcement sources tell us ... Weir NEVER uttered a peep about the alleged incident. There is NO record of any complaint ... period. We're told cops didn't ever know Weir had beef until they heard about it Monday.

One law enforcement source calls Weir's complaint "sour grapes."

Weir says he's been harassed and stripped of privileges since allegedly reporting the incident. But our sources say it's a bogus claim.

Whitney Houston Tombstone Etched with Most Famous Lyrics


When you think of Whitney Houston you think ... "I Will Always Love You" -- and now you always will, because it's engraved on her tombstone.

Whitney's grave at Fairview Cemetery in Westfield, New Jersey was finally given a headstone last week, after sitting vacant since her death in 2012.

The epitaph on the new heart-shaped marker reads: "Whitney E. Houston Aug. 9, 1963 -- Feb. 11 2012 ... THE VOICE ... 'I Will Always Love You'."

Interestingly, while Whitney made "I Will Always Love You" famous in "The Bodyguard" -- it was written, and originally performed, by Dolly Parton.

If you're thinking they should've gone with lyrics from "Greatest Love of All" ... "Saving All My Love for You" ... or "I'm Every Woman" -- yeah, she didn't write those either.

Whitney is buried next to her father ... per her wishes.

Bobbi Kristina BLASTS Cissy Houston ... Don't Buy Her Book!

Bobbi Kristina is on a mission to make sure grandma Cissy Houston's new tell-all book crashes and burns -- by BOYCOTTING it altogether and pleading with her fans to do the same.

Cissy released a book this week called "Remembering Whitney" -- which is all about Whitney Houston's life -- and made the rounds on a slew the talk shows promoting the hell out of it.

But Bobbi wasn't too happy, tweeting to her 119,000 plus followers, "Anything concerning my grandmother's book, I and @nickgordon of course personally have nothing to with."

She continues, "I haven't read and won't ... I find it to be disrespectful to my mother and me being her daughter won't tolerate it."

FYI -- Cissy was on Oprah earlier this week (again promoting the book) and admitted her relationship with BK was strained ... and admitted she knew that Bobbi didn't want the book written.

Whitney Houston's Brother I Got Whitney Hooked On Crack

Whitney Houston's brother says HE'S to blame for introducing the singer to drugs like crack cocaine back in the '80s ... not Bobby Brown ... and last night he came clean to Oprah.

Michael Houston sat down with his mother Cissy and spilled his guts to Her Royal O-ness on "Oprah's Next Chapter" ... admitting he was the first person who did drugs with Whitney.

Michael says he feels extremely guilty for Whitney's death -- but says he didn't realize how deadly drugs could be when he first brought them to Whitney's doorstep ... explaining, "You gotta understand at the time ... the '80s ... it was acceptable."

Houston adds, "It's painful ... I feel responsible for what I let go so far."

Whitney died in Beverly Hills last February after a drug binge that included cocaine, Xanax and marijuana.