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Barry Sanders

Gay NFL Players Will Get

Teased If They Come Out

2/1/2013 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gay football players NEED to have thick skin ... 'cause there's a 100% chance they'll get "teased" in an NFL locker room if they come out ... so says NFL legend Barry Sanders.

The Detroit Lions icon had just touched down in New Orleans last night when we asked him if gay players pose a "problem" in NFL locker rooms.

Sanders response -- absolutely not -- adding, "I don't know that there haven't been MANY gay players [in the past]."

Sanders said gay players should not be afraid to come out to their teams -- but need to know that they WILL be teased in the locker rooms afterward ... because "in a locker room you get teased for anything."

He adds, "If somebody comes out, they're gonna get teased, but they need to have thick skin and go on about their life."

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Menace to society     

It's about time someone keeps it real he won't make it in the locker room..Common people any person would have to be a closet queer like Harvey Levin

629 days ago


You put any two people in a room and you're going to see an argument. People are going to disagree. Nothing can be done about it. One believes having sex with someone with the same equipment and getting enjoyment from orifices that were made for exit only may seem normal to some while it sickens another. Who's right? Who's wrong? Depends who you talk to. Now when you're dealing with nasty, fatal diseases caused by entering orifices that weren't meant to be entered is another matter. Especially when a person can transfer that disease to someone who doesn't want involved in activity that has a greater risk for getting the disease. Do I have prejudice against who and how people have sex? Nope. Do I have prejudice against someone whose tainted blood could kill me? You better believe it. Ya, straight people get that disease too, but its traceable back to an activity they didn't choose to be in. be it IV drug use or back door banger, I don't want to be on the receiving end of the consequences of the people doing that.

629 days ago


Teased in the butthole..they might like that!

629 days ago



629 days ago

Old Fart Fabulous    

Teasing is another word for harassment and bullying. Are people really that stupid in this day and age? I guess I have to take that back. There is that fool from Tennessee that happens to be a member of congress.

629 days ago


Barry is just telling it like it is. Why dump on him for it? And a sense of humor can get you through a lot in this life. My gay friends have the BEST sense of humor about themselves, life, and the world in general. When I get on my soap box they can tease me right off it. Hard to spew righteous indignation when you are doubled up with laughter.

629 days ago


Like, OK, at this point----------really? Do we need the opinion of all and every player on this subject? His point is fair because it's a fact, and the fact is also that sports world is a homophobic world and hasn't caught up with society. The sports world at MOST tolerates homosexuality, at most. Brendon Ayanbandejo is right about that, that homophobia is rampant and a gay player isn't going to voluntarily come out anytime soon.

But honestly, I'm fatigued by the constantly homophobic and ignorant crap spewed by these players. I get why they're being asked, but why are we putting a microphone in the faces of guys who aren't politicians, aren't making laws, and aren't educated on this subject?

629 days ago



629 days ago


More proof, as if we need any more, that football is filled with mor0ns and criminals.

629 days ago


Def true in this society we live in. I think they should keep it private.

628 days ago


Tried to post at dmans conversation with Carmen but wouldn't comment there. Carmen I really believe you don't realize what you said. "white men killing white kids affects the nation" ...why doesn't black men killing blacks affect the nation? Chicago in January was a slow motion Conn shooting. Chicago had 42 homecides in Jan THIS YEAR. The majority were blacks and the crimes with that oh it doesn't matter "black on black"label given them. Why isn't everyone sending bears, and flowers and wreaths to Chicago? Not evil enough? Or the people killed were probably in gangs or dealing drugs. Deserved to die. A fifteen year old girl who performed at President Obama's inauguration was just shot and killed. Yadira Pendleton was an honor student and a majorette in the marching band at a magnet school. She was shot in the back. Her godfather, a Chicago police officer, said she was going to be a foreign exchange student in Paris. I guess it doesn't count or affect the nation as long as blacks are being picked off one at a time by blacks. Tell me Carmen how high this death toll has to go to be severe enough to affect our nation?

628 days ago
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