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Selena Gomez

Back with Justin Bieber

... Again?

2/3/2013 12:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0203_salena_gomez_x17Time to fire up the Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez rumor mill ... because Selena was spotted returning home yesterday after hanging out allllll night with the Biebs.

The on-again/off-again (to the infinity power) couple hasn't actually been seen together in some time ... and we're told this is the first time the two have seen each other in a month.

It's clear these two young lovebirds just don't know how to quit each other.
"Brokeback Mountain" jokes ... 'memba those?


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I used to think Selena was a smart girl - now I just think she needs psychiiatric help. Wake up and smell the Bieber, Selena!

630 days ago


That's a lot of luggage for an over-nighter. Maybe she was just picking up some of her belongings she left there in the past.

630 days ago


that''s her cousin and her cousins friend...they flew in yesterday from Dallas...they're wearing the same outfit they had on at the airport...

630 days ago


that's her cousin and her cousins friend...they flew in from Dallas yesterday...have the same outfits they had on at the airport...just sayin...

630 days ago


I had thought she was a smart girl, but sadly I was mistaken. Justin B has been going down a horrible path and I can only hope she doesn't join the crowd. Be smart, Selena, and stay away! from Justin and his group!!!

630 days ago


He's on his way down, Selena, and he will drag you with him.

630 days ago


selena, cares for him and most likley concerned about his behaviour and came to talk to him (intervention?). when you love someone, it takes time to move on and you never stop caring about their welfare.

630 days ago


So what!

630 days ago


Uhg I swear, that is the only thing I really don't like about her. Why even go with that douche bag? You claim to want to set a good example for kids, yet you date this @sshole? He speeds and f*cks up on the road, hangs with low class douchey "rappers" and does drugs, like weed and that other sh*t he was allegedly doing. I don't get it at all.

630 days ago


I kind of feel sorry for her. She seems like such a sweet person and it's sad to think that she must feel like she has to settle for him. Yes, he's rich and famous, but he is SUCH a snobbish jerk. Very, very fake, too and has and "I can get away with anything and treat people like crap, because of who I am" attitude. She needs to forget about him and find someone more mature, who is worthy of her time.

630 days ago


and where is justin?as i know he isn't ghost

630 days ago


great i will take picture of myself around my house with some man and with my cofers and i will say that i'm with relationship with jb

630 days ago


Who gives a crap?

630 days ago

Jules Destaing    

Who cares ?

630 days ago


It's all very simple...

This 'relationship' is a standard hollywood industry PR business arrangementm and an open secret around town.

It was drafted because without JB Selena got little to no press, and he needed an end to the gay rumors as well as a high-profile non-fan girlfriend.

Now that his management is trying to transition him into an older fanbase and portray him as an adult (because his fanbase is maturing), they have supplied him with his two "l'il" friends and monitoring the response to see how and if it is working, at which point they change tactics as needed, because it is all about fans equaling money..

After the sizzurp post was almost overly successful (causing worry, fan alienation, and negative responses), they have heeded fans' suggestions that he should get back together with Selena, and so here she is. She needs the press anyway because she gets far less press on her own.

It is a win-win for all as it translates into money for both stars, and especially for the legions of management salaries at stake. They have a lot invested in their cash cow and they aren't going to let him make decisions or lead a real life till his time is up and they have sucked every dollar out of him that they can.

Everyone knows about it including the media but they go along because need to sell ad space -- and that's why the pictures are sent to TMZ by JB's managers.

It's very simple and it's how business has always been down, just that before the internet people didn't know about it.

630 days ago
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