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Linda Hogan

I Was NOT Driving Drunk

Before Bubbly Arrest

2/28/2013 10:53 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Linda Hogan
insists ... downing ONE glass of champagne before getting behind the wheel isn't enough to put her in the DUI category -- pleading not guilty today to driving under the influence after her October arrest.

TMZ broke the story ... Linda was popped for DUI in Malibu after cops say she was speeding around town with a blood alcohol level of .084 ... just over the legal limit in CA.

At the time, a rep for Linda said Linda drank one glass of champagne at a jewelry event that night ... on an empty stomach ... but she also had taken antibiotics, which exacerbated the effects of the alcohol.

Nevertheless, Linda was subsequently charged with two counts of DUI. She pled not guilty today.

If convicted, she could face up to 18 months in jail ... though it's unlikely she'll spend any time behind bars since she has no prior DUI convictions.

Linda is due back in court March 21.

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I wanna let the law makers know...if they're reading this..that i been smoking four or five joints a day since 1993, and during this time i've never been stopped for weaving,never drove on the freeway in the wrong direction,never had a weed induced argument or fight,my liver is good,my lungs are good,my doctor say my blood pressure couldnt be any better,im the best in the world at what i do on the job,so my brain cells are good...ive had three alcohol related deaths in the family..but yet im still thriving on,as a well paid tax paying citizen whos been smoking weed since 1978...so my studies prove that weed should be legalized once and for all...

605 days ago


what a lying stupid bitch. assuming she weighs approx 140-150, she would have had to downed at least 3 5oz glasses of champane to be at .08. also, antibiotics dont raise the bac, all it does or can do is cause a person reactions to the drinks to be more intense, the bac would still be the same. what a lying bleached blond whore ass bitch!!!

605 days ago


Talk about someone who just needs to GO AWAY!

605 days ago


she looks better than HOhan.

605 days ago


But officer, I only had two beers.

605 days ago


Oh please! When was the last time that woman had an empty stomach??

605 days ago


She has those crazy eyes.

605 days ago

Ozzie X    

Everyone that gets a DUI always say they've had one or two drinks.

605 days ago

Peter Popoff    

Lock her up for excessive Bleaching of the hair and having bigger shoulders than Hulk hogan!

605 days ago


I've always thought she gave her ex (Hulk) too much of the blame in the divorce. Neither strikes me as really intelligent , but he seems at least somewhat grounded (mind you it's by Hollywood standards) than she does , at least that's my opinion.

605 days ago


She stays 40 proof★its f u g k i n disgusting how anyone rich or poor would risk creating rippling sadness and pain from a possible accident when they could call a car service or wait the drunkeness off

605 days ago


Those some big traps hell i booty call it

605 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

one is more than none. get a cab or dont drink you ****ing bimbo

605 days ago


OMG, I thought I read Lindsay Lohan, and then I thought it was her until I REALLY looked at the picture!

605 days ago


You would think that she would learn with her son's horrible accident and the fact that the passenger in that car was horribly injured and paralyzed for life. What is she thinking that her ex husband is going to bail her out if god forbid that it happens to her??? Like he bailed out his son?? Geesh, doesn't this money sucking trollop have any sense or decency? She was the one who spent her husband's money so fast that he was forced to go back into wrestling. Why doesn't she get a job.

605 days ago
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