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Rihanna & Chris Brown

Deadly Ending

on 'Law & Order: SVU'

2/28/2013 7:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Rihanna's controversial reunion with Chris Brown will end with him killing her -- at least that's the way the writers of "Law and Order: SVU" see it ... based on last night's explosive episode.

This had to be the easiest script the 'SVU' crew ever wrote ... as it copied the Rihanna-Chris saga almost exactly -- and simply changing the names to Micha and Caleb.

The first brutal domestic violence incident goes down as Micha (Rihanna) catches Caleb (Chris) hugging another woman, and says ... "Caleb, I can't leave you alone for 5 minutes without you getting trashy."

Caleb (Chris) says "Who you steppin' to?" -- then yells, "Skinny ass whore!" ... as he slams her head to the ground and punches her in the face.

Just like real life ... Micha (Rihanna) refuses to testify against Caleb (Chris Brown). The 'SVU' detectives even say at one point, "They should go on a double date with Chris Brown and Rihanna."

But the ending seemed to be ripped from a different scandal.

Caleb (Chris) and Micha (Rihanna) are having a romantic moment on a private yacht when she asks about a text message on his phone. Caleb (Chris) says, "Haven't you learned to mind your own business?"

The next scene is a reporter at a memorial for Micha (Rihanna) ... whose body was found in Bermuda ... floating next to the yacht.

Shades of Natalie Wood?


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I will never buy another Rihanna song again. What a horrible excuse for a woman and bad role model. Who lets a man beat them? Pathetic

571 days ago


I listened to a dj interview Erica Mena yesterday and be sympathetic to letting her speak her side. Then when she was gone he started berating her saying a side piece should know her place and shut up and he used an amazing amount of language I heard in the SVU episode. Everyone involved is far from a class act IMO. Classy folks treat each other well in public and in private.

571 days ago

Dina Garner    

I so agree with u ,just leave them alone..

571 days ago

Dina Garner    


571 days ago

Dina Garner    

This is the saddest thing I ever saw .the way they did this is sad ,they went too far . .tMZ I use to watch u faithfully .u just lost a viewer .

571 days ago


You're right, we should leave Rhianna alone. She's made her choice and she will have to deal with the consequences, but I'm glad SVU put it out there so maybe somewhere one young girl will realize she doesn't "deserve" to be beaten. Nobody deserves a beating, not child, spouse or dog. Nobody. Violence is just the easy way out for someone who is too lazy to work out a real solution.

571 days ago


Dumb and dumber

570 days ago


Domestic violence is learned and experienced!! Unfortunately for those who have lived it it is something that takes time to be emotionally unlearned!! I pray that Chris and Rihanna both take some time and get some help and that they end the cycle with themselves and not introduce their children to or worse end in tragedy!! It's a life long battle of self control and emotional maturity

570 days ago


I'm not a Chris Brown fan, but why does Chris Brown get all of the focus when it comes to spousal abuse?

Tiger Wood's wife attacked him with a potentially deadly object and you guys get excited at the possibility of them getting back together.

Mel Gibson attacked his wife and testified on why she deserved it and TMZ doesn't put wife beater all over their profile page of him.

Stone Cold Steve Austin nearly killed his wife and was arrested for it and he's a loved wrestler nobody worries about the women he's been with CM Punk never mentioned that in his 'twitter feud' with Brown and nobody ever even brought it up.

So what makes Chris Brown different? Why does Chris Brown get to be the face of domestic abusers and all of these other proven abusers I mentioned (plus many many more) get their own clean slate.

570 days ago


How sad! We'd be better off spreading love and positivity nowadays!

564 days ago


Spread love and positivity! damn this one!

564 days ago

zerolda dantu    

shoo wow he really love you

559 days ago
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