Ice-T Don't Believe the Hype ... 'Feud' with Meloni Is Total B.S.!!!

"Law & Order: SVU" legends Ice-T and Christopher Meloni are shooting down claims of an ugly rift between them since Chris' character "Elliot Stabler" returned to the series in 2021.

Ice shared an email Monday with Chris, in which the National Enquirer alerted him it was running an expose about how the 2 costars have been "feuding."

Both actors slammed the publication, telling their followers they're friends in real life, which is a great thing, especially in Chris' situation!!!

If there was an 'SVU' feud, it might be hard to sweep under the rug since they're both series mainstays -- Ice has been on the series for 23 years as Detective Fin Tutuola, and Chris was on for 12 years before his 10-year hiatus, and subsequent return.

Beefs on TV sets aren't uncommon, but this one's a cold case ... according to all involved parties.

Actor Mykelti Williamson John Oliver's 'Law & Order' Critique??? It's Entertainment, Bro!!!


Mykelti Williamson says John Oliver's dissection of 'Law & Order' as pro-cop propaganda is too serious for his own good -- 'cause at the end of the day ... it's showbiz, baby.

We got the veteran actor -- who recently had a starring role on "Law & Order: Organized Crime" -- responding to JO's anti-Dick Wolf rant while he was leaving LAX ... and his response to John's very serious critique of the long-running franchise is a dash of real talk.

The truth, according to Mykelti, is that DW -- the creator of 'Law & Order' -- is a class act ... especially when it comes to telling authentic stories about POC, so there's that.

On the issue of 'L&O' depicting police in too rosy a light, Mykelti is sorta giving an eye roll here -- first noting the show has attempted to tackle real-world issues within their plots (which is true) and secondly ... rightly pointing out 'L&O' is good old-fashioned entertainment.

As he explains to our photog, the truth is ugly and complicated -- with people already getting their fill of reality in their day-to-day lives ... and looking to TV for some escapism.

He also suggests that people aren't tuning into 'Law & Order' for virtue signaling ... they just want a tight 43 minutes of a cop chasing down a bad guy and cracking the case -- a formula John thinks has been rinsed and repeated for far too long, unrealistically.

But, Mykelti -- who, BTW, is also doing big things outside of TV with his Warrior Recovery Program for vets/first responders -- thinks this debate's more simple than John's making it.

Either enjoy the show, or change the channel.

Ice-T Tackling Police, Racism Head-On ... For New 'SVU' Season


Ice-T says the new season of 'Law & Order: SVU' is living up to its "ripped from the headlines" catchphrase, because it reflects all the police issues so hotly debated this year.

Ice came on "TMZ Live" Wednesday to talk about the premiere of the 22nd season this week, and told us much of what his character, Detective Tutuola, is going through -- not to mention Mariska Hargitay as Detective Benson -- is like looking into a mirror of America's soul.

Police-involved shootings, systemic racism and even the coronavirus pandemic ... they're all part of the new plots. So, yeah ... definitely an art imitating life type of deal, which Ice-T actually appreciates.

He says he's proud to be on a show -- since 2000, BTW -- that isn't afraid to tackle these tough topics. He gives Dick Wolf and the rest of the team major props for keeping the show relevant and up-to-date.

Ice also spoke on the state of affairs in our country as it pertains to these issues -- telling us he sees this new generation as following in the footsteps of great activists before them.

He finds it bizarre that after all these years, we're still coping with the same problems he did 30 years ago -- but Ice says he's hopeful real change is coming.

'SVU' Star Diane Neal Sued You Threatened to Kill Me & My Dog!!! Ex-BF Exposes Audio

Ex-'Law & Order: SVU' star Diane Neal claims her ex was a manipulative, abusive scumbag who hurt their dog, but he and his attorneys are firing back -- claiming SHE threatened to kill HIS dog -- and releasing intense audio as alleged proof.

Pro magician JB Benn makes the bombshell claims about Diane in a new lawsuit he's filed against her which, at its heart, is about money he claims Diane owes him for a property they shared. The real nasty part of the suit, though, are his allegations about Diane's threatening behavior -- especially during one particularly vicious tirade which he recorded.


Diane unloaded in March 2018, yelling at JB ... "You are the least fun person I have ever met. You don't think it's about connections because you refuse to be connected with anybody. Even me! Which is why I am going to punish you with death and kill your f**king dog."

She also eviscerates him for not giving up his mobile phone's security code. Listen to it, 'cause on a scale of 1 to 10, it's an 11. In docs, obtained by TMZ, JB says he often recorded their arguments because he feared she'd eventually blame him for any "misfortune" in their relationship.

The recording is an exhibit in his lawsuit which comes on the heels of Diane suing him last week -- alleging JB is a fraudster who swindled her out of millions, and allegedly abused her physically and emotionally.

Diane makes a brutal dog allegation of her own in her suit ... claiming JB slit their poodle's throat. He denied all of her claims and says a feral cat did in the poodle.

'Law & Order' Creator Dick Wolf Splits with Wife #3

Dick Wolf, one of the most prolific and successful TV producers/creators in history, has filed legal docs separating from his third wife, TMZ has learned, and a fortune is on the line.

Wolf, the creator of the "Law & Order" franchise, filed on December 3, but he is not asking for a divorce ... at least, not yet. By filing for legal separation, it immediately separates his assets from hers.

Wolf, who's repped by attorneys Joe Kibre and Jacqueline Misho, says in his docs there IS a prenup.

Now, here's what's interesting. His wife, Noelle, followed suit by filing her own docs for legal separation last Friday. In the docs, filed by disso queen Laura Wasser, she's asking for spousal support.

The marriage lasted 12 years and, since they tied the knot, Wolf created the incredibly successful 'Chicago' franchise.

Sources tell TMZ Wolf makes between $10 and $15 MILLION A MONTH.

Despite the prenup -- and it appears Noelle isn't contesting it -- it will have no impact on child support, which could end up being a huge number. The couple has 2 kids, ages 8 and 11.

This is not Wolf's first trip to the courthouse over marriage. He was in a 12-year legal battle with wife #2, Christine.

It's unclear why Wolf didn't file for divorce, but that could come later.

Wolf's lawyer, Joe Kibre, tells TMZ, "The lawyers for the parties are in the process of negotiations."

Ice-T Arrested for Evading Bridge Toll In Brand New Sports Car

Ice-T blew through a bridge toll heading into New York City, and cops busted him for it ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Ice was arrested by Port Authority police Wednesday morning for toll evasion as he was approaching the George Washington Bridge on the New Jersey side. We're told he tried crossing in the E-ZPass lane ... for drivers who prepay tolls with a transmitter, but Ice's didn't work.

Ice-T apparently didn't realize that and continued driving his brand new McLaren sports car, but was quickly pulled over by cops.

Our sources say cops discovered the McLaren was not registered, so they arrested him for evading the toll and gave him a ticket for the unregistered vehicle. Not shockingly, the exotic car was spotted by passersby on the road.

Ice-T tells us he simply forgot to bring his E-Z Pass with him. He has 7 of them in his other cars, but didn't have it in the brand new McLaren ... which he says was just shipped from California.

Ice-T says he was released by cops and went straight to the "Law & Order: SVU" set ... where he plays a cop. Irony much?

Mariska Hargitay Law & Order: Special View Unit ... Selling NYC Home

You don't have to put on your detective hat and investigate too deeply to live like Mariska Hargitay ... you just need several million bucks to buy her incredible Manhattan townhouse!

The 'Law & Order: SVU' star and her actor husband, Peter Hermann, are listing their lavish home in the Upper West Side for $10.75 million, and it's got everything you'd expect from one of TV's highest-paid women.

This home is so unbelievable, you need an elevator to get around -- we're talking 6 floors, 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and 7,000 square feet of modern luxury at its finest. The brownstone sits on a tree-lined street, with skyline views from the rooftop penthouse.

Click through the gallery and get ready, 'cause the place is amazing -- Mariska and Peter outdid themselves.

Master suite occupying the entire 3rd floor? Check. Powder rooms? How 'bout 3?! Gas fireplace for those chilly nights? Of course. Marble bath with separate tub and steam shower? How relaxing!

Corcoran's Robby Browne, Chris Kann, Jennifer Ireland and Stribling's Alexa Lambert have the listing.

Peter Gallagher Mississippi Killer Proves The U.S. is on the 'Verge of Crazy'


Peter Gallagher says the U.S. is "on the verge of crazy" in light of the Mississippi shooting that left 8 dead this weekend ... but he has hope for the country.

We got the "Law & Order" actor Sunday at LAX, where we asked for his thoughts on the man who went on a shooting spree in Mississippi, killing 8 people ... including a sheriff's deputy.

Peter tells us straight up ... the country is in a weird place at the moment, all things considered.

But as far as what should be done with this new alleged killer ... he says he has faith in the criminal justice system ... and the country as a whole.

Deputy Chief William Dodds couldn't have said it better himself. Dun-dun.

Ice-T Real Veep's On Top of His Game ... As an Actor


Ice-T's giving mad props to Joe Biden after the vice president KILLED it in his recent cameo.

We caught up with the "Law & Order: SVU" star Tuesday at LAX and he broke down the veep's acting chops. Check out the vid ... Ice-T tells us why acting's probably not Joe's cup of lemonade tea.


'Law & Order: SVU' Sports Scandal Mashup Darren Sharper Meets Ray Rice

The Darren Sharper alleged rape scandal is getting the TV treatment -- with a little Ray Rice mixed in -- because "Law & Order: SVU" is ripping both headlines for a sports scandal themed episode.

The episode -- which airs tonight -- features a major sports star accused of drugging and raping multiple women ... a la the accusations levied against former NFL star Darren Sharper.

Clearly, they are changing the names of the characters ... but it's clear, producers are using the Sharper case as the basis for the ep.

But here's where it gets bizarre ... producers are heavily promoting a controversial "elevator scandal" involving the sports hero ... which seems like a obvious take from the Ray Rice situation.

Only in the preview clip for the episode, a woman is attacking the sports star ... the reverse of what happened in real life with Ray.

"SVU" hasn't shied away from celebrity scandals in the past -- airing episodes based off Chris Brown, Casey Anthony and Paula Deen.

Rihanna & Chris Brown Deadly Ending on 'Law & Order: SVU'

Rihanna's controversial reunion with Chris Brown will end with him killing her -- at least that's the way the writers of "Law and Order: SVU" see it ... based on last night's explosive episode.

This had to be the easiest script the 'SVU' crew ever wrote ... as it copied the Rihanna-Chris saga almost exactly -- and simply changing the names to Micha and Caleb.

The first brutal domestic violence incident goes down as Micha (Rihanna) catches Caleb (Chris) hugging another woman, and says ... "Caleb, I can't leave you alone for 5 minutes without you getting trashy."

Caleb (Chris) says "Who you steppin' to?" -- then yells, "Skinny ass whore!" ... as he slams her head to the ground and punches her in the face.

Just like real life ... Micha (Rihanna) refuses to testify against Caleb (Chris Brown). The 'SVU' detectives even say at one point, "They should go on a double date with Chris Brown and Rihanna."

But the ending seemed to be ripped from a different scandal.

Caleb (Chris) and Micha (Rihanna) are having a romantic moment on a private yacht when she asks about a text message on his phone. Caleb (Chris) says, "Haven't you learned to mind your own business?"

The next scene is a reporter at a memorial for Micha (Rihanna) ... whose body was found in Bermuda ... floating next to the yacht.

Shades of Natalie Wood?

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