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Vanderpump vs. Maloof


3/6/2013 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0304-tmz-adrienne-maloof-lisa-vanderpumpAdrienne Maloof is picking a food fight with Lisa Vanderpump by opening a competing restaurant ... and Adrienne is telling her business associates, she's gonna "kick Lisa's ass!" 

TMZ has learned ... Adrienne -- who is leaving "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" -- is opening a restaurant in Bev Hills, just blocks from Lisa's Villa Blanca. 

Adrienne is telling her business partners her restaurant will blow Villa Blanca away.  In fact, she's saying on a scale of 1-10 (10 being great), her archrival's restaurant gets a 2, calling it "a disaster." 

As for Adrienne's eatery, it will offer comfort food -- steaks, seafood with a Mediterranean twist.  It will seat 200 people and will be "celebrity friendly" -- with a private entrance in the back.

As for Lisa, she told TMZ yesterday her business is great and said if Adrienne's been complaining that "Real Housewives" hurt her business it's her own damn fault.

We're feelin' a spin-off.


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Featured on her menu will be "Soap-Stuffed Roasted Chicken" with a side of lawsuits.

564 days ago


I'm pretty sure Celebrities go where the public will be kind to them. Considering that Lisa is publicly favored, I doubt 'celebrities' will choose to go to Adrienne's eatery before Lisa's. celebrities want to be famous, they don't want to be on the side where the venom is being spewed at. Adrienne will fail at her restaurant. Wealthy customers (non-celebs) will also side with Lisa. #lisawinning

563 days ago


I believe Lisa will come out on top as she has more restaurant experience and well liked. Adrienne & her family have hurt their own businesses with the way that they conduct themselves in business. I am from Sacramento, and the ongoing battle for the past several years between the Maloofs & Sac officials has been nothing but chaotic for the players, the city & especially the paying fans. I would never trust a Maloof in business. Adrienne only used the show to gain with her other businesses. I lost even more respect for her watching how she handled here divorce in the public eye, especially having kids. It was a PR stunt for her gain. Never trust a Maloof in business!

563 days ago


She is such a big mouth. You think she'd learn to be much more humble, so when her place FAILS, she can save face, but noooooooo. She is so arrogant.

563 days ago


Maybe she promised "Bernie the Chef" his own restaurant if he did her dirty work? Is this part of his pay off? Prediction: epic fail.

563 days ago


Press is press

563 days ago


Adrienne is a vengeful Beotch. I hope she loses her shirt on this because she deserves nothing less.

Villa Blanca is an established restaurant with owners who have been in the business many years. What makes Adrienne think she's so special that her restaurant will be better than Villa Blanca. She also has impeccable timing with removing herself (cough) getting canned from RHOBH which would provide free advertising.

Hey Adrienne go F yourself you stupid cow

563 days ago

fat bastard    

Bunch of ugly bitches!

563 days ago


Is Adrienne's restaurant going to have a glass case up front that sells her purses and shoes?

563 days ago


rhobh didn't hurt her business, SHE hurt her business by being a spiteful hypocritical ("friends don't sue friends") BEEEYATCHHH!!! did she f up her voice by screaming at paul? I am soooo glad she is off rhobh!! i bet they canned her because of brandi-gate!! ha ha ha!

563 days ago


Team Lisa!!

562 days ago


Love the Lisa!

558 days ago

Chelsia Renee Norton-Smith BSF    

Team Adrienne baby all of the way baby! I am happy for her and I know that her restaurant is going to be a success and will surpass Ms. Evil's (Lisa) restaurants to the top. I will never eat in Ms. Evil's restaurant for nothing in this world and here is why:

Lisa is a cold hearted bitch. When it was announced that Paul and Adrienne were separating that EVIL and heartless bitch reveled in Adrienne's heartache and just laughed about it the whole damn night. And when Adrienne came over to Lisa's ugly ass house to get some comfort from her friends, that ugly ass evil bitch didn't have the heart to even try to reach out to beautiful Adrienne. She just sat her old and ugly ass back and watched Adrienne in pain whereas, Kim, Kyle, Camille tried to give Adrienne some comfort at her time of need. All Old and Decrepit Ken and Lisa was concerned about was themselves and the fact that Adrienne didn't congratulate them on their anniversary. Hello Ken and Lisa the whole damn world doesn't revolve around you two old geezers. Adrienne has just separated from her abusive husband (And I don't care what anyone has to say Paul did abused Adrienne during their marriage. You can tell that he is an abuser by the way he talked to that tramp Brandi and Brandi did deserved what she got from Paul and Adrienne for sticking her nose into where it doesn't belong), and all the stupid ass Todds can do is think about themselves. I applaud the real women on the show who knows how to be a real woman and support and comfort a woman who is in need of support and comfort. I can't stand ass clowns like Lisa, Yolanda, and Brandi who starts **** and only care about themselves and thinks the world should bow down and kiss their ass as if they were a Queen or some ****. Those evil ass bitches can go catch fire as far as I am concerned. There is no way in hell if someone came into my home heartbroken whether we are fighting or not that I would just sit my ass down and watch them cry and be in pain without at least trying to comfort them. That is why Saint Lisa is an evil and cold hearted bitch and she will get hers one day because God doesn't like ugly and to me she is one ugly and dirty bitch!

530 days ago
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