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Tony Parker Lawsuit

Club Sues Brown & Drake ...

They Should Pay!!!

3/17/2013 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0317_brown_parker_drake_tmz_gettyThe owners of the nightclub where Chris Brown and Drake brawled last year are doing whatever they can to get out of paying Tony Parker for his injuries ... saying the two rappers should cut him a check if he wins his lawsuit ... and not them. 

Parker, an NBA star with the San Antonio Spurs, was one of several people who claim they were injured in the June 2012 melee that went down at W.i.P. and he filed a $20 million lawsuit against the club shortly thereafter.

But the owners of W.i.P. (who are facing several lawsuits) filed docs last week in New York saying Parker's beef should be with Brown and Drake ... claiming they were the ones who "contributed to, instigated, participated and/or engaged" in the fight. 

The club wants any and all damages awarded to Parker to come from Brown and Drake. 

The case is still pending.


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No Avatar

Joseph Diehl    

Brown and Drake should be the one's who pay.

587 days ago

Ozzie X    

They both have some degree of responsibility. I doubt Tony anything to do with the mess.

587 days ago


Yes Drake and Chris should Pay Up ASP, so Pay Drake - Chris .

587 days ago


Why on earth should the club pay when it was clearly two hoods who started the fight? It looks like Tony Parker is just trying to sue whomever has the deepest pockets. Teach the thugs that there are consequencs to their actions.. or at least there should be!

587 days ago


1st off 20 million dollars is ridiculous. People especially celebrities kill me with these outrageous $$ amounts for damages. If he was truly hurt he should only receive compensation for his medical care and if the injury caused him to be unemployed for the time lost. If it affected his career and earnings long term then I could see that amount but if not he's ridiculous.

As far as the club why would they only go after Chris and Drake and not all the parties involved in the brawl. They go after the big money both of which may or may not have actively participated in said brawl.

The whole situation is ridiculous

587 days ago

Mike L    

That makes sense. They were acting like N*gga thugs. They caused the issues. They're responsible for it. Hit them where it hurts most, right in their wallets, since for whatever reason they were cleared of criminal charges. IMO, both should be rotting on Rikers.

587 days ago


Holy f*ck, I support Drake in the lawsuit against these guys -- and after seeing the aftermath in the club, the club really did also have a responsibility here to get this under control faster and should be liable.

587 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

I'm still confused as to why anyone is suing the club instead of Chris and Drake. This is all their fault completely. There is no reason for the club to have know the brawl was going to occur.

587 days ago


P*$$y A$$ Tony parker 4 filing a lawsuit this is Whts Wrng with American society people like this makes us look weak (We cant even punch a man for being disrespectful

587 days ago


TMZ why do you keep calling it a brawl? Call it what it was a bunch of sissies with latent homosexual urges towards each other throwing things. Neither of these creampuffs have ever been in a brawl before.

587 days ago

K Luckey     

I guess every one for got Tony Parker statement after the fact he said he was with his friend Chris Brown .......

587 days ago


Wow all this racism on these comments Lol the club is responsible and they can sue Chris Brown and Drake Im sure Tonys Multimillion dollar lawyer knows,exactly what he's doing SMH . Why is it anytime there's a incident involving a African American celeb racist pointless comments come out TMZ should make everyone register like Facebook that alone would eliminate half of these hate seeking idiots on here those of you who are dumb enough to think blacks are more racist then whites just read comments racist comments only come outs when there's a non white celebrity on this page. I hope you racist bastards have the worst day of your sad pathetic lives and die at the end

587 days ago

I'm out :-/    

Chris is the victim, I hope also sues!

587 days ago


Legally, the club is liable. It was up to them to control what was happening on their premises. Security should have either prevented these thugs from engaging in the club or kept these known enemies from entering in the first place. Other clubs observe right of refusal to undesirable patrons.

587 days ago


White people must own the club. Of course he couldn't sue the black people responsible.

587 days ago
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